E.ON SUPPLY: Cars with plug high in the course

E.ON SUPPLY: Cars with plug high in the course-high

Movement with electricity is still high in the course. Half of the car drivers in Germany would already decide on the next wagon purchase for a rechargeable vehicle. This has a survey of the energy company E.On under 2000 driving license owners, which was carried out in October by Statista. Around 30 percent of those surveyed would choose a purely electric car next, and another 20 percent a plug-in hybrid.

This means that the pure electric car is already on par with the petrol engine in terms of popularity, which 30 percent would also opt for. On the other hand, only nine percent of those surveyed would prefer a diesel engine, five percent would choose a classic hybrid without the option of charging, one percent would choose a natural gas engine and five percent would say “other”. “The results show that the turnaround in traffic towards climate-friendly drives has already begun in the minds of most drivers,” said the Germany boss of E.ON Energie, Filip Thon.

According to the survey, e-cars are particularly popular with young driver license holders, families and owners of photovoltaic (PV) systems. 35 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds would decide in favor of an electric car next, and the same applies to 35 percent of families. It is particularly attractive to supply the e-car with green driving current from your own PV system: 40 percent of solar system owners therefore want to be on the road purely electrically after the next vehicle purchase. Already today, 13 percent of this group state that they own an electric car. In a comparison of the federal states, when asked about the next car, Berliners are clearly in the lead with 40 percent in favor of an e-car – followed by people in Hamburg with 35 percent and in Hesse with 34 percent.

According to a statement, E.ON also asked why people would opt for an e-car: 69 percent state “climate protection, sustainability, environmental awareness” as the most important criteria. For 60 percent, electric mobility is the “technology of the future”, around 51 percent find “purchase bonuses and tax advantages” convincing.

For the majority of those surveyed who want to drive e-cars in the future, climate protection also plays an important role in vehicle production. 91 percent find it very important or important that the electric car is produced in a climate-friendly manner. 63 percent would even accept a higher price for it. In terms of the type of purchase, 73 percent of those surveyed would opt for the classic vehicle purchase (with or without financing), 15 percent would prefer leasing – while only three percent could imagine a car subscription.

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  1. My personal decision for the next electric car will depend on how environmentally friendly the vehicle was produced in terms of

    • regenerative electricity in the production of car parts and battery (therefore probably a car from European production)
    • high proportion of recycled materials, including battery recycling
    • smaller vehicle, but 50 kWh battery capacity
    • Possibility of being able to feed the battery power back into the house

    … and the design has to fit ..


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