Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany

For hours of freezing in the electro-small car

"Hold through, Lisa!" Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-efahrer
Site Efahrer test causes a sensation across Germany: E-up tests receives praise and hate

Efahrer editor Lisa Brack picked up her new electric VW from Wolfsburg. The trip to Munich lasted 13 hours, cold was her constant companion. She reported to her readers about her tremor. Nobody could have foreseen what happened then.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information before a week was published by the experience report on the long transfer to Munich. The freshly baked e-car owner and deputy editor-in-chief of Site described how she mastered the 650-kilometer route with an electric car that is designed for the short distance at minus five degrees. After almost 13 hours she arrived in Munich with the e-up and took a conclusion from the trip and summed up what mistakes she could have avoided.

Probably the biggest was the fixed route planning with too long stages. Because here it was dependent on a SoC of over 80 percent – and that takes. Finally, the loading curve at e-cars falls rapidly from 80 percent at the latest. Lisa calculates: If she had given up with four loads up to a maximum of 80 percent instead of three loads, she would have saved over 1.5 hours. On the other hand, she had optimally exploited the two hours at the first stop and spent her Christmas purchases in the outlet center located there.

Will soon be more profitable than petrol stations?

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-efahrer

Bit projects Will soon be more profitable than petrol stations?

More loads would also mean more comfort when driving. Because the e-up owner saved on all electricity consumers. So she did not switch on a heating, not even the seat heating was allowed to work – at an outside temperature of constant minus five degrees, the trip became a literal tremor section. Radio and cell phone connection also failed to materialize. Of course, this is not the point of an electric car, freezing to hang up to the next stop. In addition, equipment such as seat heating or radio suck only very economically on the battery. But the e-car expert wanted to get the greatest possible range at minus temperatures.

Read the gripping travel report here: 650 kilometers with a sharp frost: With a short-haul E car across Germany

Day 0: Exploded the number of access

When the article appeared last Thursday evening, Site was able to find out in no time how much this travel report Germany is interested in: the number of access rose and climbed and climbed. As our colleagues from Focuse.de took over the article the next day, it was quickly found that the travel report also matters very well among the sites readers. Since publication, over half a million readers have incorporated the long -distance test.

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-causes

Site – everything worth knowing about electromobility

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To the portal

Day 1: Readers flood e-mail mailbox

Our mailbox is bursting at the seams: Massage readers tell us about similar experiences when they picked up their e-up from Wolfsburg and had to bridge a longer route. The tenor: The trip has always been a challenge, but everyone is more than satisfied with their Wolfsburg. We receive valuable tips for this, for example, that E-U-up work collection can also take place from Dresden-the car dealer from Lisa Brack had not mentioned this. It’s a shame, it would have been a distance of over 200 kilometers.

Engineers disassemble Hyundai Ioniq 5: and tinker an everyday object from it

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-test

Site Engineers disassemble Hyundai Ioniq 5: and tinker an everyday object from it

There is also constructive criticism. So a truck driver points out that there is no night driving ban on German motorways or that Deutsche Bahn does not drive without a emission, after all, the bikes generate fine dust – we corrected the passages in the text immediately.

Other readers report that you can master long distances with your e-up and that this is not a big problem with the right planning. In addition, thanks to the forced breaks, you can arrive at your goal.

With many readers we get in touch and discussed the trip and the highly popular e-up.

Day 2: Other media take up the topic

Other media become aware of us and our report: The district newspaper reports in a longer story about the upenture and titles it "Hold through, Lisa", What they refer to the Facebook posts that were called during the author’s trip when they reported live on it.

The Newsportal News38 also takes up the Efahrer history and titles it " Woman drives 650 kilometers with the EUP-and freezes for hours with freezing degrees in the cockpit" – The travel report seems to be well received everywhere.

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-efahrer
Site Efahrer test causes a sensation across Germany: E-up tests receives praise and hate

Day 3: Praise, know -it -all and a lot of mansplaining: "The Dummerchen made the worst mistakes"

In the meantime, history has also arrived on social media. Lisa gets new followers on Twitter and a valuable tip: "If you are again over the BAB, a tip: Add the pace to the trucks and use their vertebral towers (not slippery = too close). This can still be felt far behind the vehicle.", writes Klaus Gunter. In fact, she had flanged behind trucks, but now she knows what a spine is.

