E-Pickup Truck Lordstown Endurance still 2021 in series with LG batteries

E-Pickup Truck Lordstown Endurance still 2021 in series with LG batteries-endurance

Over 100.000 Pre-orders for the Electric Pickup Truck Endurance of Lordstown Motors should be received by mid-January 2021. In series he should run from the band before the end of the year. The necessary batteries have been recently secured by LG Energy Solutions through many years of delivery contracts. Another electrical model from the American start-up should be presented in the middle of the year.

But in turn. At the end of June 2020, Lordstown Motors could introduce a functional prototype of its Endurance Pickup Truck, which is equipped with 4 in-wheel motors. In November last year, Endurance was still 50.000 Pre-orders. In mid-January 2021 then the message that the number of pre-orders on 100.000 doubled. Meanwhile, the company has begun manufacturing the first 57 prototypes of the Endurance Beta and expects to complete the first beta vehicles in March in March. The prototypes of the beta series are used for crash, technology and validation tests. The company also assumes that some of these vehicles are sent to first customers to catch up with their feedback.

“We work hard in the factory and prepare ourselves to start with the beta prototypes in the coming weeks. With this upcoming step, we stay on course to meet our schedule for the start of production in September, while we continue to indicate a strong demand for an all-wheel drive full-size electric pickup truck with 250 miles reach by commercial, state and military fleets see.”- Steve Burns, Chief Executive Officer by Lordstown Motors

In addition, Lordstown Motors have expanded its long-term, high-quality battery cell supply chain. Recently, the company has signed a multi-year delivery contract with LG Energy Solution and thus extends the supply chain for high-quality and diverse battery cells that will drive the endurance for years. An important step, especially considering that the company has been included in the list of United States General Services Administration. The first step to sell to government fleets. The company is convinced that these markets are a great opportunity for the endurance and subsequent products. As the American President himself showed himself a few days ago.

Lordstown Motors also known to introduce an e-transporter on the Endurance platform in June 2021 and bring them into production in the second half of 2022 in the second half of the year. Like the debut model of the start-ups, the e-van with wheel hub motors will be equipped. This is intended to help the Stromer “have a range leading in its class and is competitive at the price with comparable vans with internal combustion engine”, the manufacturer in his communication at the end of January 2021. In addition, you already have a first application of the transporter in view. Thus, the e-transporter can become a fully electric motorhome manufactured in collaboration with Camping World. The manufacturer will produce this in his huge plant in Lordstown, Ohio, as well as the in-wheel engines.

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