E-car drivers can hope: Elon Musk promises charging candy at the end of the year-News

After a long guesswork, whether and – if so – when Tesla will also open his superchargers for other brands, CEO Elon Musk is now speaking with a schedule. In our video, however, you will find out how e-cars can currently be loaded.

In the past few weeks and months, there have been rumors from several directions, according to which the electric autopionier Tesla is planning to open his supercharger network to the electric cars of other brands. These rumors were kept alive, for example, by statements by Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Site also reported that Tesla is currently in communication with an administrative body of a Norwegian district – it was about the financial support for building further superchargers in Norway. However, Norway only supports the expansion of charging stations if they are also open to vehicles of all brands.

Now there are clear indications of Tesla boss Elon Musk that it could be ready at the end of the year. In a discussion on the short message platform Twitter, in which Tesla’s privately financed structure of the more than 25.000 charging points at around 2 worldwide.700 Supercharger charging stations goes, Musk intervened personally personally.

There the billionaire writes: "We developed our own plug because there was no standard at the time and Tesla only produced electric cars with a large reach. It is a rather slim connector that is suitable for charging with a lower and high performance. However, we will also open our supercharger network later this year for other electric cars."

Unfortunately, even when asked by others, Musk’s mysterious answers remains usual. When asked whether the superchargers in all countries should be opened to other brands, or only in certain countries, Musk replies: "Over time, all countries."

Nothing else is known about payment modalities and a precise schedule for the individual countries, but it is now more or less clear that it should start at the end of this year – even if Musk likes to calculate with his announcements by half a year.

By the way, the supercharger opening in Europe is likely to be a little easier than in North America. There Tesla uses a specially developed connection and would have to offer drivers of other electric vehicles an adapter so that they can use the network. In Europe, however, Tesla uses the more common CCS standard.

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