E-car family MIA on the way to the start of series production in 2024

E-car family MIA on the way to the start of series production in 2024-production

The Munich-based company fox e-mobility has the battery manufacturer “InoBat” Bratislava as a partner for the new electric car MIA 2.0 won. Its battery is built into the platform concept of the micro-van. The series-produced electric vehicles from the MIA family of electric cars are still a long way off, although the interior and exterior design of all variants has finally been approved, but it will still be some time before production starts.

With the approved design, a milestone has been reached on the way to the start of production, which is planned for 2024. “The design of the new MIA is outstanding. It not only fulfills the high expectations of all partners, shareholders and the many interested parties in our new product family. Above all, this milestone is a clear signal that our MIA brand is consistently and reliably continuing on its way to the start of production,” says Philippe Perret, CEO of fox, about the current interim goal.

MIA itself is the only innovative electric car project that is financed and developed exclusively in Europe and will be built with European partners in Europe. The internally named MIA 2 is to emerge from this cooperation.0-Stromer – a logical further development of the previous model MIA 1.0 from 2012. MIA 2.0 is at the center of a new family of agile, highly functional electric vehicles. It is now specifically known that the Stromer is 3.2 meters long, under 1.000 kg and a loading volume of 1.500 liters offers. An optional second battery (which can also be retrofitted) doubles the range to 400 km.

fox is confident that it will not stop with an electric vehicle. Because the MIA 2.0 offers the basis for implementing commercial mobility requirements in urban areas thanks to its compact external dimensions with the greatest possible amount of space, great agility and flexibility. Therefore, the two variants for delivery services and passenger vehicles are the focus of further development work. Other versions are possible. The price will be well below 20.000 euros lie.

With the scheduled completion of the exterior and interior design, the overall development is also on schedule. After the recently concluded agreement with InoBat Auto for the development and supply of complete battery systems, another important milestone has now been set for the preparation of the market launch of the new MIA. The production of the first prototypes is planned for the current year 2022. Serial production in cooperation with a leading vehicle manufacturer should begin in 2024.

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6 thoughts on “E-car family MIA on the way to the start of series production in 2024”

  1. From the article:

    “Concretely known is now that it brings the stromer to a length of 3.2 meters, under 1.000 kg weighs and a charging volume of 1.500 liters.”

    Somewhat confusing, as the mix of the above information refers to three different basic models ..
    There is a far better insight that .Pdf

    https: // fox-em.COM / WP Content / Uploads / 2022/01 / Fox-EM Corporate-Present 220128-1.pdf

    For 3 model concepts on page 14 ..
    Who a little “rummage”, finds more, new concept ideas, of which I do not expect you to find the way already in the first edition! I would be important to the vehicle in a first version ever first For production maturity and then Secondly on the market, but both are currently still clearly lacking 🙂

  2. They are on their schedule, which they are constantly redefining. That’s the only reason they’re not late. The last time it was 2023. So now 2024. My prognosis: the downfall.

  3. @Martin:

    “The classic Sion moment. A startup promises a great new model.”

    It’s actually quite different at the MIA 🙂

    The MIA 1.0 has been on the road since 2011 (produced in -F-), more than 10 years after the market launch and most of them are still with the first 12 kWh LFP battery!
    Even today there are almost 1.000 of them on the road in the EU. Despite the liquidation in 2013/2014, thanks to the personal initiative of individuals, service and spare parts are still available.
    It’s even – from the original OEM at the time! – A mechanically, software and plug-compatible new battery block with significantly improved BMS and performance (in small series) available!
    The MIA 2.0 could already be (back) on the market with the right investors and active management – is it (Unfortunately) but not!

    “Then it takes longer […] and […] then […] the competition is already on the road.”

    Maybe… only I can still see no real competition for this economical mini-van 😛

  4. I am for small electric cars with a small battery as a resource-saving type of individual transport, but I think the new Mia is years too late if series production should start in 2024.

    By 2024, the big manufacturers are likely to have largely exhausted the market for large cars and are increasingly producing small cars, and with their large production facilities they have clear cost advantages.

    “The early bird catches the worm” – and the big bird takes the worm away from the little bird.

    I hope that the Microlino will go into production this year before the train leaves.

    Lots of startups will “go down the drain” – either they are too late, too expensive or air acts.

    Big dreams and hot air

    E-car manufacturer Uniti just a fake?

    The electric car start-up Uniti from Sweden should be the next big thing after Tesla according to the wishes of the owner Lewis Horne. Meanwhile, media reports suggest that the electric car maker is neither technically nor financially able to produce vehicles. Even with the show car, Uniti is said to have cheated.

    (Source: n-tv.de – 28.01.2022)

    Hopefully the people- and bike-friendly cities will come soon with separate bike lanes and in the city area we almost only need covered pedelecs for transporting people and goods.

  5. The door construction has a defect in the roof. If there is snow and it’s hard frozen, the doors should no longer be able to be opened.


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