E-cars at a ridiculous price: craftsmen sells post transporters for less than 9000 euros

Electric car for less than 9000 euros

Craftsmen buys 1000 post cars – and sells them further at the ridicule price

E-cars at a ridiculous price: craftsmen sells post transporters for less than 9000 euros-e-cars
dpa/Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/DPA central picture/dpa/symbol image A street scooter runs across the courtyard of the letter center of Deutsche Post.

A locksmith buys more than 1000 electric transporters from Deutsche Post. The man from Hanover now wants to make the decommissioned electric cars brisk again and resell them at a ridicule price. TuV is on top of that and the first buyers have already been found.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information for 8990 euros is a compact e-transporter. The craftsman Bernd Biank from Hanover makes it possible. He bought more than 1000 street scooters from Deutsche Post. Some vehicles don’t even have 100 kilometers on the speedometer, but others have up to 30.000. The vehicles are delivered to the customers.Commercial customers and large buyers can look forward to discounts. The first customers are a pharmacist, a hotelier, a cemetery gardener and a fishing club, says Biank der "PICTURE"-newspaper. The on -board technique is partially compiled: "The handbrake is from the polo, the front brakes are from the Golf IV, which is at the back of the Audi A3", so bean. There is also a reversing camera and a dead angle assistant. Anyone who has a normal car driver’s license can drive.

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Electric cars at the ridiculous price-craftsmen Biank makes it possible

The yellow van cannot be converted to the motorhome, the battery is just enough for 80 kilometers. At the socket, charging takes about seven hours. Biank’s vehicles mainly come from the first production series from 2016, for preparation he hired three employees: "We finish seven or eight out of ten pieces". 60 to 70 percent of its inventory have already been sold, according to the locksmith. A friendly used car dealer helps him.

Currently drive 15.000 StreetScooter of Deutsche Post by Germany, but the company still wants to significantly expand its fleet. Brand incidents led to a recall of the vehicles last year, a week ago there were two fires in Baden-Wurttemberg. The StreetScooter company has been part of the post since 2016, the idea for cheap electric vehicles originally comes from a research project by RWTH Aachen. At that time, according to the claim, one wanted to develop e-cars for 5000 euros.

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10 thoughts on “E-cars at a ridiculous price: craftsmen sells post transporters for less than 9000 euros”

  1. At the local workshop ..
    were already postal customers who suspected a branch due to the many post scooters .. … Have already been postal customers who suspected a branch due to the many post scooters … those things are a joke ..

  2. Happen nothing, the things
    I live on the slope and it is different in the street, so between 5 and 20%. Our postler only comes with the VW diesel, why that is probably the case.

  3. They burn very often
    And the battery only holds 80km. And if he is aged, maybe 10km. Nevertheless, it should fit for the postal delivery service with predictable journeys. But don’t fit. It is not without reason that Swiss Post is offset by these vehicles with lowest mileage (sometimes 100km). E-cars are LT. E-lobby unbeatably better than anything else in the world. Obviously not. Pure marketing bubble that is slowly but surely bursting. The subsidies and tax exemption for battery cars have to go away. You do not drive CO2 free, but are treated in this way and use the streets like others. Lithium is only available to a limited extent, the recycling unclear and the existing approaches are not environmentally friendly. It is a lot of special waste on our streets.

  4. Strange…..
    ….there "buys" a 1000 of these cucumbers and sells them further at the ridicule price ???? Then what did he pay ? Looks more like a planned disposal operation on the part of the "Yellow" out of…. My postman still comes with diesel !

  5. Interesting
    What the "picture" Newspaper reports so. Post wants to go over an e fleet of 37 by 2025.000 vehicles have and the Street Scooter with a larger box. You also want to buy a vehicles from other providers.

  6. For this
    susceptible generation of street scooters are probably 1000 € too much. It should be noted that the batteries have long since exceeded their highlight of the highlight of vehicles with a few km because of their age. So there are high costs for the owner. For me, a great method of saving disposal costs for electronic waste on the part of the post office.

  7. I heard something else
    A contract workshop told me the things just cause trouble. Therefore, the post has decided vehicle, as far as I remember to repair the year of construction in 2019, the rest is gradually abolished. And then reliable diesel is purchased again 🙂

  8. Mr. Windmuller
    Would you give the belief to one or more sources at all or more? Would rather tap no with them…..

  9. The question is rather
    Why does the mail separate from the things again and why apparently for very little money when it is outdated to "Ridiculous price" can be resold? Speaks more for a flop.

  10. The wrong path, change irrelevant and too fast
    I have been watching the StreetScooter for years and have already found a number of defects in the 1 generation: in autumn, electrical ventilation does not manage to keep the panes, the doors and side doors rattle very loudly. The current 2 generation can be heard from the loud singing e engine. 20% of the vehicles are always defective in the yard.There is no uniform service.


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