E-car bonus: For many plugin hybrids, the purchase bonus will soon be eliminated

New draft law

Hard blow for manufacturers: For many plugin hybrids, the e-car bonus falls away

E-car bonus: For many plugin hybrids, the purchase bonus will soon be eliminated-many
Julian Stratschulte/dpa A symbol of an electric car marks a parking space next to an electric charging station.

When extending the significantly higher purchase bonus for electric cars, stricter requirements for plug-in hybrid vehicles are planned. This emerges from a new draft of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

"Plugins" Be still eligible, but would have to have longer ranges in purely electrical operation in the future – this is evident from the draft for a new funding guideline, which the German Press Agency was available on Monday. A plug-in hybrid combines an electric drive with a combustion engine. The significantly higher state e-car purchase bonus, as already politically decided, should be extended by the end of 2025.

Premium for electric cars: In the first half of 2021 and 1.32 billion euros were paid out

So far it is limited by the end of 2021. Last summer the existing purchase bonus (environmental bonus) was over one "Innovation bonus" Increased – the federal government had doubled its funding when buying an electric vehicle. Since then, the new registrations of e-cars have increased significantly. The Ministry of Economic Affairs now gave the necessary change in the funding guideline for the extension to the departmental vote. It is a central instrument to further promote the market high run of electromobility, according to the draft.In the first half of 2021 alone, over 258.000 vehicles were funded with the innovation premium and paid around 1.32 billion euros. According to the draft, the regulation for plug-in hybrid vehicles should be gripped more strictly and focused on the electrical drive. With plug-in hybrids, either a CO2 criterion must be met or a minimum range must be met.

ADAC welcomes stricter requirements for e-car bonus

From the 1.10.The CO2 criterion should be omitted in 2022 and the requirement of a purely electrical minimum range of 60 kilometers. From the 1.1.According to the draft of the funding guideline, plugin hybrid must have a minimum range of 80 kilometers in 2024 in order to be eligible. Plugins are still one "Important and necessary component" And a bridge to the market whchlauf pure e-cars, it was said. The electrical drive can be used in city traffic. Conversely. Plug-in hybrids make up a little less than half of the vehicles funded with the e-car premium.The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control has been part of 356 since the start of the funding.510 applications for this type of vehicle – this corresponds to a share of almost 45 percent. The ADAC welcomed the stricter requirements for plug-in hybrid vehicles as a prerequisite for funding. The higher ranges in purely electrical operation should only be a first step, said a spokeswoman. "Plug-in hybrids, which are also considered an introduction to electromobility, can contribute to climate protection in traffic if they are driven as much electrically as possible."

Green man: "In the meantime, millions of euros in taxpayers have been thrown out of the window senselessly"

However, the data available so far indicated that there are still significant potential for higher electrical parts in commercial use. Therefore, parts of the funding should be linked to high electrical driving parts as part of the company car taxation. Green transport expert Oliver Krischer said that the adaptation is important, but is four years late. "In the meantime, millions of euros in taxpayers have been thrown out of the window and the change into pure electric cars has been slowed down."According to the draft, it is also new to the funding guideline that so -called electric light vehicles should also be eligible in the future. It is about light vehicles with an electrical drive that are subject to admission, which are used in city traffic, for example. In addition, relief for leasing vehicles is planned. More articles:

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E-car bonus: For many plugin hybrids, the purchase bonus will soon be eliminated-bonus

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13 thoughts on “E-car bonus: For many plugin hybrids, the purchase bonus will soon be eliminated”

  1. The promotion of plug-in hybrids was wrong,
    … is wrong & stays wrong. Because there is a V-engine in every plug-in hybrid, the V … … is wrong & stays wrong. Because in every plug-in hybrid there is a V-engine that is to be abolished for climate protection reasons. In addition, this is the "main engine" with which you can drive hundreds of kilometers while the electric motor is an "alibi motor" because the battery i is.D.R. Hardly enough for 50 km. In this contradiction, the new BMWi’s new guideline draft does not change the promotion of a minimum electrical range of 60 km from 2022 or. 80 km from 2024 makes it dependent. Free after Adorno: There is no correct funding in the wrong! The only hybrid that would be worthy of funding in the transition phase from V to e is the "serial hybrid" that always drives electrically, i.D.R. Acelectric & only in exceptional generator electrical. Like the BMW i3 Rex.

