E-commercial vehicle manufacturer Orten relies on 3D-printed batteries

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E-commercial vehicle manufacturer Orten relies on 3D-printed batteries-e-commercial

Swiss battery company Blackstone Resources announces that Orten Electric Trucks will soon unveil its first commercial vehicle, which will be powered by Blackstone’s new 3D-printed lithium batteries from late 2022. “We are pleased about the strong partnership with Orte E-Trucks”. This cooperation is very interesting for both sides, according to Serhat Yilmaz, Chief Marketing Officer of Blackstone Technology GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of Blackstone Resources AG. This proves that the company’s 3D-printed batteries are ready for the market and that there is also demand.

At the Blackstone Technology Press Day in DObeln/Saxony at the beginning of December, Robert E. Places, managing partners of places E-trucks, a first, operational commercial vehicle present. Still in 1. Quarter 2022 should then start a shared pilot project with Blackstone, in whose frame the commercial vehicle should be powered by 3D-printed batteries. According to these BLACKSTONE, according to several advantages: “Our charge carriers also allow 20 percent more than 20 percent more than 20 percent more than 20 percent more,” said Ulrich Ernst, founder and CEO of Blackstone Resources AG. “At the same time, we can drastically reduce environmentally relevant influences in production and avoid 50 percent of the usual waste materials.”

Places plans hydrogen truck with batteries from Blackstone

The cooperation between Blackstone and places is already standing before the next step: The E-Truck converter from Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate is therefore currently planning the realization of a heavy-extended heavy load truck for long-distance transports. The use of the lithium cells produced by Blackstone using 3D printing is also planned for the vehicle‘s electrical energy storage systems.

Some in the industry are likely to be looking forward to Blackstone Technology’s Press Day: for the first time, press representatives will be able to witness the production of the 3D-printed batteries. Blackstone Technology is currently setting up a production line for 3D printed small series in DObeln, Saxony. The short-term production will include pouch cells, which should enable a 20 percent higher density in lithium-ion cells compared to other products.

Electric cars and batteries are also currently driving the demand for large quantities of various metals and raw materials. As such, Blackstone Resources is also building, developing and operating battery metals manufacturing facilities such as lithium, cobalt, manganese, graphite, nickel and copper to participate in this trend.

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