E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable

E-mobility: wish and reality

BMW, Daimler, VW: burner exit in the EU, but it will be a foggy pack

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-fashionable
Europe’s e-fleet grows photo: Skoda Electro -car forecast for Europe – at least every second one with a plug

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The car manufacturers switch their production to electric cars-because of new EU rules and billion-dollar subsidies. But it looks very different worldwide. And also for reasons of climate protection: With biosprit and e-fuel, a petrol engineer also becomes CO2-neutral. An overview.

Herbert Diess is a gift for the politics of the federal government. The VW boss said in October 2018 that coal stream leads the electromobility “ad absurd”. Although little has changed in the electricity mix in Germany since then, this is now a glowing advocate of e-mobility. He gave on 14.07.2021 opposite the "World" To: “We don’t believe that it makes a lot of sense to elect Latin America and the parts of China, where there is a lot of coal stream. Electromobility only makes sense where enough green electricity is available.“And that is not the case in the European Union for a long time. The last coal -fired power plant in Germany is to leave the network in Germany in Germany.

Auto industry and politics in line

The CEOs of the automotive manufacturers are currently overturning with the investigation addresses to politics and climate NGOs and supposedly announce the end of their own combustion production. One forgets that the proven aggregates will only not be built in this country in the future. 400.000 jobs may be lost in Germany, whereby the effects on jobs and the jobs newly won by e-mobility are quantified in various studies in return. First of all, however, the many job cancellations, factory closures and production relocations of the suppliers, for example at Bosch.

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The overview: who increases when, where and how?

In the EU, the burner exit is decided. At the latest in 2035, the vehicles, at least according to the plans of the EU Commission, are no longer allowed to roll on European roads almost only around 2050. In all likelihood, Europeans will no longer be able to buy petrol engines, diesel or hybrid cars; Probably with some manufacturers earlier. Because several countries have already announced exit data regardless of the EU.But what about the individual manufacturers – and outside of European markets? It’s not that easy to see through. Site gives an overview.


At the VW subsidiary Audi, the information about the burner exit is confused. Audi development board member Oliver Hoffmann told “Auto Motor Sport”: “Today we see in our forecasts that around 50 percent of all new registrations with combustion engine are expected to be omitted in large markets such as China and the USA in 2030 in 2030." Therefore, Audi decided to further develop its internal combustion engines.

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann told Site: “The EU is the driving force with the clear CO2 requirements and the Green Deal. However, we see different transformation speeds in the regions. China, for example, does not change as quickly as originally expected. That is why we will no longer develop completely new basic engines for combustion engineers – but we will continue to use the potential of our existing generations in order to continue to offer more efficiency and more benefits in the future."

Audi’s luxury class is now being presented in Shanghai

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-exit

Site Audi’s luxury class is now being presented in Shanghai

In the meantime, the wind has turned in Ingolstadt. Duesmann, who described his political orientation towards the Swiss newspaper NZZ as a “green-black”, wants to present the last new burner 2026. But that only applies to models in Europe. What is with the sales markets in the rest of the world is left open.


BMW shows how to imagine this from 2024 at the latest. The production of the smaller and therefore less emitting engines will only take place in Steyr, Austria, the large six, eight and twelve cylinders are relocated to the British Hams Hall, 1400 jobs at the Munich-Milbertshofen trap. Bayern are so effective in a new possible EU regulation. In the future, the large engines will be transported directly from England to the US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the large SUVs find enough space for the assembly. 405.000 BMW are produced there per year and especially exported to China.

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-vw-combustion
dpa/Daniel Schnettler picture Employees of the BMW plant in Spartanburg work on an SUV.

And when does BMW get out of the burner? This leaves the manufacturer open. "The real decision -makers in our industry are customers. And you should never lose sight of them", BMW boss Oliver Zipse justifies the "Passau new press" The company’s refusal to quarrel the internal combustion engine at an early stage. After all, half of all BMWs are to be sold in 2030 with a battery -electric drive. But: "If a manufacturer then no longer has a range of combustion, then half the market volume is lost and he is on an entrepreneurial shrinkage course", So zipse. He considers that all 140 markets in the world will soon be transformation to e-mobility.