On Facebook she posts the article in "Electrified Women", a group of for and with e-car owners. The credo is incredibly positive. In addition, there are many similar experiences with transfer, after all, VW is going well here, so that many VW buyers want to save themselves the high costs and pick up the car themselves. Tina L. reports, for example, that she transferred her red e -up to Munich from Dresden – with a baby in the back seat. "But with double -digit plus degrees", She appeases them.

From and over: well-known city-stromer has just been buried

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-sensation

Site From and over: well-known city-stromer has just been buried

The Facebook group throws a completely different light "I drive an electric car" On the behavior of (unfortunately exclusively male) e-car drivers. User Thomas B. Posts the report, it immediately starts with insults and criticism under the belt line. So asks Dirk F. the postal manufacturer: "Did you also find the article with the stupid nut ??" and describes their behavior as "stupid".

Many other users want to know what the author did wrong. In Mansplaining manner, sentences like "I have (…) needed exactly 4 weeks to read in matter" or "The mistakes can be seen during reading.. Even without an electric car, if you have even dealt with it a bit. After all, in the end there is still a bit of self -awareness…." or "This woman just did everything wrong. As if there were not enough charging stations on the route." Andreas B. is certain: "The Dummerchen made the worst mistakes that a driver of an electric car can make at all." Even provoked misconduct is assumed: "In addition to charging, she must have made even more mistakes, if necessary. willful?", Sascha B speculates.

Unfortunately, this behavior is not an isolated case – many users from electrified women report very similar experiences. Marlene B. For example, leads to: "The group (= I drive electric car, note. D. Red.) is really totally toxic. I also get mutants constantly." Even in front of experts, you don’t stop (s). So the electromobist Alina Ampere is on her TikTok channel with statements such as "I get aggression in the voice" insulted. Anne-Kathrin K., Head of an electrical engineering company reports about reducing comments from men when she gives online tips on wall boxes.

Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-causes
Site Efahrer test causes a sensation across Germany: E-up tests receives praise and hate

That means the tester to the vertebrae

"I am delighted that the article is so well received. It’s great that other media have taken up my experience and also report on it. But I am particularly pleased with the response from our readers: Site has never received so many letters to an article. The echo is huge, the majority of the emails we receive very helpful and shows how other e-up drivers master everyday life clever and master long distances even. I am particularly pleased with the feedback in the Facebook group "Electrified Women" – It is very appreciative, constructive and encouraging.

And what about the haters? "The disrespectful comments of the supposed e-car connoisseurs "I drive an electric car" are frightening and for me a sign that there are still men in 2022, see e-mobility as their territory where we "Shred" be allowed to. But they are not conducive to them, they shoot themselves out. E-mobility is not a gender topic. In addition, these readers did not quite understand that it was not about getting to the goal as quickly as possible", summarizes Lisa.

And what is your opinion? Write us, we look forward to your feedback.

This article was written by site

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Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany-efahrer

Site Crash test with the Tesla Model Y: Video shows impressive pictures

The original to this post ""Hold through, Lisa!" Efahrer car test causes a sensation throughout Germany" comes from site.


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  1. Maltred and clamp
    recently in "Grip" Motor magazine a VW-up, the Zoe and a Hyundai in winter … Tested circumstances. The ranges deviated from the manufacturer’s information for miles: the best achieved 64%, the worst only 52% of the specified kilometers. Great feeling when the cart then switches off all power guzzlers and heating and you like the two O.G. Driver sits in the car at 6.5 °. The things may be good as a shopping and daycare enthusiast, but if you have to drive a long distance, you need planning and a lot of time to reload. Who can afford a two -car for these abstruse prices, only so that mommy can drive for shopping or pick up the kids? Nonsense. Before the batteries are not stronger, this is a casperle technology

  2. @Weinberger other small cars, even that
    Gogomobil made it over the Brenner with a follower, luggage and family. They had a reserve tank, were on average much faster than the Auto battery. With a polo you drive the route without a stop and still have a lot of fuel left. But we have to get away from the oil, only the solution should be better and safe.

