E-Mobility at Heidelberg: All characters are on growth

E-Mobility at Heidelberg: All characters are on growth-characters

“Every fifth electric car in this country invites you to a wallbox from us at home,” said Ulrich Grimm, the head of the Electromobility business area at Heidelberg, the world’s leading printing press manufacturer, in a conversation with the trade journal Edison. The E-Mobility area is still the smallest business segment of the listed company with a turnover of just 20 million euros, which has implemented a total of a good two billion euros last year. But the signs have been clear for some time to growth.

Several times Heidelberg has increased the production capacities of Wallboxen, over the past two years were more than 50.000 of these charging stations built. Some customers may not know that their electric car invites you to a Heidelberg Wallbox – as the company also provides you as a white label solution to several automakers, which you will then resell under its own name.

Heidelberg has currently a share of a good 20 percent in the German Wallbox market, said Edison. Currently, in three-shift operation, so around the clock, good 500 charging stations per week are mounted. And the area should be steadily expanded. “Every few weeks, it goes up,” says Grimm. By the summer of the coming year, the weekly production should be doubled up to 1000. So that the business with Wallboxes can continue to grow, for example through partnerships with strategic investors, Heidelberg has sparked the shop with charging cables and wallboxes recently in a separate GmbH.

Further business areas from the area of charging infrastructure, electronics and software also has the company already in view, so Grimm. “We want to become a complete service provider for smart home solutions, from smart charging solutions for parking garages and complete residential facilities,” he explains. To smart charging solutions, he explicitly also counts wallboxes that are designed for network services so that energy suppliers can control them in network bottlenecks and reduce in performance; An application that is becoming increasingly important due to the growing distribution of electric cars. Also into the business with particularly fleets DC fast charging stations with up to 150 kW charging power Heidelberg wants to get in.

And with all this, the company no longer has only Germany, but the whole world. In China, Heidelberg has already worked a work. Currently it is clarified there, “What products are of interest”, so Grimm. The manufacturer wants to expand in the USA. “There is a giant demand, but still not that really good charger until today,” says Grimm, as the basics are completely different than in Germany. “There is little three-phase current and the tension is significantly lower,” says Grimm. The US-110 Volt electricity network is also “not for higher loads”, which is why Wallboxes with 11 kW are not conceivable there. “It will probably go towards 7.4 kW,” says Grimm over the North America business.

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