Each third can imagine change to E-motorcycle

Each third can imagine change to E-motorcycle-imagine

The motorcycle season is likely to be shaped by more and more climate-friendly and quiet machines in the future. Because especially younger bikers in Germany can imagine to switch to a motorcycle with electric drive over the next few years. This shows an E.On survey carried out the opinion research institute statista under owners of a motorcycle license in Germany.

Overall, a good third (36 percent) is positive to the purchase of an E-motorcycle, emerges from a communication of the electricity group. Women (39 percent) are still a bit more open-minded than men (34 percent). However, the idea finds the idea with the younger ones. In the age group of 18- to 24-year-olds, even 56 percent favor the silent movement by battery.

As the reasons for the purchase of an e-motorcycle, sustainability, environmental awareness and climate protection are in the first place (42 percent). In addition, they estimate the low operating and maintenance costs (34 percent) and see electromobility as a technology of the future (31 percent). For people under 34 years, the driving pleasure, for example by acceleration performance, is an important point (42 percent).

In addition, which e-motorcycles would make more attractive, is rated differently by the generations: Respondents over 55 years ago, above all lower acquisition prices (68 percent), which, under 24-year-olds, is much more model and brand variety (50 percent).

“Our survey results show that the electric trend continues and even greater with bikers the desire for sustainable and quiet mobility,” says Christoph Ebert, at E.On for the e-mobility business in Germany responsible. So that the energy does not spend on longer tours, the company of course also proves E-motorcycles with type 2 plug, it says in a message. Whether on the charging stations – or at home with green driving stream.

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6 thoughts on “Each third can imagine change to E-motorcycle”

  1. I’m just before getting started, but in the small category (“125 CCM class”).
    There’s already passable electric motorcycles for 4-5000 euros, do not have to be Harley or Zero, if it’s just about the exit for an hour in the area.

  2. My desired dream would be a driving ban for all burner motorcycles and a KW boundary for electric motor wheels to 8 kW. Because it is a vehicle genus without transportation purposes, which is usually moved much too fast in practice.

  3. An electric touring motorcycle would be a fine thing. There are already recommended models? 200-250km range would meet me when the charging power is right.

  4. Nice. There are already affordable Eroller / bikes for city traffic, but with which you can quickly get to the highway without becoming the impactlessness – so Vmax Mind 100 better 120 km / h?

    Currently there is a Vespa GTS 250 might already imagine to me to reconsider


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