Edel-Tesla against electrical Porsche in the quality check: the judgment is clear

Tester doesn’t leave good hair

Edel-Tesla against electrical Porsche in the quality check: the judgment is clear

Edel-Tesla against electrical Porsche in the quality check: the judgment is clear-quality
Site Edel-Tesla against electrical Porsche in the quality check: the judgment is clear

Model S or Taycan: Who wins the quality check? A Porsche fan follows this question in his video and thus stimulates violent discussions. Because his opinion seems to be extremely colored.

A video shared on the Instagram account @Porschempire compares the interior designs of the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. The Tesla does not get away very well. In the discussions created for the video, however, it can be seen that not everyone agrees to the message of the video.

Tester does not leave good hair on the Model S

The video was recorded by the confessed Porsche fan Carlos Sancon, who first published it on his Instagram channel. In fact, almost all contributions on his account are dedicated to the German luxury car manufacturer, which is why we say a certain bias.

“Tesla interior vs. Taycan interior – which car is worth its money, ”the protagonist asks at the beginning of the video filmed in portrait format. Then he begins to check different details of the dashboard for their processing. It opens and closes the glove compartments of both electric vehicles, presses against individual parts of the cladding and switches individual levers and keys back and forth. This is done at a relatively rapid pace and the Tesla makes a lot of creaking noises. For the end he lifted the steering wheel of the Model S. “This car should be removed from the market. Not enough that this is the logo that I have ever seen in crooked. Take a look at the quality – come, Tesla, ”comments Sancon.

Instagram and Reddit community are divided

While the video report is clearly positioned per Porsche, the reviews in the comment column are rather mixed: some parts of Sancon’s opinion on the inferior quality of the model S. "Tesla is an American company, that should tell you everything you need to know about quality," comments @jdmmorto and gets 549 likes for it. But many users accuse Sancon to compare apples with pears. "You compare a car from 2013 with a new car that is three times as expensive," says @mattialzuo (right). With this objection, he meets a lot of approval. Many IG users also argue that Tesla is a technology company and Porsche a car manufacturer.

However, the discussion was not limited to Instagram, but also made the leap into the Tesla Forum Realesla on Reddit. "Revolutionary cars, bad company: a Tesla discussion based on facts, data and healthy skepticism," says the description of the forum. It must therefore be assumed when considering the comments from a generally critical basic attitude towards the American car manufacturer. Surprisingly, there are also some comments that are critical of the video. “So we compare a Porsche from 2020 with a six to eight -year -old Tesla? I only ask because I have a model of 2020 and just like the interior in the video it doesn’t look like me, ”notes Reddit user JONM79.

But many of the comments seem to share the opinion of Carlos Sancon. “This tax wheel logo at the end of the video …Terrible, ”says Ronburgundy2000. Against the tech company-Versus-Autobauer argument, individual-nebula927. "Apple is a technology company, but still manages to deliver phenomenal hardware quality with their premium prices," he explains. Since the fan fronts hardened on Instagram and Reddit and the priorities of the Tesla and Porsche supporters seem to be very different, no agreement will be set on this topic so quickly.

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12 thoughts on “Edel-Tesla against electrical Porsche in the quality check: the judgment is clear”

  1. Ignorance of Forists!
    Teslas Model S has a battery that weighs 700 kilograms, the vehicle weight … The almost 5 meter long sedan then increases to more than 2160 kg. In addition to defects on the fog light and at the low beam, the Model S may make problems with the wishbones at the HU. Overall, he cuts the worst in the E-Auto quartet considered by the TuV. With a defect rate of 10.7 percent, every tenth Tesla Model S falls through the first main inspection and would also land in the last third of the 128 one to three -year -old burners. Behind the Tesla would only be the Dacia Duster (11.4 percent fall through the first HU) and the Dacia Logan (11.6 percent). Source Auto Motor and Sport

  2. Just look at the TuV Report 2022
    The quality of the 2 to 3 year old Tesla Model S is more comparable to Dacia. Tesla Model S has occupied the second last place with over 10% defects. Incidentally, the whole can also be read.

  3. TuV report
    Unfortunately, in the tendency TuV report, one reads nothing about the defects. Although adjusted headlights are written as a frequent cause of a defect report, but unfortunately no serious deficiencies that would be interesting, named. So there is such a report m.E. non -meaningful.

  4. @Chowaniec
    The "Electrek" portal, which is usually well informed when it comes to Tesla, sets the following presumption on the basis of its own research and numerous discussions with Model-Sbar: Tesla, disadvantaged customers who have 10 before the price increase.Have ordered $,000 in delivery or. tries to urge them, update their orders and accept the higher price. While customers who ordered at the current price are said to have already received their vehicle in some cases, customers who had the vehicle for a 10.Have ordered $ $ lower price, the delivery date is postponed. 25.07.21 Electrive.net there is not delivered to pick up higher prices to customers!

  5. I always find it
    Interesting how Tesla is hyped by the media and what happens if someone does not worship Tesla, but expresses the truth. Teslas are located at the bottom of the processing quality. The vehicles are not as great as we always want to insure us. However, people who buy such vehicles must be convinced of their product. Who likes to admit a lot of money for a lot of Schro.. to have output. I personally will not buy this as this whole media hype or caution (we know that Tesla does not spend any money on advertising, but still the best -known vehicle manufacturer) is so penetrating that this permanent infiltration goes out of pleasure solely through this permanent infiltration. The product can be as good as it wants.

  6. so what ?
    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which cars are compared with Teslas. The one who informs themselves neutrally will surely find a car that suits you. However, bizarre, however, how Tesla fans almost desperately try her "One-and-on-on" Defending the product. Actually totally uninteresting. You don’t buy a car only because of any jubilation arcia in the I-Net and YT. It can be excited to see what falls off the assembly line in the Grunheide and how the market accepts. And when they start at all…… VW is currently realizing what it means when you bring a product to the market with errors (G8 and EII)

  7. How long is there Tesla?
    If you overtake the over -indebted established car manufacturers from Germany after such a short time, even though they have been producing cars for 100 years, you have to have something to offer. Drive better, battery better, service better, your own charging stations, guarantee longer. The debts paid off, paid 11 billion tax, donated 5 billion for charitable purposes. If the quirks that every new car manufacturer must have, I am excited to see which car manufacturer in Germany first run out of lights. Unfortunately, the 10 ships with cars from China cannot delight all those willing to buy. Only when Berlin produces will the waiting times become shorter.

  8. Musk is u.remains a blender
    I am convinced that the Porsche u. Other German cars do not mold like the Tesla as now. How long can many of this blender be walked around on the nose.

  9. Teslakunde…
    …The world knows, it is a very special species! Convinces that only Tesla builds the only true electric car and other manufacturers only "garbage" offer. Hard -nosed Teslafans, who turn 100,000 € and more for a vehicle, so as not to get through the TuV. What is impossible for freaks? Teslafahrer prove it reasonably!

  10. Wait off
    Until the Teslas are built in Germany. Then they are also made in Germany. And the quality is just as top as other German cars.

  11. This is as if you have apples with pears…
    …compared. The only sad thing is that Tesla is in the Porsche price range. And you can expect more. Everything is cheap, cheap and cheap again!


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