E-microbagger with change batteries of Honda and Komatsu

E-microbagger with change batteries of Honda and Komatsu-e-microbagger

In the future, the two companies Honda and Komatsu cooperate in the joint development of electrified microbaggers, which are powered with replaceable mobile power pack batteries. Furthermore, they are based on building a battery-sharing system for the civil engineering and construction industry. A corresponding principle agreement has already been signed.

The focus is on a Komatsu microbagger, which should be electrified with the Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP). The two companies have taken the initiative as a pioneer of the industry to realize products with low environmental impact. Honda has expanded the range of products operated with MPPS, and Komatsu introduced a battery-powered mini excavator in the Japanese market in April 2020.

The microbagger Komatsu PC01 has been sought as the first project and wants to electrify this with Honda Mobile Power Pack, as well as the drive unit (EGX). Among the various construction machinery, the Komatsu offers, PC01 is most likely used for various features on construction sites near people, trees, flowers and ornamental plants, including pipe laying, landscaping and working in agriculture and livestock breeding. The two companies strive to the electrified Komatsu PC01 before the end of the current financial year, the 31. March 2022 ends on the market.

How to understand the two companies is significantly reduced by the electrification of the microbagger noise and waste heat. In addition, by using the unique properties of the MPP as the replaceable battery, the user can continue to use the electrified equipment without having to wait for the charging of the MPP. Through the operation of Komatsu devices with Honda MPPS, the two companies strive to simplify energy supply and realize a higher comfort for the customers.

After the market launch of the electrified microbagger, the two companies will perform demonstration tests for a structure for supplying civil engineering and construction sites with MPPS and increase the comfort of electrified construction machinery and equipment through the offer of after-sales services, including a battery change system,. In the further course, the two companies will carry out a joint development to electrify other microbagger models as well as mini excavators in the class with a company weight of up to 1 ton.

By adding a wide range of electrified civil engineering and construction machinery for smart power operation, which already includes Honda’s electrified mobility and energy products, Honda strives to set up a wide network of MPP-based battery sharing systems.

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2 thoughts on “E-microbagger with change batteries of Honda and Komatsu”

  1. Although only one microbagger, but a beginning for quieter construction sites. Possibly. Already at the end of the decade, diesel-powered excavators could have rarity value and can be seen on television as “construction site classic cars”.

  2. To show the removable batteries »Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP)« of the microbagger sometimes in the picture:

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-batteries

    For such and similar “niche applications” I see a chance in the EU for manual! changeable Batteries … If the price (JMD.?) Right!

    The Honda-MPP should

    • (mind.) 1 kWh,
    • be built in LFP technology,
    • at least 2.Hold 000 cycles,
    • in minutes. 3 hours can be loaded and
    • A weight of roughly estimated approx. 5-7 kg have ..
    The MPP should also be used in the Eroller Honda PCX Electric and there is a good 40 km there for a good 40 km.

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