E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading

Another incident!

Nailing electric audi burns down when charging

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-electric
Audi AG/dpa-MAG The e-tron GT is Audi’s new electrical bolide. Now one of the vehicles in Munich burned down during the store

The series of brand incidents on electric cars does not tear off. After Opel has to call back his Ampera-e due to the risk of fire, it hit an Audi this time. The cause is not yet known.

Electric cars often hang on the line for hours – and are unobserved. This was doomed to an Audi driver in Munich, whose brand new electric sedan burned. "Around 2:15 a.m., the police received the announcement from a witness that an Audi, which was loaded on an electric charging station, had caught fire at Lilienstrabe. The fire could be deleted by the also informed fire brigade", the police share. Of the Coupe Limousine E-Tron GT, there are only charred residues left. Damage: 120.000 euros.

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-e-car
Lisa Brack/Site An electric audi burned out completely at this charging station in Munich

"At first I thought someone drove against it"

the "picture" Quotes the owner of the car with the words: "Wednesday night at 3.40 rang storm. The police were at the door and told me that something happened with my car. At first I thought someone drove against it. When I stood on the street, I saw the completely burned -down Audi.“As pictures show, not only the Audi burned out completely. The charging station is also charred. Happiness in misfortune: Since the charging station was not right next to a house or in a garage, the electric fire did not reach buildings or other cars.

Elektro-Audi goes up in flames after an accident: 19-year-olds died of her father’s eyes

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-incident

Site/Wochit Elektro-Audi goes up in flames after an accident: 19-year-olds died of her father’s eyes

In 2020, young woman burned in e-audi

The cause of the fire is still unclear – in addition to defects on the vehicle, on the battery or on the charging station, arson is possible. However, the Audi fire fits into a series Numerous fires of various electrical and hybrid vehicles of recent times, which has already led to many incidents and recalls . Even at Audi it was not the first fire incident with its still young e-models. In 2020, a young woman was burned when her Audi E-Tron rested against a tree in an accident.

Fire risk comparable to petrol engines

After all: According to experts, the fire risk of the Stromer is statistically no greater than with cars with combustion engines. However, the damage is often great due to the high heat exposure.And the effort to delete hybrids and electric cars is considerable .The problem: the high -voltage batteries can always ignite. Burned out or even damaged electric cars and hybrids must therefore be immersed in a water container or packed in fire-proof special bags.

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-e-car
Brandweer Midden-en West-Brabant, Faceboo Fire risk of electric cars: Dutch firefighters sink a plug-in hybrid from BMW in a water-filled container. Even if the batteries do not go up in flames after the crash, there is a risk of self -inflammation

Brand incidents are not only available for electric cars, but also with electrical two-wheelers. In Bremen, the broken battery of an e-bike probably triggered the fire of an entire family home and caused damage of 500.000 euros.

"You have to discuss charging stations in underground garages"

A few months ago, two cities in southern Germany have banned entry for electric cars in underground garages. The main headlines made the preliminary ban in the city of Kulmbach. Politicians, including the city’s CSU parliamentary group, then put pressure on the block. Safety concerns are not a reason for entry bans, since experts would have found that there are no increased risks compared to other vehicle fires. Brand expert Traxel, a specialist in dealing with burning lithium-ion batteries, sees this more differentiated: "In principle, the fire risk of an electric car is not higher than with conventional driven vehicles. However, the consequences of a fire are much more difficult and more complicated to combat than with normal burners. One should discuss whether it makes sense to offer charging options in underground car parks."

"I’m afraid for my life": Brand new Tesla simply goes out while driving

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-another

Site "I’m afraid for my life": Brand new Tesla simply goes out while driving

Muffins with apple sauce are made quickly: who needs apple pie?

E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading-incident

Dining Muffins with apple sauce are made quickly: who needs apple pie?

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    16 thoughts on “E-car: Another incident! New electric audi burns down during the loading”

    1. surprise ?
      ..It’s amazing how much the cordless rockets are simply in the almost new condition ? … ..It’s amazing how much the cordless rockets just become a torch in the almost new state, so many do not drive around yet ?!? Nobody denies that a burner can burn. However, not in this relation to the inventory here and when burned down when refueling ????? Never heard of it…… Well, everyone can think about it themselves…..and draw corresponding personal consequences. The Audi owner acts actual for air and groundwater pollution ?

    2. statistics
      In Germany there are around 150x cars as e-cars. In this respect, one can say that statistically both drive technologies would burn equally often if 150 burning combustion cars come to each burning electric car. I don’t know exactly whether this is so. But what I know is sure that among the burning combustioners, only very few burn because of the fuel, but because of a defect in the electrical system. Lies as not on the fuel and the bottom line is that the combustion drives are certainly not more dangerous than the batteries for electric cars.

