Economic Minister Altmaier about political spaghatch at the drive turn

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Economic Minister Altmaier about political spaghatch at the drive turn-political

In between to the laughing number, it actually seems like the German electric car market would be a good ten years ago by the Federal Government Million destination in July. “We will reach our goal from one million electric cars to 2020, which everyone has held unattainable in this July, so with only half a year delay,” said Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) in an interview with the daily mirror.

However, this only succeeds with a small, not insignificant trick: for Altmaier generously also expects plug-in hybrids with which, in addition to the purely electrical also a conventional combustion drive installed and usually only on the paper is climate-friendly on the road. The controversial plug-in hybrid clasp Germany is likely to achieve its purely electric million destination towards the end of 2022, should continue the e-auto boom as in recent months.

Altmaier also mentions in the interview that alone “was already used in the first half of 2021 more bonuses than in the last year. A total of 1.25 billion euros “, according to the Minister of Economic Affairs, who announces a record promotion for this year. Since the beginning of the Environmental Premium in June 2016, which has been increased several times and now a maximum of 9000 euros for a pure electric car and a maximum of 6750 euros for a plug-in hybrid, they are more 530.000 E-vehicles financially subsidized and paid around 2.1 billion euros to promotion.

“Overall, the premium helped that many people have decided on an electric car”

The transformation process from the fossil burner to the electric car is “tremendous”, so the Minister of Economics continue. Therefore, therefore, the government of change supported financial incentives, as is the case for renewable energies or in building renovation. “Overall, the premium helped that many people have decided on an electric car,” emphasizes Altmaier in the interview.

He now assumes that the further goal of seven to ten million electric cars on German streets was exceeded by 2030 in the face of the current development. “In the meantime, because of the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, we have significantly tightened our climate targets and want to live in 2045 climate-neutral in 2045. The EU has also made suggestions on how climate goals are to be adapted to traffic by 2030, “said Altmaier. Therefore, he believes that we are expected to see much more electric vehicles on German roads in the next ten years in the next ten years.”

According to Altmaier, in addition to the e-auto-friendly funding policy of the Federal Government, it should be achievable for two more reasons: “First, in the fact that now more attractive models are launched on the market,” the minister about the steadily rising model variety across all manufacturers and Segments. Second, “the change towards an individual, but climate-friendly mobility now slowly awareness of consciousness”. It is important to be important that an attractive used car market for electric cars is created. Because “Already today, not every citizen can afford a new vehicle, this is no different in electric vehicles than the burner.”

Why the drive turning is a political tightrope walk

The drive transition politically to shape, Altmaier is a burrwiking. On the one hand, there are great interest in “that climate protection succeeds in Germany”. At the same time, politics wanted to prevent “that those who are already disadvantaged anyway have to carry out the burdens that are disproportionately. One is “necessary for the future of the planet and for the future of our children and grandchildren”, the other is “important in terms of social and social peace in the country.”

So that the acceptance of climate protection does not suffer from, “economic reason and climate-political realism”. Climate protection is “no question of whether more, but like”. Altmaier emphasizes, “no social split in Germany”. “Therefore, make sure that the loads are evenly distributed.”

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  1. Otherwise, governments are not so squeamish, mineral oil tax, environmental euro / liter gasoline and diesel, massively expanding public infrastructure and avoid price cover with driving power so ionity and ko on the ground of reality

  2. Since when are hybrid electric cars. This shows all the mutappiness and negative attitude to environmental problems of this government, no speech by road. Billions for the Lufthansa and Peanuts for ventilation units in the schools. Social division in Germany has long been available and is still deepened by other injustices. Through prudents, such politicians try to stay in power and sell the people for stupid. Many fall in.

  3. At Germany, around 458.000 pure electric cars. The rest are burners who drive from time to time Bissel electric. There is again nice to knock on the shoulder.

  4. Large words that as always with Peter Altmaier have little substance!


    What did Peter Altmaier and Armin Scheuer?

    1. They belong to the CDU / CSU
    2. They prevent the energy transition
    3. Hopefully you will have another job from September

    and no, that was not a joke &# 128578;

  5. Hybrids are not an Eautos just because they can drive a few km electrically. The goal of 1 million. Eautos is thus achieved around half.


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