E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars – fire danger

Deleting battery fires

E -cars are prohibited: The first city is locked under car park for electric cars – fire risk!

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-e-cars

Site/Wochit Electric car connected to the charging station – hours later it burns lights

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When electrical and hybrid cars burn, they are difficult to delete. In Kulmbach and Leonberg it is therefore said for Stromer: We have to stay outside. Experts recommend special extinguishing systems for underground garages. The ADAC considers the problem not serious.

Teslas have to stay outside- and not only that: Electrical and plug-in hybrid cars will no longer be allowed to park in an underground car park in Kulmbach in Upper Franconia in the future. This was decided in consultation with the fire brigade for the underground car park under EKU Platz, like the Infrank portal.de first reported. The background is that there was a fire in the underground car park a few months ago. At that time a petrol vehicle and no electric car burned.

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However, in the event of a burning electric car, it would not be possible to delete the fire promptly. For a certain time a reinforced concrete floor can withstand heat, but if too much heat acts, the concrete bursts and the iron would melt. Then there was a risk of collapse. At least that’s the reason for the city for the unusual step. So far, there have been such prohibitions in Germany only occasionally for vehicles with gas drive, i.e. earth or LPG cars.

City fears effects in electrical fires

The underground car park was closed for around five months. The cost of the renovation was just under 200.000 euros. When asked by Site, the city stated that "The security is simply in the foreground". Likewise, it is currently being discussed to expand this ban on other city parking garages. To do this, the fire brigade must discuss whether it is technically possible in the event of a fire to get the vehicle out of the parking garage with heavy equipment. Maybe it could be that electric and hybrid vehicles should only park on the ground floor of the parking garage.

Elektro-Audi goes up in flames after an accident: 19-year-olds died of her father’s eyes

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-prohibited

Site/Wochit Elektro-Audi goes up in flames after an accident: 19-year-olds died of her father’s eyes

Makes the example of school?

The topic has apparently already drawn more circles. According to the city of Kulmbach, other cities are considering pronouncing such bans. In fact, according to the city of Leonberg in Baden-Wurttemberg, the city’s website also applies to the old town garage with its 283 places: "For fire protection law reasons, the access to the old town car park for electric and hybrid vehicles is currently not permitted."

ADAC: closure "endangered electromobility"

The ADAC cannot understand the decision of the city of Kulmbach. ADAC spokesman Andreas HOlzel said to Site: "If other garage operators follow the Kulmbacher example, this would be a fatal setback in expanding electrical mobility in Germany. In principle, it can never be completely excluded that a vehicle ignites itself due to a defect – but this applies to all drive types. There is no evidence that electric cars with or without an accident tend to burn to burn than cars with an incinerated engine. According to fire brigades and insurers, there are also no significant differences in terms of risk assessment. Concerns regarding special risks when loading an electric car are also unfounded in an underground car park, provided that the electrical installation of the loading points has been professionally installed and serviced."

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-city
dpa/Amstein+ Walthert Progress AG/EMPA/dpa A battery module of an electric car develops large amounts of soot in the fire in which there are toxic metal oxides.

The city of Kulmbach is aware that drivers could possibly feel disadvantaged by electric cars, it is said when asked. However, the safety of the citizens must be in the foreground. More preventative educational work on the part of the vehicle manufacturers regarding this fire danger would be desirable, said a spokesman for the city.

Battery fires on electric cars: not more often, but more serious

Experts argue about how big the fire risk of the electricity is actually. Among other things, Tesla always claims that their cars would burn much less often than gasoline vehicles. Some studies confirm this. Others, on the other hand, do not, such as the IIHS report of the US insurers via vehicles from the model year 2016 to 2018. In relation to the registration figures, it became apparent: The Elektro-SUV Tesla Model X burned much more frequently than a Porsche Cayenne, The fire risk after Jeep Renegade was the number two of the risk list. The Limousine Tesla Model S is worse than a Mercedes E-Class.Insurance experts from the Alliance point out that the fire risk always correlates with age and therefore there would be no meaningful data in the still young electric cars. Therefore, they assume that the risk will adapt to that of hybrids and petrol or diesel cars over time.

Stromer and hybrid: There are still teething problems

In view of the rapidly growing but still manageable share of electrical and hybrid cars on German roads towards childhood diseases of technology. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Transport told Site: "Since the beginning of 2018, there have been 20 recalls in the area of responsibility of the KBA in connection with the Hochvoltakku, or. the high -voltage system (cable, charging electronics etc.) stand." Not always, but often it is literally about fire -dangerous defects. Some examples of recalls or incidents of the past few months:

