Each fourth vehicle operation equipped with its own electric charging station

Each fourth vehicle operation equipped with its own electric charging station-vehicle

A survey of “Car Trade 2020Plus” under 454 car companies, which the Central Association of German Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK) carried out together with the Cologne Corporate Consulting BBE Automotive, revealed that every fourth vehicle operation in Germany operates its own electric charging station. This is to justify that the industry in the field of alternative drives sees with battery electric vehicles. Currently, 47 percent of car dealerships and eleven percent of the free workshops offer charging stations for electric vehicles. Whereby it is also to be stated that every second, interviewed operation in the coming years with a prerequent of the fuel cell, expects the energy source for e-mobility.

“This is one of many important measures with which the industry of electromobility wants to help make a breakthrough” – Wilhelm Hulsdonk, Bundesmaster and ZDK Vice President

It goes after 81% of the respondent car companies is the too small number of charging stations an important motif for the purchase retention for electric cars. Nevertheless, these farms are based to convey a first contact with E-cars by using them as demonstration cars, replacement cars or in the course of their carsharing offers. However, the e-mobility also brings with it elsewhere, a good two-thirds of the companies assume that the classic workshop business is changing. This is, among other things, that pure e-cars are more maintenance than, for example, burners.

In order to be prepared for this development, 41 percent of the car dealerships and 34 percent of the free workshops develop themselves today for hybrid and electric vehicles. The landscape of the drive techniques for automobiles will change sharply. Respondents predict a steady increase in vehicles with new types of drive, especially for purely battery-electric vehicles (89 percent) and hybrids (78 percent).

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