E-cars: Yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save

From October on

A yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save with e-cars

E-cars: Yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save-e-cars
Ministry of Economic Affairs They would have saved that much: this note should be posted at all petrol stations from October

Save money with the electric car? From October, an energy cost comparison at petrol stations should inform drivers about how much less they would pay in comparison with their current car. But what is the purpose of the comparison with the electric car, what can it – and what not?

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information -trimming numbers on a yellow -orange notice should show drivers in the future what they could have saved. From October, larger petrol stations must present a so -called energy cost comparison to their customers. On it: the cost for 100 kilometers with seven different energy sources – from electricity to hydrogen to super gasoline – and for two vehicle sizes. Only for hydrogen in smaller vehicles is a value lack of data. Why is there the poster, what can it – and what not?

Energy cost comparison with electric cars at petrol stations: Why is there the poster?

It implements a European directive. Purpose is "to support future purchase decisions from consumers in choosing a personal vehicle", As it says in the legal text. The thought behind it: The consumer should simply be able to compare what the energy costs for 100 kilometers with different drive shapes.

E-cars: Yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save-e-cars

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Basically, this also makes sense at the ADAC to produce transparency and "also to influence the purchase decision a bit". The Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW) also welcomes the labeling: "The comparison makes it clear that electromobility is not only a climate -friendly, but also a financially attractive alternative for many drivers", it means from there.

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What does the poster show?

The current poster – it is to be updated quarterly and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Economic Affairs – it can be seen, for example, that a medium or luxury car with super gasoline causes 11.42 euros fuel or energy costs per 100 kilometers. With Super E10, it would be 11.00 euros, with diesel 7.48, with a Stromer 4.84. Natural gas h hide with 6.39 euros, LPG with 4.96 and hydrogen with 7.60.

How do these comparison values come about with e-cars?

For each drive type in each of the two vehicle categories, the three best -selling vehicles and their official consumption are used according to the current driving cycle WLTP. So you get an average consumption per 100 kilometers. Together with the price for the respective energy source, there are costs per 100 kilometers. At the price, the ministry uses the average of the second quarter. However, these numbers are not specified on the poster.

How exactly are the information?

Even if the values are calculated and specified exactly on the cent, it can only be rough comparative values for several reasons. On the one hand, the consumer drives the poster when refueling probably reads another car with a different consumption. His driving style also makes a big difference here.In addition, the average prices of the second quarter are currently being used for the calculation according to the Federal Ministry of Economics. Since then, for example, diesel has become around 9 cents per liter more expensive, as it results from the ADAC numbers.And finally – as the name suggests – it is just a comparison of the energy costs. Other costs around the car such as purchases, repairs, insurance and tax are naturally left out – although they usually clearly exceed energy costs.

Special case e-cars

The calculation is particularly susceptible to distortions for electric cars that drive the cheapest according to comparison. "There is no information that the average budgetary price is based on electric cars", criticizes the mineral oil economic association MWV. "Public and, above all, fast charging is usually more expensive, and this significantly reduces the price difference to the petrol engine."According to the BDEW energy industry association, a typical budgetary current tariff is just over 30 cents per kilowatt hour. However, there are more 39 to 45 cents on public charging stations and even 49 to 79 cents on quick charging stations. This includes costs for infrastructure, operation, maintenance, land use and payment processing. But these prices would also have to be taken into account so that the information on the poster "can be reconciled with personal experiences", demands the BDEW.The Ministry of Economic Affairs justifies the use of the budgetary current tariff that more than 80 percent of the charging processes take place at home. In the medium term, however, the costs for charging should also be included in the calculation on the go.

Where does the poster have to hang?

Petrol stations with seven multiple petrol pumps and more have to hang it up or present it on a screen. According to the estimate of the ZTG petrol station association, however, this only affects around 1500 of the 14,500 petrol stations in Germany. That is "the only good thing" At the new regulation, says ZTG managing director Jurgen Ziegner, who "as superfluous as a goiter" holds. "It is of little use to me when I am on the road and has to refuel, and then find out how much I would have paid for the electricity at home", He criticizes.You might also be interested in:

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E-cars: Yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save-soon

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12 thoughts on “E-cars: Yellow note soon shows petrol station customers what they would save”

  1. Forbidden
    The calculation of the fuel price should actually be calculated with at least … Get a primary school level. Such fire considerations are apparently not welcome in Berlin and Brussels.

  2. Conclusion: Stromer is not worth it
    Went stupid, but I prefer to continue driving my little burner. It needs 4.7-5.2l/100km (summer/winter), even less than the specified costs on the yellow note and at approx. The Stromer should save € 237 a year 5000km. It’s not worth it for me.

  3. And exactly
    For this reason, the upcoming government will make the fossil fuels more expensive that this calculation is not worthwhile. Those who refuse to follow rules shall feel the consequences.Green is so modern, irony out.

  4. Well thought, badly done
    … and also misleading or. Wrong information regarding the budgetary current. At a gas station "tank" Or I do not load for the price of the budgetary current, but much more expensive! Where is the complaint of the DUH in this case?

  5. Well thought, badly done
    As much as the concern of the European directive is understandable to inform consumers what it costs the energy for 100 kilometers with different drives, the yellow poster seems to be successful. Drivers are used to daily or. even to be displayed on the tank on lightboards on lightboards. A few horned poster is likely to be.K. take. God or. Hopefully you want to say. Because the information on this is not very usable: 3 months old, average values for consumption, household electricity prices, non -consideration of oil consumption. The two main arguments for the switch from V to E remain the outside of the purely economic consideration: CO2 avoidance & energy efficiency.

  6. Suggestion: a blue note next to the yellow
    All taxes and levies that make up the current gasoline or diesel price are then listed on the blue note. Then it becomes obvious that the difference to Elektro is made in Berlin. And electric drivers should also be clear that the state will not do without taxes in the long run.

  7. Mr. Schraag,
    With the electricity price, approx. 75% taxes and taxes on it, the pure production costs are on average at 7.7 cents/kWh (2021). With wind power you can already generate electricity in DE today for below 5 cents/kWh. With a private PV system, it is around 10 cents for 15 years, then almost free of charge.

  8. Cheapest propaganda…..
    If you had earlier too "Pocket tricks" called….. You have to be pretty desperate to open people "E" persuade. The massive subsidies do not judge either. However, the yellow notes do not. The environment doesn’t work anyway….It’s all about big money and political stubbornness !!! Let’s wait and see what comes next ? Red note about ?

  9. All those who believe
    That the combustion engineer drives cheaper should continue to drive with it. But please no complaints about the fuel price.

  10. Wiping eye
    Hope that with this charade the inevitable costs for a new battery + assembly were included. The lifetime is customary for the life, the more a battery "Rapid" became.For such a battery, for example a 60 kWh battery, you have to.000 € for a battery rate. That is probably not included, or?

  11. What shoud that?
    The shields also hang at the highway filling stations? Where the diesel driver takes a maximum of a coffee and toilet break, but does not refuel, while the e-driver has to pay tariffs of up to € 0.79/kWh and more? In other areas, one would call something unfair competition if such beautiful figures are used!


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