Daimler’s most recent electric start-although you were actually very early with the electric smart from 2008 and with a B-Class electrified in three variants-was mixed up very early. The SUV EQC has been selling badly so far, the range is not competitive and the first recall due to expiring batteries has already been. The smaller EQA and the luxury limousine EQS have better prospects, which should offer Tesla Paroli with the range.

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-vw-combustion
Daimler Mercedes EQs in the range test: Elektro-S class depends on all competitors

And how does it continue? "We change from EV first to EV only," a high-ranking Daimler manager told the industry newspaper “Automobilwoche". Even before 2030, the company should now be prepared for a combustion engine. Note the choice of words. So far, Daimler boss Ola Kallenius had chosen the 2038 exit date.That too is only half the truth. Because beyond 2030 or 2038 there will probably be new burners with the star. Maybe just not in the EU. There are rumors that the Chinese Daimler shareholder Geely, who also owns Volvo, is planning a joint venture between the three companies for the development and construction of internal combustion engines. In any case, it is certain that engine production from Unterturkheim will be outsourced to China in 2024. The project bears the legendary title “Horus”.


Not only the combustion engine production moves out. Ford boss Gunnar Herrmann already explained on 29.09.2020 compared to the "Handelsblatt": "We will probably not produce 1.4 million cars in Europe anymore, but significantly less. We cannot avoid the economy of production." Ford cooperates with Volkswagen in a new electric platform. Jobs should cost the cooperation, especially in Ford; Already with the Mondeo and various minivans models that were popular in Europe, the US company has shown how little the European market is important to him.

At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-vw-combustion

Site At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

In the United States, after all and in Europe, too, the electric range is slowly starting. The power horse is the electric Mustang Mach-E, a very convincing vehicle. In the second quarter of 2021, 451 were.000 Fords sold six percent electrically powered, but this also contains the hybrid models. The Mustang appeals to a technology -savvy clientel. That works pretty well for Ford.

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-arrows Audi electric first check
Eafo, World Bank, Statista Country Outlook EU countries that have a lower proportion of pure electric cars than the EU average (0.5%). The graphics show the proportion of e-cars (absolutely / in percent, as of 2020), the number of charging stations and the available average income (as of 2019)


Opel has been marginalized at the PSA group since the sale of General Motors and no longer has its own complete development department. The cars with the flash are developed in the Stellantis group with teams from different manufacturers and produced in Russelsheim. Because of the non -outstanding successes, from the point of view of the CEO of Carlos Tavares, it probably makes sense to position Opel worldwide as an electric brand. The sale of Opels with conventional drives ends in 2028. Purely battery electrical, however, does not become Opel either. The vivaro van should be available with fuel cell from 2024 from 2024.

Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-fashionable

Site Opel Corsa-E in the test: Comfortable small cars with many assistance systems

The Stellis Group, a merger of Fiat/Chrysler and Peugeot/Citroen, wants to achieve 70 percent of its sales with electrical drives in Europe in 2030, but it should only be 40 percent in the United States.


Porsche also does not use one -sidedly on electromobility. A system for synthetic fuels is being built in Patagonia. After all, 500 million liters can be produced there at the latest from 2024. This not only saves the Porsche 911 life, as an insider reports. The entire vehicle stock can also be supplied with it, at least to classic Porsche models. At the same time, however, the electro palette of the Zuffenhausen team grows very quickly. After the Taycan and derivatives, the Macan appears as an electric model, more e-Porsche will follow.

