E-truck Volta Zero is produced by Steyr, Austria

E-truck Volta Zero is produced by Steyr, Austria-e-truck

The Swedish start-up Volta Trucks presented its first fully electric powered truck in mid-July last year. Since then, the company’s first clients around her and builds its own E-offensive further. In the meantime, the company had confirmed that it checks the production of Volta Zero in Spain. Of this one has been strived and produces the Volta Zero in Steyr, Austria.

For this you have secured the cooperation with Steyr Automotive, former Man Truck and Bus Austria,. The announcement ahead of the mentioned tendering procedures with potential suppliers in all over Europe. Due to its extensive experience in the manufacture of commercial vehicles, the existing production infrastructure and the resulting rapidly market launch, one decided on Steyr Automotive has been selected for Steyr Automotive. Thus, Volta Trucks will be possible to start serial production at the end of 2022, after the mid-next year the pilot Fleet vehicles are tested at customers.

Previously, early February 2021 became known that Volta Trucks with Meritor has found its main supplier for the fully electric powertrain of its own electrical commercial vehicles. Still in 2021, first customer vehicles should be equipped and tested with the powertrain components of Meritor. 12 months later, starting the start of the series start. The Volta Zero-called vehicle should come with a battery charge and a payload of up to 8.6 tonnes 150 to 200 kilometers, at a maximum speed of up to 90 km / h.

“The construction of our trucks in Austria, in the heart of our European market launch, will accelerate our market launch and minimize the ecological footprint of our company, which supports our sustainability ambitions – a key factor in our decision-making process. The partnership will now enable Volta Trucks to drive up production quickly to meet the needs of our customers who have to replace their fleets as soon as possible by emission-free vehicles.”- Kjell Waloen, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer by Volta Trucks

The confirmation of the manufacturing partner is an integral part of the Road-to-Zero Emission Strategy of Volta Trucks published in May 2021. The strategy provides four Volta Zero models from 7.5 to 19 tonnes, of which up to 2025 more than 27.To be built 000 units per year. The series production of the Zero should start 500 pieces per year from 2022. From 2025 Voltra Trucks already wants 5.Make 000 of its electric trucks.

Siegfried Wolf, Chairman of the Board of Steyr Automotive, arranges the whole thing as follows: “We are very pleased and enthusiastic that Volta Trucks Steyr Automotive has chosen for the production of the new electric Volta Zero. With the know-how and the experience of our team in Steyr we look forward to a long-term successful partnership with Volta Trucks.”

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  1. As a supplement, this information:

    The low-lying cabs of the Volta trucks are only possible through the electrical layout. The drive of the first plant Zero comes from Meritor and sits as a combination of motor and gearbox on the rear axle. The batteries brings Volta Trucks centrally in the chassis. The modulars from the supplier Proterra Lithium-iron phosphate cells Constructed accuprackets offer a capacity of 160 to 200 kilowatt hours. This should be ranges between 150 and 200 kilometers in it. The maximum speed is limited to 90 km / h.

    (Source: Auto-Motor and Sport.DE – 09.09.2021)

    At Volta, it is based on inexpensive batteries and not necessarily for low weight, which is obviously no problem, since a small battery is sufficient for short distances and the maximum payload is often not used in many times – similar to cars, even there should often be small inexpensive batteries be used.


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