E-SUV approvals in Europe in February 2021 slightly declining

E-SUV approvals in Europe in February 2021 slightly declining-slightly

In 2021, the proportion of fully electric SUV and crossover models in Europe seems to continue to grow. At the end of January, this segment was able to record a new high. Already in February E-SUV and Electric Crossover had to endure a small damper. However, this does not change the fact that this segment continues to remain the most popular in the European market.

SUV or crossover remained almost a third of all electric cars approved in the region. Both in February (27.6%) as well as in the first two months (31.1%) summed up. Say, almost every third E vehicle, which was admitted in February 2021, was an E-SUV or electro-crossover. Again, the (pre-) orders of the XC40 from Volvo should be noticeable, which has now received a further electrician in the crossover segment with the C40 Recharge.

But above all the E-cars from the VW Group, like the VW ID.4, ID.5 and Audi Q4 (the Q4 Sportback follows) will continue to deposit the growth of the SUV / Crossover segment. Because stood today are four of the six models that are manufactured in the VW plant Zwickau in these segments. Exciting here is the fact that the ID.4 in comparable quantities to the ID.3 runs from the band.

From the segment of the lower middle class, however, the desire for sales growth is still to be found. Strong driven by the VW ID.3, which at the end of the year to 55.003 units brought. By the end of February, the MEB Stromber brought it to 6.564 approvals in Europe. Was only from Renault Zoe (6.858 units) Overhauled. The Kona Elektro could now leave behind. The share of the total sales of the lower middle class at the European car market was 19.3%. Thus, E-SUVs, electric crossover and fully electric models of the lower middle class brought 46.9% of the market. For the first time, it was for the first time, for a long time, for “only” just under half of E vehicles in Europe.

For the first time, the so-called “Basic” sector could increase its share of approvals to more than 20%. What lies because the paragraphs of the VW e-up! (2.497 units), Smart (2.422 units) and Fiat 500 – 3.646 units (January& February) have contributed massively to growth. The segment of the small cars was not so far from the basic segment with 17.2%, driven by popular models such as the Renault Zoe, the Peugeot E-208 (2.986 units) and the Opel Corsa-E.

Below we have considered the purely electric vehicles in their respective segments to allow a comparison.

Period January to February 2021

  • Basic – 18.50 percent
  • Small car – 17,20 percent
  • Lower middle class – 19.30 percent
  • Near Executive – 9.70 percent
  • SUV / Crossover – 31,10 percent
  • Luxury class – 2.40 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class / minibus – 0.50 percent
  • Other – 1,30 percent

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