E-cars burn down despite the recall repair: the drivers have to do that now-news

The Chevrolet EV Bolt owners have had to fight with a recall due to fire since last autumn. The recall also applies to the German sister model Opel Ampera-e. Apparently General Motors has difficulty containing the problems – and now proposes unusual solutions.

The US car maker General Motors (GM) called back its E-cars of the Chevrolet Bolt eV e-cars in November due to fire-prone batteries. The German sister model Opel Ampera-E suffered from the same problem. According to the GM, around 70 are around 70 worldwide.000 vehicles from the model years 2017 to 2019, of which they are almost 51.000 pieces the majority to the US market. But also in Germany there are 1.500 Opel Ampera-e from the construction years 2017 to 2020-Site reported.

As can now be read on the US news portal Wall Street Journal, GM has not been able to completely eliminate the problems even with the recall and the subsequent repair. The US car maker apparently only occurs an unconventional proposal for the problem solving: General Motors advises the owners of his previously called back Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles to park the Stromer again after two cars that have already been repaired have caught fire.

GM wrote on his website that the owners were too "From caution" advises not to have your vehicles charged overnight.

So far, the company has not announced any details about what caused the fires in the two cars. However, the incidents are currently being examined.

At the request of the Auto Motor Sport mobility portal, an Opel spokesman said that the warning also applies to the Ampera-e: "General Motors informed us about a smoke, melting and combustion risk on the battery pack of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the sister model Opel Ampera-e. GM continues the investigations and has already developed containment software that limits the charge of the vehicle to 90 percent of the full capacity to reduce the risk."

Ampera-e customers should shortly "About a corresponding field campaign" be informed. "Until then, we recommend the customer to limit the maximum charging via the infotainment system of your vehicle", the Opel spokesman continues. In the United States, customers had also been told that they should not park the vehicles in the garage or close to a house wall.

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  1. Limited charge to 90%
    And only 80% of them because the remaining 20% last forever. What about the discharge? The discharge current has also been reduced? How often can you accelerate in a row without reducing performance? Can be a bad surprise when overtaking, especially on the mountain. The battery is also stressed when unloading, so it must also be actively cooled. On the highway near Stop&Go an unpleasant situation in midsummer. Air conditioning on, battery cooling, radio, engine control, power steering and brake etc. then only 72% loaded, that will be tight. Even in winter, there is the heating, windscreen heating and light. You have to plan very well and find charging stations … It is no longer enough for searching


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