  • VW: In addition to recalls at the VW e-up, however, only a few vehicles were affected, the brand new plug-in hybrid of the Golf 8 only made headlines a few days ago. During the trip, the battery apparently caught fire in a place in Hesse. The Lithuim-ion battery of the Golf Plug is located in front of the rear axle under the back seat. The regional newspaper HNA reports: "The Golf was on fire within a few seconds. The two occupants could just save themselves outdoors. Local residents who had become aware of the explosion on the vehicle fire due to the bang of the explosion immediately alerted the fire brigade." The car had only 300 kilometers on the speedometer. At Site’s request, Volkswagen spokesman Stefan Voswinkel said about the case: "In order to be able to guarantee the high standard of our vehicles, we analyze the closer circumstances and the technical background of a case in which a Golf 8 should have occurred, according to the media report. On the basis of the test results, we will initiate appropriate measures if necessary."
  • ford: Calls were pronounced several times this year for the Ford Kuga. Affected: almost 33.000 vehicles worldwide. Ford finally had to impose a sales stop for the car. Cause: Fire risk when charging.
  • General Motors: In mid -November, 66 were worldwide.Called back 000 of the type Chevrolet Bolt and warned before charging. The German sister model Opel Ampera-e is also affected. Cause of the recall: fireglefahr.
  • Audi: With the model "E-tron" there was already recall in 2019, shortly after delivery of the car. The trigger is a possibly incorrect seal through which moisture could get into the battery system – short -circuit and fire risk here too. A few months ago, a young woman burned in an electric audi after an accident, but it is still unclear what exactly the cause of the fire was; It should have nothing to do with the recall.
  • BMW: Because of technical problems, the Munich team had to call back thousands of plug-in hybrids. Cause: fire risk.
  • Tesla: After several fatal fire accidents and individual cases of self-inflammation of the batteries, the Americans adapted the software of the Model S in parked cars. This also had an impact on performance and range. Tesla does not consider it necessary to replace the batteries itself.
  • Street scooter: According to Site, the post office has various problems with the technology of the e-transporter, which also led to recalls.

In addition, there are always reports on house fires that are triggered by electric or hybrid vehicles during the loading.

Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-city

Site Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

Experts disagree with fire risk

Battery and unfalled experts consider modern electricity with lithium-ion batteries as safe. This is how AXA insurance sees No greater risk when it comes to fire risk. But if it comes to the fire, it runs more dramatic. "E-cars do not burn more often than other vehicles, but when a battery ignites, it burns very quickly and can hardly be deleted anymore", says accident researcher Bettina Zahnd. In such a case, it is only a matter of freeing the occupants out of the car as quickly as possible and bringing them to a safe distance in order to protect them from burns and toxic vapors.

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-first
Screenshot YouTube / RTV6 Tesla crash in Indianapolis: A Youtube video shows the fire drama. Two people died

Fire brigade must take special measures

A feared sequence of accident in electric cars is the so-called "Thermal Runaway": an electrical short circuit in a lithium-ion battery by defect or mechanical damage can trigger a fire. The danger is not the individual cell, but a chain reaction in which the liquid electrolyte ignites and the fire spreads rapidly to other cells. Battery experts refer to this as "thermal through" or thermal Runaway.

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-e-cars
Private In a patent from 2010, Tesla describes the dangers of one "Thermal Runaway", a thermal passage of lithium-ion batteries

For the fire brigade, fires of electric vehicles are extremely difficult to extinguish. Enormous amounts of water are required. And not just for the initial. After suffocating the flames, even hours after the accident, fires can flare up again and again. Probably only a radical solution helps the rescue workers, as demonstrated in the Netherlands and has already been used in Germany in Germany: After a crash or other incidents.

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-first
Daniel Knopp/dpa Electro -post car burned out in Herne – explode batteries

Underground garages and tunnel fires

In the case of technical defects – which do not always have to be in the battery, but also in simple short circuits or problems with the power line in the house – above all closed rooms such as underground garages or tunnels, which have not yet been known from petrol engines.

E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-blocked
Volkswagen Technical details about electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The batteries are controlled with temperature management, with hybrid batteries exposed to higher thermal loads. Various security systems are supposed to prevent fire incidents

A study by the Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication Uvek, which Site is present and appeared in summer 2018, describes the possible risks: "Because of the reactive and sometimes highly toxic materials, chemical dangers. Due to limited ventilation options in the air, the released pollutants can concentrate and exceed critical threshold values faster than outdoors for humans, where the flue gas is rather diluted. The spaces that are often not optimal in such rooms make the situation more difficult and contribute to the special danger", it says in the study.

Special extinguishing systems for underground garages

The Swiss fire experts also emphasize that, according to previous knowledge, there is no increased fire risk compared to other types of drive, according to previous knowledge. The suggestion: to prevent fires in tunnels or garages, Could be installed extinguishing systems; In addition, measuring devices that detect gases or gas mixtures before the development of a fire and activate the extinguishing systems.

