e.GO battery replacement service: Change faster than charging

e.GO battery replacement service: Change faster than charging-change

Next. e.GO Mobile SE, the company behind the Aachen compact electric car, is taking the next step on the way to the broad market launch of the e.GO Life. In order to prevent range anxiety when driving e-cars, the manufacturer announces the introduction of its intelligent battery replacement solution. This is another milestone in the mission to promote the sustainability of urban mobility over the entire life cycle.

In one of the previous press releases from the beginning of September, the company already knew about some special properties of the e.point out to GO Life. Even then, the already teased battery change function was discussed. “The smart battery swap feature, the first of its kind for an urban electric car, brings a different user experience and peace of mind while improving the e.GO compared to many other offerings on the market,” says Next. e.GO Mobile SE finally.

The manufacturer is now announcing further details and revealing that in future the almost empty battery will be exchanged for a fully charged one in a designated e.GO battery exchange station – the “e.Pit” – can be exchanged. On the way back or at a later point in time, but no later than within one month, the customer can pick up their original battery – fully charged – at the same station.

“At e.GO, battery swapping isn’t just a new feature or another line of business. By using technologies and innovations like these, we want our customers and all e.We would like to express our deepest gratitude to GO users who have chosen to act responsibly and who care about the ecological footprint of their vehicle as well as sustainable urban mobility. It is our responsibility to support this striving for more sustainability in the best possible way – and with our battery replacement solution we offer the corresponding convenience for this.– Ali Vezvaei, CEO of Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Thus, the customers remain the owners of their original battery and keep the e.GO app based on your battery ID at any time. Like Next. e.GO Mobile SE indicates that the service is available to all e.GO drivers available. Whereby this is limited within the framework of an annual exchange quota. The exchange process takes about 60 minutes and is therefore faster than a full charge at a conventional public charging station. The company is working to further reduce the duration of the exchange process in order to reach the goal of almost 30 minutes in the future.

In the meantime, the first two swap stations in the Aachen plant and in Zulpich (Pardemann service partner) have been put into operation. The next stations are in Dusseldorf and Hamburg, and more are being planned.

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2 thoughts on “e.GO battery replacement service: Change faster than charging”

  1. To be honest, I really don’t think much of it, constantly driving to the changing station, waiting 1 hour until I drive away with the exchanged battery, so I can go straight to the charging station and charge there
    With the Ionic 5 or KIA EV6, this takes only 18 minutes. P.S. At NIO, the change should last only 5 minutes that would be more purposeful

  2. I still did not understand if I actually acquire the car now and continue to operate promptly.
    If I research correctly until the production start in Hungary 2024 only 1.000 vehicles can be admitted.

    Somehow, the whole thing is like the Sion … and again new extras, only the basic, namely the possessions, are not possible. Although, after all, 1.000 pieces is more than nothing ..

    Nevertheless, the car has now fallen from the time. Nursing services in the city are likely to rely on an Opel E-Rocks rather than on an E-GO.


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