E-mobility on the way to worldwide breakthrough

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E-mobility on the way to worldwide breakthrough-breakthrough

Last year, more than 1 million pure electric cars have been sold in the largest automotive markets in the largest automotive markets. This shows an analysis of the auditing and consulting company PWC based on approval numbers in the great global automotive. Concretely, around 1.1 million “full electrons” were released in China, the US and the five leading European countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy). Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of around 70 percent.

“The million mark features an important milestone in the development of electromobility. Even if the market share in this country is still minimal, the international trend has a positive effect on the acceptance of the electric cars as an alternative. This could motivate manufacturers in the future to provide more product selection and bring interests of energy, environmental and transport policy to a common denominator.”- Felix Kuhnert, Global Automotive Leader at PWC

Enlarged hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids, 2.6 million electrically or partially electrically powered cars were released in 2018 in the US, China and the European Top 5 markets – a market share of 2 compared to around 96 million vehicles worldwide 8 percent gives. It is also striking in the overall view of all six markets: in the mild and full hybrids (a plus of 20 percent to 1 million vehicles), growth was noticeably weaker than the plug-in hybrids (a plus of 64 percent on round 538.000 vehicles) and the pure battery electric vehicles. The result: Based on all e-cars in the six analyzed automotive markets, the market share of pure electric cars rose from 36.8 percent to 42.9 percent with which the full streamer was passed by the hybrid for the first time.

“This development is cutting out in our view. Because after years of being debated, which alternative drive form the future is the future, our analysis now clearly shows that the fully electrician is on the way to establish itself as a worldwide dominant alternative drive technology. If the trend from 2018 continues in the leading markets, then in this, but at the latest in the coming year of each newly authorized electric car will be a pure streamer.”- Christoph Sturmer, Lead Analyst of PWC Autofacts

Striking are still the differences between the big markets. While in China last year on 1000 new registrations already 34 fully electricians, it was just eight eight in the major European countries – and purely in Germany eleven. It fits in that in China already with two-thirds of all E-cars to be pure battery vehicles, while in Europe with a share of almost 70 percent still dominate the hybrid.

Meanwhile, the US market develops completely different, where completely electrically operated cars are now “as a status symbol and as statement against the SUV boom”, according to PWC expert striker. Consequence: In the USA has been nearly 225 last year.000 Pure battery vehicles released, measured at the 2017er numbers a very high increase of 115 percent.

E-cars boom where traffic and energy policy follow the same goals

Of course, special effects also play a role: the thrust in the US was based not least on the production start of Tesla Model 3 – its sale in the major European countries starts only these days. However, much more decisive is that the fully electricians prevail in this country as well as Felix Kuhnert: “Based on the new CO2 fleet limit values for 2025 and 2030, manufacturers are forced to product offensive. Alone in 2019 and 2020 we expect in Germany about 30 new launches of battery electrical models.”

In addition, the analysis at the conclusion that the electric car paragraph is booming, where traffic, environmental and energy policy follow the same goals. This does not only apply to China, where the total energy supply has been increasingly electrified for years. But, for example, for Norway, where electricity already accounts for the largest share of the energy mix – and it would be inefficient to permanently maintain a parallel supply system for the car. Kuhnerts conclusion: “Also in this country, we go in the right direction to take the energy policy implications of the targeted road turning more focus.”

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  1. Oh, no now?

    And that of PWC?

    And also in February 2019?

    Not so long ago, because PwC has made the breakthrough of political activity and propagated Germany as a leading market.

    Now it should be clear that the reality of the German automotive industry passed over, and now the howling, with the teeth crunching and help calls.

    See also: German battery production – negotiations in the background.

    That comes too late, with the wrong intention in the wrong direction and again with the old FDP tradition 🙁

    (How are they going to the government bank now?)

    Carried tax money released to protect the industry (= invested capital in the stock corporations), so now preventive losses and privatize profits.

    How about if the necessary investments are financed by penalization?

    Z.B. for this: https: // http://www.car newspaper.DE / Diesel Scandal Refreck-October-2015-108228.HTML

    Or for this: https: // http://www.car newspaper.DE / Kartelldachge-Carmaker-189560.HTML

    Here are still missing many links to Opel, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, U.a. as well as their affiliated banks and leasing companies u.v.m.

  2. “….The five leading European countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy) together approximately 1.1 million “fully electricians” allowed to be admitted … “
    Leader in what ? For e-cars ? Spain and Italy are far below, but Norway, Netherlands and now also Sweden are leading.
    But an essential point comes in the report to carry: All types of hybrids are compared to “pure” E cars on the descending AST. One should stop in the statistics on e-mobility in electrified automobiles, hybrid “”. This was a resting pillow for the German car manufacturers BMW, Mercedes etc. You should be full of developing (and bring-to-market !) Concentrate the “fully electrician”.


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