E-car conversion: Survive only the i-pace at Jaguar?

E-car conversion: Survive only the i-pace at Jaguar?-conversion

Jaguar should become 2025 to the pure electric car brand. For this more details are known. So from the current models only the purely electric I-pace will survive the year 2025, reports “Electrive.Net “citing on various sources. Instead of the current portfolio, a completely new and luxurious Jaguar family should have a collection.

As the British portal “Autocar” reports, Jaguar-Land-Rover boss Thierry Bollore plans a new assortment to which no SUVs and Crossover model should be more. Under the guidance of JLR design boss Gerry McGovern, according to the report, three teams have sketched and set the design and model versions. With the designs Jaguar now goes to the search for a suitable electric platform – where it is not yet decided whether one’s own developed or whether to set the E-platform of a third-party provider.

The change in Jaguar means that all known series – including F-PACE and E-PACE expire without replacement. In their place, according to Bollore “unmistakable cars without overlaps” to other manufacturers. The vehicles should be low, but there are no classic limousines. In the future positioning, Jaguar wants to orient himself at the sister brand Land Rover – everyone forward to Range Rover -. The brand is “unique in your positioning” Bollore is quoted at “Autocar”. Already in March, the British portal had also reported on details on the electrification and platform strategy at Land Rover. However, an official confirmation of the plans is.

The last official statements on the E-Strategy come from February: At this time, Jaguar Land Rover had announced in the context of his roadmap “Reimagine” that Jaguar from 2025 to the pure electric car brand and land Rover in the coming five years six pure electrically powered models will bring to the market. Currently, the British with the Jaguar i-Pace has only one BEV on offer, but the own development is based on no scalable platform.

There are also two different plug-in hybrids for the current models: With the sales name P300E is in the smaller models (U.a. Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar E-Pace A three-cylinder gasoline engine combined with an electric motor, in the larger P400E (U.a. Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-Pace) is the combustion by a two-liter four-cylinder. These vehicles can also be loaded with DC.

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3 thoughts on “E-car conversion: Survive only the i-pace at Jaguar?”

  1. I was seriously interested in an i-pace and looked at him in the dealership. Lt. Saleswoman has a range of less than 300 km, which is in the technical data, supposedly not voice.
    But what has finally held me from the purchase of this car was the following: I opened the front trunk during the visit and was astonished. The lid was leaking, inside it was wet and all the felt parts were moldy. That’s pretty crass on a new exhibit. And so I have gained the impression that Jaguar does not want to sell his e-cars.
    It’s then a Tesla. It was even cheaper, the specified, much greater range is largely agreed and the luggage rooms are dry.

  2. Asks people with real experience. I drive since January 2021 the I-Pace 320 SE. Here’s a short report:
    The Jag is our favorite car so far (!!!) And I am a doped BMW fan! 3, 3s, 5s, 5s, 5s, I3 and my wife Volvo fan. Everything was very satisfied for a long time and have us in a new year last year. Our experience with the i pace:
    + Consumption cut 26 kWh on the first 13.000km (demonstrably determined from the journey book)
    + Range: Normally at least 350 km.
    + Great range so far: Kempten-Aschaffenburg (nearly 100% highway 110-160 km / h): 400km + 30 km residual range. When the range comes the four-wheel drive to wear, you can not overlook the comparison.
    + Trunk and frunk tight

    • Navigation system sometimes annoys. Since I am used to BMW better. But it will be better with the updates.
    • Software: Operator guidance is not always logically built, but it gets better, there are always updates over the air
    • Track wizard: in my version very rough, as security function good
    @bergfex: This can not have been a serious dealership and Jaguar should escape the license immediately.

    We would immediately take the i Pace again, but still with head-up display


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