Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers

Attention drivers

Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers

Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers-immediately
Arne Dedert/dpa The revised catalog of fines provides for tougher penalties for traffic violations.

The renewed catalog of fines was preceded by political back and forth. The new rules will come into effect tomorrow. Motorists must expect stricter controls, because many communities are likely to be waiting for a warm rain of fines.

Since Tuesday (Aug.11.) traffic offenders such as speeders and illegal parkers have to pay more if they are caught. After a long political dispute, the new catalog of fines comes into force. The official aim is to increase road safety. Cyclists and pedestrians should be better protected.According to a survey by the opinion research institute Yougov, however, only 30 percent of citizens believe that the higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers will ensure greater road safety – 63 percent do not believe this.Downloads: New catalog of fines (PDF) to download from our partner site chip.en

Higher fines and new rules

The renewed catalog of fines provides for tougher penalties for traffic violations:

  • Who, for example, in the future If you drive 16 to 20 kilometers per hour (km/h) too fast in built-up areas and are flashed, you will soon be paying 70 euros instead of 35.
  • In the future, there will also be higher fines for those who park illegally on sidewalks and cycle paths, stop illegally on protective strips or park and stop in the second row.

  • Also new is a fine of 55 euros for unauthorized parking in a car park for electric vehicles and carsharing vehicles.

  • On the other hand, driving ban rules and the regulations on points in Flensburg for speeding remain unchanged. This had protests against one "Driving ban automatic" caused, initiated by some automobile clubs .

According to the Ministry of Transport, the unauthorized use of a rescue alley is now being pursued and punished as well as not training a rescue alley. Accordingly, fines between 200 and 320 euros and one month of driving ban. Truck drivers who violate the obligation to drive the truck with the truck when turning right in the city at a walking speed are asked to checkout at 70 euros, and there is also one point.

Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers-effective
Press Inform / Gomoll Annoyance: a parked charging station

Long -term negotiations

Long negotiations between the federal and state governments were preceded by the new office catalog. Due to a formal error, stricter fines in the new road traffic regulations had been completed last year. As a result, a political dispute ignited, above all about stricter driving ban rules that were actually planned for driving too fast – but they are not coming. Instead, the federal and state governments agreed to increase fines. The Federal Council unanimously approved the tightening in October.

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Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers-effective

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10 thoughts on “Effective immediately: Higher fines for speeders and illegal parkers”

  1. And who
    controls it all?The public order office has always been there for amusement, the police for interest … not that one.Only the rip-off private companies remain…Then have fun and free ride the Rambos of the green bike troops.

  2. The source of income is optimized
    I already do without the car for the most part. It will also be the last. The state destroys its sources of income in the long term. Everything is getting tighter and more expensive. Only the other way around, everything takes a very long time and is only raised hesitantly. You can raise taxes this way without breaking election promises. The CO2 price is also a new tax. The GEZ also uses inflation, rent increases, public transport and a wage increase of max.1.5 percent. Oh dear, when was the cow slaughtered and please don’t forget to vaccinate, otherwise in many cases the wages are no longer paid.We have enough obligations, but rights can quickly be restricted.

  3. It’s not about safety at all,
    it’s about people obeying the rules and others not. They must then be punished as severely as possible so that they no longer do it. Best driver’s license gone or locked up. Greetings from green.

  4. middle Ages
    In the Middle Ages, masturbating and having sexual intercourse before marriage was declared a mortal sin, from which one could redeem oneself with hard cash (into the church treasury). So: You first create a situation that will probably be disregarded and then punish them "sinner", so that these her "fair punishment" receive or. increases his budget.

  5. systematics
    A speed limit of 60 km/h used to apply to 4-lane main thoroughfares in major cities. After now z.B. in Ludwigsburg was limited to 40 km/h on the very wide, clear and well-developed 4-lane main transversal for reasons of noise and/or environmental protection, the following situation arises: Anyone who was driving correctly and safely at 61 km/h some time ago , who is now defamed as an irresponsible speeder at the same speed and punished with a fine of €115 and a point in Flensburg. Official reasoning: This is for security

  6. I have an idea!
    In the future, the insurance industry will offer discounts on car insurance if you allow access to personal driving behavior. That’s the platform that pleases every transport minister. Comparing this with the forest of signs saves all monitoring devices and reduces staff. The misconduct is then managed centrally and violations are passed through the municipalities or. Flensburg punished. These are savings that will certainly please the state. The goal of creating the transparent citizen has almost been achieved.

  7. rip off
    It’s really just a brazen rip-off. The real rowdies don’t get caught in traffic anyway.The normal car driver should finance the cities again and these greedy politicians will also be re-elected.

  8. Radrambos
    And who protects the pedestrians from the Radrambos.Red light only applies to cars, pedestrian zones are raced through.So number plates.Insurance number plate for every bike.

  9. you will
    You’re still surprised, in 12 months there will be no more truck drivers with these tightening. Why would I jeopardize my driver’s license for a company. Let’s see where you can still get your products in 2 years. Oh yes, you can then tow it yourself from the parcel shop

  10. Higher penalties for illegal electric parking? With pleasure!
    More charging stations are finally being set up here in Cologne, but petrol cars often block them… that’s why I find it "55 euros for unauthorized parking in a car park for electric vehicles" more than justified.


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