E-platform specialist Re Plant headquarters and assembly plant in USA

E-platform specialist Re Plant headquarters and assembly plant in USA-plant

Ree Automotive from Israel, a company in the field of e-mobility, will soon open its US headquarters in Austin, Texas,. For example, Ree wants to satisfy the growing demand for the US market for specific electric vehicles from delivery and logistics companies, for mobility AS-A service services and new technology actors. In addition, Austin will be the location of the first asset-light integration center of REE for the assembly and testing of its disruptive Recorner technology and modular EV platforms.

The new Integration Center will offer the existing and future automotive partners in North America the technology of REE, which allows you to build modular electric vehicles “Powered by Reue”. Ree plans to be a recent communication, according to several cooperations with a number of Mixed Group companies, to support and accelerate the establishment of the Ree Integration Center in Austin. Koch Structure Platforms, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, is also investor in REE. The Ree plant in Austin is expected to create about 150 jobs in the coming years and an annual production capacity of good 40.Show 000 E-vehicle platforms.

“The establishment of our US headquarters in Austin, Texas, positions us optimally for growth and fast expansion,” says Daniel Barel, co-founder and CEO of REE. Austin has been developing rapidly for a worldwide home for elite technology professionals, which Silicon Valley has become too expensive on the west coast. “Ree has to continue to grow,” says Barel, “and Austin’s dynamics and his entrepreneurial spirit definitely fit the culture and the values of REE. Our US presence will enable us to use the opportunities in the US market and bring us closer to our customers and partners based in North America, including Magna International and JB Poindexters.”

The REECORNER technology integrates the most important vehicle components, including steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control, in a single compact module, using X-by-wire technology for steering, driving and braking. This innovation has enabled Ree to develop a modular, fully flat skateboard chassis with more space for passengers, cargo and batteries, which also greatly adapt to the requirements of various customers, which is a vehicle size, vehicle design and specific requirements in things Drive.

E-platform specialist Re Plant headquarters and assembly plant in USA-specialistRee

Reue intends to open a global network of Tier-1 partners, whereby the complete installation and testing of components should take place in the Integration Center’s works by REE. Ree expects this manufacturing process to significantly reduce investment expenditure and increase the global presence and market share of REE.

“The REE Integration Center will be completely modular and scalable to ensure that the company also reaches the predicted production volumes. The state-of-the-art centers will use the automation, including automated steering vehicles (AGVS), for the optimal transport of assemblies, with the aim of the degree of automation on Industry 4.0 technology and beyond to increase.”- Michael Charlton, Coo of Reee

Rees Mission is to be able to put on global mobility companies in the situation, to build any size and form of electric cars or autonomous vehicles – from cars to medium-heavy trucks – for each application and every target market. The Recorner technology combines traditional vehicle drive components (steering, brake, suspension, powertrain and control) in the wheel arches and thus enables one of the flatest E-vehicle platform in the industry. Fully scalable and modular, Ree offers several customer benefits, including freedom in the vehicle construction, more space and volume with small footprint, low total cost of ownership, fast development times, ADAS compatibility and reduced maintenance, and the compliance with global safety standards.

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