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E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-e-cars

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    E-cars prohibited! The first city is blocked for underground car park for electric cars - fire danger-e-cars

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    1. Kulmbach citizens defend themselves against TG ban
      For Friday of this week, a car wage with electric vehicles is planned for the marketplace to go against … to protest the order of the Mayor of the City of Kulmbach, to block 2 TG for e-cars & hybrid cars. In addition, an online petition was launched that is aimed at OB Ingo Lehmann and demands that there are no blocking of parking garages for electric cars. It states “both in specialist journals (z.B. Fire brigade magazine), as well as in statements in online media, daily newspapers and press explanations, the ADAC E provide.V., DEKRA and various fire brigade associations determine that e-cars do not run an increased risk of vehicle fire, especially no risk that would justify a blocking of parking garages and underground car parks."

    2. And what changes "Car"?
      Burn the batteries worse now?The fire brigade comes with the coat container in the parking garage?No more poisonous gases arise?The statics of the garages can now stand up to an electric car?In view of the facts in the article described in the article, nothing has changed.Just because the dealers are now afraid to stay on their cars, the garage operators should close their eyes

    3. Everything just panic?
      There is also a number smaller! 28.02.In 2021 in an apartment in Bochum, the battery of an e-bike has exploded and caused a fire. Five residents of the house had saved themselves from the building on Saturday afternoon and were examined by the emergency doctor, as the fire brigade announced. According to the information, one person had to be taken to the hospital with suspected flue gas poisoning. When the emergency services arrived, the fire apartment had already been heavily smoky, the fire brigade continued to say. The exploded battery was secured in a water bath.

    4. Insurance expect probabilities
      If the insurers relate the available statistics to fire frequencies (factor 1:20 BEV: ICE) to the expected damage (factor 2-?) will probably come to the conclusion that ICE car should be excluded more. If you still include the age of the vehicles, it may be possible for some lovers of old classics. difficult to find parking spaces. The black oil spots in most parking garages actually speak volumes. There are also significant differences in the fire behavior of the different BEV cell chemia. We will get a new badge for the use of parking garages?

    5. It works here
      To be dangerous when these cars burn. I also can’t store ammunition or 1000 liters of petrol in the underground car park where people live over it. If these vehicles are difficult to extinguish them, they don’t belong there. We don’t have to get upset about it is a kind of provision for people what is bad about it.

    6. House right!
      In principle, the owner can regulate the use of his public or private garage (parking garage, underground car park) or. restrict. These prohibitions usually aim at natural gas -powered (fluid – liquid petroleum gas (LPG)) and gaseous – compressed natural gas (CNG)), the setting of which was previously banned (by the federal states). However, it is possible that the owner has no self-interest on a ban on setting fuel cell vehicles despite the still existing prohibition sign. To avoid a violation of the ban, a conversation with the owner is therefore recommended. In the same way, a ban on electric vehicles can be pronounced by house rights!

    7. @Vogel Peter – Thank you very much
      for your factual and not unnecessary side blows. I would like to be able to further discuss in this way.

    8. Really now ?
      obviously go "understandably" The arguments. Now Crocodile Dundee has to serve…. Everyone can decide whether everyone can connect directly to burning batteries in underground garages…..I can’t….However, it is not tragic either

    9. Anyone who looks at electric cars as a Gau should be remembered
      … that combustion cars are indirectly responsible for the most difficult fires: burning oil fields. There is the scene in the film Crocodile Dundee, in which a youthful robber threatens the crocodile hunter & his girlfriend in Central Park with a knife & when they don’t react "that’s a knife!“To which Dundee Kool replies:“ This is not a knife. D a s is a knife!“& He opens his jacket & gives a view of a huge hunting knife. E-car fires, whether inside or outside of TG, are "small fires" compared to burning oil fields. After the Iraq war in 1991, 700 oil sources burned in Kuwait. D a s was gau. You had to get the most famous fire brigade in the world: Red Adair from Texas & Team. It took 9 months until the last fire was out.

    10. What do burning oil fields have with one
      burning electric car in the underground car park in common? And at speeds on motorways? First of all, the type and place of the fires are completely different. The fire brigade had access to the oil fields, what does it look like in the parking garage? As was torn down in the article, the vehicle would have to be burned out for days. The building would then be there and people in the parking garage? The toxic vapors are killed!

    11. Kulmbach ?
      Whether one of the Kulmbacher decision -makers reads here. If so, he should almost undo his decision…. However, it does not become because the reasons for blocking are more than logical and obvious. There are also the fire protection concepts. Think they thought something about it and the decision also discussed in the appropriate round. Whether that fits all the writers here or not does not matter. Probably others will still follow suit…..

    12. But then right
      Underground car park only horse -drawn carrier works. Everything else is stupidity! Then people only have to dispose of the emergency.

    13. No cars in underground garages
      I am in favor of not being allowed to park cars in underground garages. This would be enough for the exaggerated fire protection. Fire protection is totally exaggerated in Germany. It’s a miracle that you can build something with wood, it burns so quickly. We have people who want to rule out any risk on the management levels, but that doesn’t work. How has mankind survived so far without the exaggerated fire protection regulations. A wonder.


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