E-cars: incomplete charging column network brakes car sharing


"Unsolvable logistical task": Charging column network slows down car sharing with electric cars

E-cars: incomplete charging column network brakes car sharing-incomplete
Hendrik Schmidt/DPA central picture/dpa/symbol image Electric cars are charged on a charging station.

According to the industry, the expansion of the car sharing offer with electric cars is currently being stopped by the charging infrastructure in Germany. The federal government and the federal states are to improve here, a federal association demands.

A spokesman for the Federal Association of Carsharing in Berlin explained that the vehicles are only likely to be on charging stations in public spaces during the charging process. That is one "Practically insoluble logistical task" For customers and providers. The association calls for a revision of the funding guidelines and sees the federal government and the federal states as a duty to help the municipalities to finance the charging points.

Car sharing with electric cars: it fails due to the charging stations

The electrification of car sharing fleets has been demanding environmentalists for a long time. "In our view, sharing vehicles must be small, they have to be economical and they should be electrical", said Jens Hilgenberg from the Bund for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND).

In Germany, the proportion of e-cars in the fleets of the providers is very different, as a DPA survey in the company showed. The leader is therefore WESHARE. All 2300 vehicles are fully electric, as a spokesman said. The offer is still only available in the metropolises of Berlin and Hamburg. Ford Carsharing has the lowest proportion among the companies requested with 0.3 percent vehicles with electrical or hybrid drive.

In between, Share Now is located with a share of around 20 percent electric cars on 5650 vehicles. In the Sixt car sharing fleet it is around a third. The provider Miles left a specific number open. Cambio therefore comes to six percent. Around ten percent of the cars have an alternative drive to the Flinkster Bahn daughter – a large part of which with an electric drive, as a railway spokesman said.

High electricity prices: Germany cuts off in an international comparison in this way

E-cars: incomplete charging column network brakes car sharing-e-cars

Site/Wochit High electricity prices: Germany cuts off in an international comparison in this way

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  1. Public charging stations!
    The thing is clear! Public charging stations are for charging, not there for hours. … The thing is clear! Public charging stations are for charging, not for hours of parking. Why should the federal government, the states and municipalities of? The car sharing companies should be able to set up their own charging stations, or seek investors with the energy suppliers. Why should the taxpayer pay for car sharing companies to finance charging points!?

  2. I don’t think so now (grin)
    I thought that was all clear, everyone can snorkel out electricity with their car whenever? Well, we prefer to wait for an e car to buy an e car 2050, then there should be enough electricity in Germany. Or just a horse -drawn carriages.

  3. Sensational !
    Thought it is going on now and everything will be good or green ! Obviously not. Hope really that Max get a cordless car that cannot load at home. Maybe then it will be seen where it really clamps. If there are other construction sites, it is not…..

  4. This problem
    have seen many from the beginning for ages, because the lines in the whole streets do not give it to the fact that many e boxes are loaded there at the same time. And until that has ever been expanded, nobody wants these nonsensical boxes anyway

  5. Enough space for Ecar & charging station
    is where there are parking clocks. The municipalities only have to throw up sufficient coins in good time. The space still belongs to the general public. Even if the town halls see it differently. They are poisoning the climate.


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