    3. Mr. Harper
      What does your comment have to do with mine now? It is simply correct what I write and nothing more. You don’t have to understand why she is now around the corner with something else. But you can see that they have a massive problem with me. Serious offer on my part, you are constantly listening to hate and I will not comment on Comments on Tesla too exaggerated.

    4. Risk of fire controllable?
      The fire risk caused by the use of lithiom-ion batteries should be largely controllable. In any case, this assumption can be obtained if you know that such batteries are also used in commercial aircraft and that there are no essential bans on board passenger aircraft for the use of devices with lithium-ion batteries. Fire is one of the greatest dangers in the area of civil aviation and at the same time there is extreme safety sensitivity there. Hence the indirect (not mandatory logical) conclusion: Lithium-ion batteries cannot be that dangerous again…. And: the residual risk is probably manageable.

    5. Risk of fire controllable???
      If this technique is so safe and the residual risk is controllable, I ask why practically every week at least one of these new e-miracle works opens in flames. Not only cars, but also e-bikes and scooters. And recently it is even warned of the risk of explosion by Powerbanks. Because of these messages, I am sure that the electric technology is by no means safe/manageable.

    6. Most cars with combustion engines
      Do not burn on the basis of the fact that they carry fuel with them, these cars burn almost exclusively through problems in the electrical system, short circuits in the various cable trees and electrical consumers, etc. Leave a car burning lightly within a few seconds. Especially since there are also many highly inflammatory materials in a car. A diesel car can hardly ignite the fuel itself, since diesel is very difficult to flame without compression. In the case of a petrol engine, there are often fires due to the easily flammable gasoline, due to defective fuel lines or defective tanks, etc. Even when refueling can lead to fires due to human failure. But the cause of the fire No. 1 should definitely be the electrical system.

    7. Stefan,
      You seem to be the only blind person who cannot recognize the right truth. What you write about Tesla is, as always, total nonsense. You make yourself terribly ridiculous.

    8. Let’s wait!
      Today there is the likelihood of meeting an electric car with a conventional car, at approx. 1: 150 if you use the proportion of electric cars. In 2030, even 14 million. E-cars are necessary to achieve the climate goals. With today’s 48 million. Car would then be 29.16%, or. The likelihood of meeting an electric car at 1: 2. Everyone can calculate how this relationship will affect the number of accidents. In addition, millions of electric cars will be traveling that have old batteries on board, in which experts assume that the risk of damage in old age is increasing!

    9. Fire risk comparable to petrol engines?
      There were and gives billions of vehicles with combustion engines on earth. I have never read (and I’m already old) that one of them would have burned down when refueling. Unless the petrol station had burned. You often read the electric vehicles when charging and otherwise burn. The statistics seem to be a little curved to me.

    10. The difference is…
      …that a petrol/diesel car is not on fire in a matter of seconds. If you have a fire extinguisher on board, there is even the possibility to extinguish an emerging fire. In the case of an electric car fire, however, seconds decide whether you get away with life or become a victim of an electrical fire!

    11. here..
      ..Wars as if an e-car is flaring every day. The ratio of vehicle fires is burner – e -car 400: 1. This is only effective, which is operated here again.

    12. Counting!
      15,000 fires at 48 million. Car makes a ratio of 1: 3200, 21 e-fires 2018 at currently approx. 365000 electric cars makes a ratio of 1: 17380. Average age car Germany 9.8 years. Statistically speaking, almost brand new electric cars burn, whereas the proportion of new burning petrol/diesel should be negligible!

    13. Brenne also burner
      As a convinced EV driver, I ask the Site Redaktion to report on each combustion engine that caught fire so that you can see the relation. Thanks

    14. This would be nice.
      But then report on what the cause of the fire was. Then we quickly find that even with combustioners, the electrical system is usually the cause and not the fuel. So if you look at it exactly, then it is very comfortable "ekectric" Cars that burn frequently.

    15. A defective cell can lead to disaster
      Perhaps you have already noticed that charging stations of EPKWs are somewhat away from petrol stations, which has a reason, because a possible battery beach is difficult to extinguish. And rarely are the charging stations covered. The fact that errors in individual lithium cells can lead to larger fires also led to a gigantic recall campaign of 82000 electric cars (KONA and IONIQ) in February this year. The cause of the error is the risk of fire for Batteries from LG Chem Energy Solution. Therefore, Hyundai has decided to replace all batteries of these vehicles, which of course mean billions of costs. On the other hand, there was already a big recall at the Chevrolet Bolt, which also used cells from LG Chem

    16. The technology of tomorrow!
      And so mature! People, cares your combustioners well, they have to hold for a few more decades! Example Cuba! If only electric cars are approved soon, these accidents will be added to the insurance contributions. Then there is only mobility for rich!


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