E cars in Germany crack millions mark

E cars in Germany crack millions mark-crack

Electromobility in Germany wins ride. In July, according to Motor Travel Agreement about 57.000 electric vehicles released. In this country, more than one million electrically operated vehicles on the roads were on the road for the first time. As is a notification of the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI), 54 percent of which are purely electric vehicles, the other plug-in hybrids and cars with fuel cells.

“One million electric vehicles are a first, important goal,” explained Federal Minister of Transport andreas Scheuer (CSU). In order to achieve the climate requirements by 2030, Germany must be more ambitious. “14 million electric vehicles until 2030 must be the new goal according to experts.”In the opinion of Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU), traffic is changed irreversibly to renewable energies. The premium for the purchase of an E-car will therefore be extended until the end of 2025. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) reminded that E-vehicles caused less noise and harmful exhaust gases, thus increasing the quality of life in the cities.

Since mid-2020, the spread of electric vehicles in Germany has made a significant leap forward, it says at the BMVI. The second half of 2020 had been shaped by new records in the monthly new registrations and in the first seven months in 2021 alone are more than 350.000 electric cars about as many electric vehicles have been released as throughout the year 2020. However, there is a criticism in the expansion of the shop network.

The use of electric drive vehicles is a central lever for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the traffic and thus to achieve the climate goals of the Federal Government. A thrust caused the introduction of the innovation premium on the 8. July 2020, with which the Federal Government has doubled its promotion when buying an electric vehicle. The various ministries also have their own support programs.

Furthermore, the Federal Government writes the “Deutschlandnetz” with more than 1000 fast-loading locations. By the end of 2023, the next quick charging point should be accessible everywhere in Germany in a few minutes! In addition, a variety of funding opportunities for overarching fleet electrification in the municipal and commercial sector, for research and development and conversion of commercial vehicles and buses in passenger transport to alternative drives.

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  1. So it’s 540.000. Hybrids are burners. Each burner has electric motors. Also a trabbi. But he is not an electric car. However, he had a tax authorization to his time, which I hybrid today.

  2. Hopefully, all BEV buyers stay with the pole. With a family now, I had lasted the fully electric Kia Niro privately for two years and we now have a plug-in hybrid as a successor as before. We were unfortunately not happy with the clean electrical – in all other nice properties – on long distance. Nice Try.


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