  2. Any promotion of battery cars is wrong
    The battery is dangerous and in no way environmentally friendly. This starts with raw material extraction, through processing, operating (loading efficiency, discharge efficiency, battery cooling), up to energy -consuming disposal. If the battery is on fire, the environment is loaded with plenty of pollutants, right up to the river acid. Tens of thousand liters contaminated extinguishing water burden additional

  3. Infrastructure is still missing
    I have a hybrid as a company car and live for rent. Neither in the courtyard of my old apartment nor in the underground car park of my new apartment is possible to load electrically. At the office there is a charging station with 2 places for an area 5 km of me, which is always occupied, no matter when. When I drive to customers, I try to find a charging station nearby, but I cannot reconcile a distance of more than 10 minutes on foot with my working hours. I would really like to drive more electrically, but it’s just impossible. The problem is very simple: only those who have sufficient assets have to be equipped accordingly are able to be encouraged to have even more money left.

  4. Is in principle correct, Mr. KOpnick
    However, it is so that you face huge hurdles. Should every citizen really have problems, like Mr. Arloth, because fight? Doesn’t make sense, lasts forever and worn up people. That is not practical. Much more must be quick enough for public rapid loaders. Then let the burner run out, otherwise it won’t work with the beautiful green world.

  5. Hard blow
    Lach, hard blows only get the combustion friends, everyone else laughs at our fist, so you can split societies and create societies in parallel. The money is of course not saved, a small minority will have made the green wings available.

  6. Mogel packs
    I don’t want to know how many this plug-in models have never been charged or only extremely rarely. Here the legislature has only found one way to also motorize the highly motorized "Company car driver" to give a good time again properly. A Porsche Cheyenne, VW Tuareg or a Mercedes GLE may roll electrically to the TuV – but what should the miserable 60 km range or soon 80 km bring? Especially since these gentlemen does not cost the fuel…

  7. Now take a deep breath, Mr. Kieslich
    People who drive company cars tax them according to applicable law. Only those who pay enough taxes can do that, what only they do accordingly. Ultimately, I pay my company car from my personal tax revenue because I pay a lot more than I get through the company car taxation. Because of the general public that would pay, complete nonsense.

  8. This plug-in hybrid
    …are already a good thing and could be the true winners of the climate crisis if combined with a diesel engine that comes from renewable and e-fuel is available in the future. Then we would need not horrendous sums for the infrastructure, petrol stations are available, and the eternal dispute over reach, speed limit would be off the table.

  9. Full hybrids don’t get a bonus
    Why is Germany a full hybrid no bonus? Just because he does not create the 50km in one piece, but max 3km? It does not have to be invited at all, always does it himself, but comes to a purely electrical share of at least 25% (country road) and up to 70% in town. But that makes up for each tank filling! But is not promoted…

  10. Hello Mr. Muller
    And because I drive 4km purely electrically on Sundays, I dragged around for the hundreds km of 200kg or more overweight with the additional weight in addition on the highway, increase the fuel consumption?? Then better get the rolls by bike ..

  11. Finally …
    … Finally no more support for this nonsense. E-car yes, the rest no. Again and again the same mistakes – and then also prevent resale to Scandinavia.Take your eyes wide….

  12. Real 40 or 50km would be enough.
    Then it is only half again. Then after a few years the Betterie problem, which does not affect the newwgen buyer – except for the resale value when it turns out that a new battery is due, and which is expensive.

  13. Well, Mr. Friedrich
    I’m not as sure of a battery as long as a good engine. But it is unfavorable because such a hybrid has both and therefore both can be defective and costs money properly. Without the 0.5% regulation in the taxation you would see almost no hybrids on the streets anyway. Therefore, away with the promotion for hybrids, that doesn’t help.


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