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Again an electric vehicle has managed to set up a new speed record. This time an electric motorcycle at over 470 km/h was able to break the previous record at the top and is therefore even faster than the fastest sports car in the world.

On average, the racing machine from French production, piloted by the former world champion in motorcycle racing, officially came to just under 456 km/h. However, the Voxan Wattman even made just over 470 top: only the average of all runs was rated for the record. The speed is still enormous and even beats that of the officially fastest sports car in the world.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS set up the record for this in November 2017 with 457.2 km/h. There is still a faster super athlete unofficially. In August 2019, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport for the first time cracked the 300 MPH mark and drove 490.5 km/h at the top, which is even faster than the current record of the e-bike. However, the record was not officially evaluated because the best value was not confirmed in a second run.

E -motorcycle cracks world record: The top speed is incredible - news-motorcycle
Voxan Venturi E-motorcycle cracks world record: the top speed is incredible

Record attempt on the runway from Kennedy Space Center

More specifically, the Voxan Wattman has set up the current best value in the class of half -clad electric motorcycles below 300 kilograms. Voxan had been making his first motorcycle since 1995. For over 10 years, the French have been dealing with the development and production of e-motorcycles of the high-performance class. The old record was almost 367 km/h, which was also set up by a Voxan brand in November 2020. The new best value now succeeded in the historic runway of the John F. Kennedy Space Center (Florida, USA), where many space missions started in the past.

Numerous security measures were taken to prevent accidents. The driver was always connected to the engine of the e-bike with an emergency rope in order to be able to switch it off immediately in an accident. The “floor”, which is optimized in the wind tunnel, has high stability due to its long wheelbase of almost 2 meters and is particularly lightly built despite its high -strength materials. The engine used comes from Mercedes and is usually used in the racing series Formula E. It produces 441 hp at 1360 Newton meters of torque. The necessary energy came from a "superakku" that only produces 5 kWh, but provided enough juice for the record attempts.

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