Dutchman buy premium plug-in hybrids as parking tickets

Dutchman buy premium plug-in hybrids as parking tickets-plug-in

That the Netherlands says it seriously with the e-mobility is already a few time. But not only pure E cars enjoy themselves special interest. Currently it seems, above all, that wealthy Dutch consciously consciously resort to plug-in hybrids from the premium segment. Not only to be more environmentally friendly in everyday life. But also to secure a parking lot in the city center.

Because inner city dates from the Netherlands who want to have a parking lot, you must either set a pure electric car or a partial circulation. So the Berlin Automobile Analyst Matthias Schmidt in its current European market report. This leads to the demand for Premium-Phev be shot in the height. Growth of these three partial circuits (marks) have risen particularly strong: Land Rover (82%), BMW X5 (93%) and Porsche Cayenne (95%).

For the Dutch: As soon as the PHEV reaches rise, it will be easier for you to get a parking permit. Vehicles, which can drive at least 60 km in fully electric mode and electrically reach a speed of at least 75 km / h, are preferred in applying for parking permits in Amsterdam. Currently one can assume that these rules will continue to prevail in the rest of the Netherlands.

Also in the area of the transport of goods and goods make Dutch municipalities seriously with climate protection. At least 14 of them want to introduce emission-free zones for delivery traffic by 2025. This means that from this time only purely electrically powered delivery vans and trucks are allowed to drive. In addition to the possibility of being treated in a parking permit, the Netherlands supports the growth of e-mobility through further measures.

The Netherlands include around 400 parking garages. Most of them do not have the total of about 180.000 parking spaces equipped with charging stations. This will change in the near future: By 2025, average, five percent of all parking spaces in parking garages should be provided with a charging station, until 2030 it should be ten percent, according to the Dutch State Secretary Stentje Van Veldhoven for infrastructure and water management.

At the end of May 2021 the Netherlands looks at 10.295 pure e-cars, which were allowed. Which corresponds to a decline of 11.6% compared to the previous year. In the plug-in hybrids, however, the land looks to a growth of 194.7% or in absolute numbers 13.088 partial circulation.

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3 thoughts on “Dutchman buy premium plug-in hybrids as parking tickets”

  1. The title of this article is misleading. It’s not about park tickets, but about resident parking permits. These are different depending on the parking pressure in the Amsterdam municipal districts, sometimes they are associated with a multi-year waiting period. With the purchase of a (part-time) Stromer you handle this waiting time. This also results in that this strategy is not relevant to the entire Netherlands, but only for newly paid or first-styles in determine Amsterdam neighborhoods.

  2. And after all, people can drive inner-city electric.That’s better than to pinch the burner and to be pasted the air. And since the market does not give the amount of batteries and electronic components at the moment this is the better of the bad solutions.And all in my environment who bought a PHEV want to buy next BEV.The direction is right.


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