Turks love the electro-Porsche: and pay for the Taycan absurd prices

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-fashionable

Site Turks love the electro-Porsche: and pay for the Taycan absurd prices


Even at the VW group, the situation is not as clear as it seems. Because it is not only active in Europe, the USA or China, but also in Africa and Latin America. And outside of Europe there is no talk of a combustion engine."For the European markets, the last vehicles with combustion engine are expected to be produced in the period 2033 to 2035", VW brand boss Ralf Brandstatter said in an interview with the "Auto Motor & Sport". In Brazil, on the other hand, Volkswagen relies on bio-ethanol. And not just since yesterday. Since the oil crisis in 1973, the country has been on the environmentally friendly fuel to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Bioenergie has a market share of around 10 percent in Brazil and Ethanol production was 33.14 billion from 2007 with 18 billion liters at 33.14 billion. Liter increased in 2019. This is reported by ROdl and Partner’s auditors.

Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-e-mobility

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Bio-sprit instead of batteries

That is why it was decided to build a research and development center for synthetic fuels in Brazil, said VW man Brandstatter. Thanks to the immense number of sugar cane farms on site, bioethanol is easy to manufacture and represent an effective bridge technology. A study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) showed that synthetic fuels could cover almost three quarters of the total fuel requirement in the country by 2030. And VW claims.


The announced exit scenarios of the manufacturers appear at least half -heartedly. Strictly speaking, there is no reason for the manufacturers to get outside with the "New Green Deal" To determine a purely eco-planned economy to a final exit in 9 or 15 years. However, the proclamation of electromobility increases the pressure on the state to release further subsidies for the electric cars in this country.

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-vw-combustion
Press Inform The EV1 is no longer allowed – he had to be pushed to the farm of the Altlubheim museum for the photo

The mutual game of the manufacturers and politics to set more and more ambitious goals in order to please each other reminds a little of the history of the famous General Motors EV1 At that time, an innovative electrical car desires aroused politics to finally resolve the environmental sinner car – with sharp Electrical quotas. But when the GM managers noticed in a large field test that they would never find enough buyers for the car because of the still immature technology, the enthusiasm for the e-mobile.Since then, the electrical technique has of course put several development jumps and has long since outgrown the niche existence. The electric drive will therefore conquer more and more market shares in many countries. It is also very likely that the combustion engine worldwide is still not over for decades. The only question is where it is developed or produced. In Germany it is very likely not.

Head-up display with flying arrows: Audi’s new electric SUV in the first check

E-mobility: BMW, Daimler, VW-combustion exit in the EU will be fashionable-fashionable

Site Head-up display with flying arrows: Audi’s new electric SUV in the first check

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    1. If it is not enough for the world
      With hasty actionism you do not reach at all. What does the German nuclear phase -out … brought? Technically outdated nuclear persons are running at our limits because Germany cannot quench its electricity requirements at night and buy expensive nuclear power while producing too much electricity on sunny days, holding wind turbines and, in the worst case, for the decrease in electricity. It will also run with the battery cars – then technically overtaken diesel and petrol engines are going abroad and are also built – no matter what the Brussels lobbyists trombone. As for the Saubermann this – after the German automotive industry with the fraud VW "consistent" Has badly damaged now you have to give DSA lap dog – just pag, the man.

    2. Exit ?
      Even the largest battery builder and self-proclaimed climate careters in Wolfsburg only make such a theater here. In America you can buy SUV with a V6 petrol engine from the same group. Calls itself Atlas, you can also order here via importers…. Unfortunately, this is not questioned by the media, let alone the hysterikers here….. Another reason. To look at this entire topic very relaxed and simply drive correct cars !

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    4. Rollku = political violence
      The roll battery (vulgo e-car) is a political compulsory measure. Nobody buys the things voluntarily. The roll battery was already replaced at the beginning of the automotive era by the better, the combustion drive. Now comes as politics around the corner. Organizations and people who only know value creation from hearsay. Politicians destroy and nationalize more and more areas of the economy. Whether banks, energy generation, agricultural, telecommunications & IT, …. The list can be continued almost arbitrarily. With the roll battery, a piece of economic freedom goes. Consider: no social freedom without economic freedom. "Deutsche Bank Research" 2020 find that the "Big transformation" leads to the eco-dictatorship. Et voila!

