E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros – news

One of the electric car drivers, which is affected by a battery beach of the CHEVY BOLT EV, which has now been called back, recently shared its story. This leaves a rather bitter aftertaste: GM refuses to cover the costs, which is why the driver now at 10.000 euros in chalk stands.

Since November 2020 there has been a recall of his E-Auto Chevrolet Bolt eV since November 2020. The German sister model Opel Ampera-e from the year of construction 2017 to 2020 is also affected (we have already tested it in the video above). The reason is the risk of a battery border. According to the GM, around 70 are around 70 worldwide.000 vehicles affected, including almost 51.000 pieces the majority to the US market, in Germany you go from around 1.500 Opel Ampera-e, where there could be the same problem.The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai recently had to struggle with a similar recall campaign and decided to recall all copies of the three electrical Hyundai models that are traveling in Korea and replace the batteries. At GM, however, you wanted to avoid this and tried to get the problem with a software update under control, which limits the maximum charging level of the Bolt to 90 percent. Now there were reports, according to which at least two Chevy Bolt EV who had already received the update, have nevertheless caught fire. GM now recommends that the owners of the Bolt no longer load them overnight and no longer park in the garage or directly on house walls – Site reported.The electromobility blog Electrek has now spoken to a driver who was one of the first in the United States in which the Bolt actually went on fire. Scott, according to the driver’s name, reports of an odyssey that leaves a bitter aftertaste.Scott had his Bolt EV, who was only 34.000 kilometers on the counter, brought to a local workshop for a small paint preparation. There the bolt caught surprisingly fire before it could even be rolled into the workshop. The fire broke out directly under the child seat, in which Scott liked to walk his only a few months old son. According to Electrek, the fire brigade did not really know to help with a battery border and took off around half an hour later after the fire was at least extinguished. However, the car broke out again in flames just a few minutes later. In the meantime, the workshop owner was also annoyed by the smoke and the smell that the burning electricity left in his workshop.The big end for Scott, however: The American was at first glad that nobody was injured and that he would at least receive a new electric car, after all, he loved his bolt, was fully insured and the car also had according to GM About an eight -year guarantee on the battery.However, Scott reports to Electrek that he fought with GM for three weeks. The responsible car dealership no longer reacted to its calls or refused to provide the necessary documents. GM also did not respond to calls and then sent him an email in which the car manufacturer claimed not to be able to reach Scott. Either way, Scott was able to agree with his insurance company in the end.However, Scott had no so-called gap coverage: he owed the car dealership to almost 33.$,000 for the financed car, but the insurance only estimated the residual value of the vehicle at just over 21.000 dollars, although the car was only 18 months old. On the difference, so just under 12.000 dollars or around 10.000 euros, stayed Scott. So he couldn’t even afford a replacement car.So SCOTT then asked GM for himself why the handling of his insurance was necessary – after all, he bought the car in the belief that GM would stand for a defective battery for eight years. However, GM replied that a fire of the battery would have its guarantee expired. GM also announced that the only way to further investigate the case with the GM would be willing to investigate the case. However, Scott cannot and does not afford that."GM didn’t want to help me and dismissed my case and told me I should sue it", Smart Scott. "The car dealership MIC. All of this took a spectacular amount of time in the middle of the covid pandemic and with a 3 month old child at home. I had to take a break from work. It cost me weeks of my life to deal with it just around 12 in the end.000 dollars to have debts."The Odyssey thoroughly ruined Scott’s opinion from GM as a car manufacturer: "It is impossible to carry out a nasty aftertaste regarding GM and Chevy products, point. I really want to drive electrically. But I will never buy a General Motors vehicle again for the rest of my life, as you treated me."

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8 thoughts on “E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros – news”

  1. warranty!
    The manufacturer makes a 8 -year guarantee. The guarantee ends as soon as the guarantee occurs. … We usually end in total damage! Therefore: hands away from the electric car!

  2. residual value?
    After a fire that started under the nursery for several hours, the car should be a residual value of $ 21.009 have? Fairly superficially researched, this "report", or?

  3. Man man man
    He had a kind of fully comprehensive insurance and the car had a residual value in the functional state of this sum. Is nothing else with us, BMW Z.B. Starts a complete lifespan of 7 years, because then the battery is through and the car is worthless, i.e. only has scrap value. That is why BMW hybrids also have a loss of value of almost 70% after 3 years.

  4. Pure naivety
    When I read the article, I wondered who is actually more naive. The owner of the electric car or the author of the article. 1. Guarantee is a manufacturer’s voluntary performance. This can be designed entirely according to discretion. Only the conditions must be known publicly. If, as a burning aucke is excluded here, you have to take out insurance. 2. E-cars are also subject to loss of value when used. Especially if you need it excessively. Estimates assume a guideline of around 15k km per year. In 18 months 34k km therefore means that the estimated value drops. If only when a vehicle is approved, that means loss of value. Keywords annual car or daily registration.

  5. I wonder
    whether you are a car dealer or an insurer. I don’t want to answer any further because such an answer from a consumer would be really naive

  6. who
    this e-car is nonsense, which must be able to live with the consequences. The greatest technical nonsense of all time.

  7. GM = General Motors had to.000.000.000 punishment
    Paying, that was about 16 or 17 years ago, a court condemned the American car manufacturer General Motors to pay this sum because safety -related defects were not fixed in time, and even after these defects were known to the car manufacturers, and it continued to produce, and it thereby also came to death…..

  8. Eyes open when buying a car….
    ….can you only write there ! Isn’t that that way "brandy" News are totally unknown, or ? I’m curious to see what else to come up with the users of surprises. In any case, such actions cannot be considered as advertising…..


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