E-Limousine Nio ET7 masters further tests on the way to series production

E-Limousine Nio ET7 masters further tests on the way to series production-series

Since the presentation of the Nio ET7 on the Nio Day at the beginning of the year, the Chinese start-up has carried out tests in various places to advance mass production. These tests also belonged to a fundamental and indispensable part, the winter test. This included a systematic and complete collection of dynamic tests on all types of low adhesion roads to ensure a secure and comfortable driving experience for users in different scenarios.

The summer season in China did not offer the conditions required for the test and low temperatures. New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, however, enabled NIO to perform the test in a timely manner. Thus, the electrical sedan was tested for a month in July 2021 for a month under winter conditions. The renowned Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) in New Zealand with an area of around 4.9 million square meters have 37 snow and ice areas as well as handling tracks. Located in the bires on the edge of the Cardrona Valley near Queenstown, various test environments were simulated in a complex mountain landscape, which come close to the everyday application scenarios for vehicles.

The winter test enabled snow surfaces, snow and ice cream circuits, ice areas, bumpy roads, slopes and handling tracks that contribute to verify functions such as ABS, ESC, TCS and others to ensure the stability and controllability of the NIO ET7. The Nio ET7 will continue to go through a series of strict, worldwide tests before it will come across the street in its serial variant.

The stromer is powered by the 2. Generation of the NIO E drive, which is installed as a four-wheel system. This brings at the front axle 180 kW (permanent magnet engine) and at the rear axle 300 kW (induction motor) performance. The system performance is thus 480 kW, at 850 nm maximum torque. From 0 to 100 km / h it is thus in 3.9 seconds. From 100 to 0 km / h the electric car comes after 33.5 meters brake distance, as Nio gives to understand.

With regard to the range, there is talk of over 500 km with a cargo from the 70 kWh big battery. With the carpentery 100 kWh battery are over 700 km range in it. With the 150 kWh battery even over 1.000 km range. Mind you in the NEFZ cycle. The stromer brings it to a height of 1.505 mm, a total length of 5.098 mm, as well as a wheelbase of 3.060 mm. The width becomes 1.987 mm indicated.

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  1. Also, I searched for a long time as possible after a sedan with AZV (trailer train device) and I am pleased with the form shown here. But if you read further, he is too wide, too long too inefficient, too much performance. So only the M3 remains, which unfortunately also has too much power and therefore has an extremely expensive insurance classification. The Sion of Sono Motors would also be a good compromise, but no limousine. That shines with many very good detail solutions.


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