    5. E-car bought voluntarily
      I’ve been driving an electric car for two years. It is better in almost all respects than my ex-burners but not in all. Plus points are: lots of driving pleasure, rest, smooth-free driving, powerful starting, fast heating + climate, low maintenance and repair costs, loading with PV current from the roof. Disadvantage: Long distance takes longer because of the intermediate charging. Would buy e-car again.

    6. dishonest and incompetent
      The fact that the protagonists of the auto industry are not exactly among those whose credibility has increased in recent years. This re -assistant meets the protagonists of NGOs, who are unfortunately also not suitable for appearing responsibly opinion -forming. In any case, I have not yet seen a representative from this second group who. which I would trust, the ecological balance of a combustion or. to explain a Bevs. The best example of this is Ms. Baerbock. It lacks any foundations to penetrate such complex topics.

    7. Auto industry has started to abolish itself
      at least in Germany. Despite daily "Devotion gestures" And anticipated obedience to politics, the NGOs and mainstream media, she has to fight with large sales of sales that are difficult to "Chip deficiency" and corona can be concealed. The switch to electric is not sufficiently successful towards Asian and American providers. No courage in terms of new technologies (full electric and autopilot systems, …) and especially design. German electric cars look so terribly conservative, just like outdated combustion engines with an electric motor-boring and highly bourgeois as from yesterday! Time is simply to be killed for German automobile manufacturers – but it is to blame, if you are only having to orientate yourself on politics and not on the buyers.

    8. Daimler, VW: How to slaughter the cash cows
      You earn a lot of money with burners and then this announcement that frightens every potential buyer. As of today, the value of the specific combustion engine. Rarely saw such a naive announcement.

    9. For what reason
      the value of combustioners in the EU should decrease massively? The opposite may take place. Over the entire car stock in the EU, the pure electric cars are currently only making 0.5% from. Furthermore, most of the EU countries are unable to produce enough electricity for increasing electricity requirements, to ensure a necessary charging infrastructure via their networks.

    10. Combustion certainly decades
      Imagine that there are no combustion engines, like current, a flood disaster . Pumps ran on the next drives of fire engines for days. There was no electricity for days, sometimes not yet. Tens of diesel generators and small petrol-inverters managed to deliver the required electricity. Excavator, wheel loader, etc. Etc. with electric drive ? But also the many mini excavators . . unthinkable. The electric drive in today’s form is not an alternative, especially in D because here the "clean" Electricity is missing. For hours, the alternative power generation often does not even provide 10 % of consumption. Therefore the slogan " I only get green electricity" Eyewash. Yes, more wind turbines and PV, only what brings the 4 times the amount of such, in windless nights ? 4 x 0

    11. Finally think
      We German panic to death. If all meadows are supposed to be green and the climate over Germany is great, we will find that the rest of the world continues to build the combustion engines and the climate catastrophe takes place, even though Germany was so good. Our so -called climate activists will look around if dad no longer pushes money over and the welfare state no longer has any money because too many jobs have been brimata. Intelligent technical solutions are no longer in demand, only idiology. And above all our Messianic EU representative u v.D l.

    12. I already see,
      The EU and at the forefront of Germany saves the climate and the whole world. That’s unbelievable! A look at the other countries outside the EU, the whole world, shows that depending on the state, goals are also formulated for climate protection, but most of these goals will be widely missed for a variety of reasons.

    13. What is the Mogel pack please?
      For the production of e fuel you need huge amounts of electricity. And if you have the fuel, you can switch the energy in the combustion engine mainly into heat instead of propulsion.The Sauerland elementary school is enough to understand that the drive is much more efficient.

    14. @Roth – Certificate trade is not indulgence trade
      A-trading goes like this: someone kills someone, donates money and the sin murder is forgiven. The killed remains dead, the church does what it wants with the money. Z-trade works like this: one causes 1 t CO2 that he cannot avoid, z.B. Through a necessary flight. He gives money to an organization that finances measures that avoid 1 T CO2. The whole = climate -neutral.


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