  3. "E-car expert"
    Why is the lady in the article as "E-car expert" Described when you * admit to having made several beginner errors? Even in the e-up that is not exactly designed as a long-distance car, this route is feasible without too much effort in less than 10 hours.

  4. @Weinberger, they will be specifically,
    Show in detail how to do it better. If you see yourself out of the state, just with "To know better" and "Shit" stop. Influenced any garbage is easy. But to name it very carefully, with travel times, loading times – and place, that would have level. As presented, it is only fully wrong. The woman calculated her trip exactly. Believe it doesn’t work any better

  5. If you with such
    Electrical cucumbers want to go on vacation for 10 days, you have to take at least 2 days in front, because you need this time at least on the electricity tank. People where is your brain? The overpriced e-things are actually only scrap. And woe, the battery is not full on the highway and the highway is closed for 2 hours due to accident and no electricity tank far and wide.

  6. @Haas what a comment. Unable to affect
    Do you also have something to say with hand and foot? Doesn’t make the impression. Can you see their dissertation? Their wording suggests that you think and act and act after quite simply knitted models. An old Bible saying describes it like this: Beati Pauperes spiritual

  7. Progress by step backwards ?
    Amazing how to try to talk nicely. Where should progress be on this type of drive ? The only ones who actually benefit are that: subsidized PV system on the roof from the home + subsidized charging station in your own garage + subsidized electric car. How much % the drivers apply to this ??? The gap of this lady only shows, what actually looks like. I still lack the reason why you try something like that and also make yourself ridiculous…..

  8. A division through 0 results in an infinite size
    you should consider before you put something like that in the world. Well, not everyone came up to the limit value at school.

  9. Your biggest mistake
    Wasn’t the fixed route planning, but the biggest mistake was to buy an electric car. The only reasonably sensible purpose for electric cars is if you only move a few kilometers from A to B every day. Unfortunately, e-cars only become suitable for everyday use on medium and long distances if there are several e-charging stations at almost every normal petrol station and the technology is so far that I can completely charge the car in less than 5 minutes (provided that is possible at all at all). Until then, an electric car is absolutely not an alternative to a modern diesel, even when it comes to environmental impact, the diesel still has the front when you take a closer look at the production and disposal of an electric car.

  10. knew how…
    The charging stations at the supermarket are * not to be fully able to load. You are there for you to load for the duration of shopping *. "He then stands." Z.B. 20 minutes on 11kw are around 20-25km range – with that you have the trip to the supermarket restored. The usual "To the tank and complete" does not make sense in the electric car.

  11. @Weinberger supports your knowledge
    Only on Google and YouTube? And you may believe. Anything that can be found in the echo chambers? Note something? They are manipulated. There is a video where a nail is pressed through a battery, nothing happens. Clamping voltage remains constant. Believe that? The nail went through the air. Pocket trick. The clamping voltage must go to almost 0 at short circuit.

  12. Half a million readers have that
    incorporated. Here is suggested that the whole of Germany is excited. That’s how it reads. Half a million are not even 1%.As a result, the oversized majority are not interested in it. You always read many of the new technology. But a new technology should always be an improvement. I and many others cannot see that. Even if you drive normally, without slipstream and with all the comfort that you now use, the shop still remains. No matter whether 20 minutes or even hours. This Achilles verses is not accepted. Not even for the sake of the environment.

  13. Yes
    Is just a garbage, I drive with my old clean T4 diesel relaxed 1200 km in a row. Never in the life of the garbage just like all the scooters that rub the cities .

  14. Really?
    I doubt that you are "relaxed" 1200km in a row. With an 80l tank, you can only make 800-900 at 130 so it has to be significantly slower. And at 100-120kmh you have a ds of about 90km/h if everything goes well. Then you drive a good 13 hours in a row without a break! respect! It’s only good that professional drivers have to take a legal break after 4.5 hours.

  15. Tidse at winter temperatures
    Good exercise, survival in cold. In the future, the standard will be standard when heating the apartment under climate rescue conditions if you switch to non-existing future visions without an alternative.


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