E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide

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Guide: these are the best wall boxes

E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide-e-charging
Daimler AG Mercedes also works together for the Wallboxes.

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Ultimately, electromobility only makes sense if there is a constant charging option. That’s why many e-mobilists want to install a private wallbox. However, there are also a few things to consider in the private electricity petrol pumps.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More Infosam 21. July of this year, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) increased the grants for private wall boxes by another 300 million euros. “Load must be possible everywhere and at any time. A nationwide and user-friendly charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for more people switching to climate-friendly electric cars, ”says Minister Andreas Scheuer. So Germans who want to charge their electric car to a domestic wall box can be supported by the state per charging point with 900 euros. The funding is still carried out via the KfW bank.

Checklist before buying a wall box

However, according to the BMVI, the following conditions must be met: The charging station must have a normal noise power of 11 kW, which electricity comes from 100 percent renewable energies and the charging station can be intelligent and controllable (with a view to network use). Interested parties should keep an eye on the last point, because this ultimately means that the charging current can be throttled under certain circumstances. Before the installation of a wall box is concerned, it is advisable to contact the domestic city or municipality or check on the homepage which further provisions may still apply.

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Before you choose a Wallbox, you should put together a small checklist so that the domestic electricity petrol station can do your work as efficiently as possible. The onboard loader of the electric car is very important if it only creates a charging capacity of 3.6 kW, then filling the power storage takes significantly longer. How long, everyone can use the simple formula "loading time to calculate battery capacity divided by charging power".

The Wallbox itself should be able to communicate with the car and the power grid as intelligently as possible. An app that can be used to conveniently monitor or control the loading process makes the electricity tinker easier. The KOnigsweg is your own photovoltaic system that fills the electric car via the Wallbox with self -produced electricity.

E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide-wall
BMW AG The wall box should communicate with the app.

It is obvious that the installation of the wallbox should be carried out by a specialist and which should use a branded wall box. He also checks the power connection you need. If the charging power is to be 11 kW or even 22 kW, a three -phase three -phase closure with 400 volt voltage and a current thickness of 16 or. 32 ampere.

These wall boxes are recommended

The question now is which wallbox you should use. It is obvious that only a supporting model will bring financial benefits. You also have to decide how many loading points are necessary. Wall boxes for an electric car cost around 1.000 euros, two electricians are to be charged, the price doubles. Some manufacturers offer their own wall boxes, which are mostly produced in cooperation with Wallbox manufacturers. Car manufacturers such as VW often offer a package when buying a BEVS, which includes the installation of the electricity petrol station. However, one should always keep an eye on the funding and, for example, at VW to the ID.Charger Connect Griff.

E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide-boxes
Volkswagen AG ID.Charger from VW

Basically well positioned you are with the Webasto Pure Wallbox, which is available for less than 700 euros. However, the lack of internet ability to promote funding stands in the way. If you want to have a sponsored webasto wall box, you should take a closer look at the Webasto, but which with a price of around 1.400 euros is significantly more expensive. An alternative for those who want to take their own electricity petrol pumps everywhere are portable solutions such as the Juice Booster 2, which can load up to 22 kW and currently for around 1.000 euros is available. However, this portable wall box takes a lot of space and you have to find the right power connection. When using such a mobile charging solution, you always have to have in mind that Langfinger could keep an eye on such a mobile wall box. In order for the device to be secured, Juice Booster offers a variant with locking bars and key lock.


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In the ADAC test, the Wallbox Kostad TX-1000 won the overall victory by convincing a maximum loading speed of 22 kW and easily usability through a compact design. However, the manufacturer Kostad has already launched a successor with the Unity20 Wallbox, which is also convincing. An alternative is the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control, which fills the power storage with a maximum of 11 kW. Here, too, you have to take a close look at the purchase, since Heidelberg Wallbox models that are not promoted are also offered. Here the "Energy Control" was decisive here. With prices of over 800 euros, the Heidelberg Wallboxes are worth a look.

E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide-wall
Unity20 Unity20 Wallbox

The Wallbox manufacturer ABL works with Mercedes and Audi, among other things, and the Franconian company is also active in building up the public charging infrastructure in Munich and Nuremberg. The models are also mature accordingly. According to ABL, the Wallbox EMH1 is pre -installed and no additional residual current protection is required, which has a positive effect on the costs.Possibly also interesting for you:

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E-charging stations: The best wall boxes in the guide-e-charging

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