E-Auto Startup Lucid Motors wins LG Chem as a battery supplier

E-Auto Startup Lucid Motors wins LG Chem as a battery supplier-motors

The electric car start-up LUCID motor, which wants to put new standards for sustainable mobility with its luxury electric cars, gave a long-term partnership with the leading battery supplier LG Chem known for its purely electric sedan Lucid Air. Lucid Motors has chosen LG Chem as a supplier because its batteries offer the ideal efficiency, so the company in a message. These batteries were further optimized by Lucid to achieve or exceed all targets with regard to reach, energy density and charging / unloading data.

The production of the Lucid Air should begin at the end of 2020 in Lucid’s new plant in Casa Grande in Arizona, USA. The LG Chem battery cells should be used only by 2023 exclusively in the standard versions of the luxury electric car. Thanks to the delivery agreement, Lucid can effectively define the forecasts for the core production of Lucid Air for the next few years. Further arrangements for further versions of the electric vehicle should be announced soon.

“The agreement with LG Chem brings Lucid to the best possible production route for the Lucid Air and ensures the necessary energy density and cell availability to meet our promise of a first-class assortment for consumers. In the tireless pursuit of unsurpassed efficiency, we will continue the development for Lucid Air and future new Lucid models together with LG and other partners.”- Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors

Lucid selects the optimal battery cell for each version of the Lucid Air based on data collected during comprehensive performance tests. The cells of LG Chem were selected as they offer the ideal efficiency for the standard versions of the Lucid Air. In conjunction with its proprietary battery architecture and flexible manufacturing technology, Lucid will optimize the LG Chem cells to achieve or exceed all targets with regard to reach, energy density, charging / unloading data and more. In this way, Lucid will use the specific cell chemistry of LG Chem’s batteries to develop the most compact and yet energy density battery pack form.

“LG Chem is pleased to be as a central partner on the way from Lucid Motors to produce industry-changing luxury electric cars. With the world’s leading technology, security, reliability and production competence for battery cells, LG Chem Lucid will supply high quality battery cells.”- Jong Hyun Kim, President of the Energy Solution Company, LG Chem

Lucid Motors wants to introduce the series version of the Air in April 2020 in New York. In addition to the final interior and external designs of the vehicle, new details on production specifications, available configurations and price information are also published. Currently, the internal development of the world’s electro car continues quickly, including batteries with “unsurpassed energy density”, such as Lucid communicating and electric motors, “which are incredibly powerful yet efficient”. Lucid currently manufactures 80 prototypes at the headquarters of the company in Silicon Valley, which are used for comprehensive tests and validations of vehicle dynamics and for crash tests for confirming comprehensive simulations.

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