Elaris Beo – Further Electro SUV from Rhineland-Palatinate

Elaris Beo - Further Electro SUV from Rhineland-Palatinate-electro

The company Elaris based in the Rhineland-Palatinate Grunstadt wants to offer electric cars under his brand name. The two first models – the small car Finn and the SUV model Leo – but are not own developments. With the Elektro-SUV Beo now follows the third model of the brand. Again, this is not own development.

After the Leo and Finn from the Chinese manufacturer Dorcen purchased and marketed by Elaris under their own brand, the E-SUV BEO from the Chinese manufacturer Skywell. From the end of July this should already be delivered. Cost incl. Premiums 41.330,00 Euro, so the company in a corresponding message. For this there is an ultra-comfortable electro-SUV, which with top – noble design, exceptional spaciousness, automatic climate control with 4-zone control, excellent range (460 km WLTP) with very high speed load capacity, intelligent vehicle technology, entertainment system with 12.8- Customs Touch Screen and Panorama – Glass roof. So the information of the company from Rhineland-Palatinate.

“After the idea of the Elaris Finn and the Elaris Leo last year, we are very proud to expand our offer for this summer. With the Elaris Beo we offer and our Elaris Part Network our customers Germany-exclusive the latest standard for SUV innovation.”- Lars Stevenson, CEO of Elaris

Andreas Matthis, COO of Elaris, continues to lead the SUV with automatic parking system, laser train and revolutionary interior design with reclining and ambience. For the “high quick load capacity” we could find out that this is maximally at 80 kW. This should give the stromer within 30 minutes of electricity for the sprint of 20 to 80% battery capacity.

Maintenance and service should be done via “Euromaster”, it is called – to start in nationwide 50 branches. The end of the year should then give 75 dealers. Up to 2023, Elaris wants to own 25.Sell 000 cars per year. Within the framework of development partnerships with the highly innovative automasors Skywell and Dorks, Elaris also plans to develop new Elaris models increasingly collectively.

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2 thoughts on “Elaris Beo – Further Electro SUV from Rhineland-Palatinate”

  1. Well, the Coo Andreas Matthis is in September D.J.replaced by Stephan Kneipp. So shortly after the launch of the BEO. And yes it is a zip bowl. Remains to be seen whether this concept will be successful. As a buyer, I would have some fundamental questions to the importer, because nothing else is Elaris GmbH:

    1. Who takes over the warranty?
    2. How long is there factory warranty (or better importer guarantee?)
    3. And who conducts this guarantee work and pays this?

    A company like Elaris GmbH with EUR 25.000,00 Capital has no reserves, should be due to more than just one or two vehicles warranty work. And if I look at the network of workshops closer, then I doubt that this network is nationwide and powerful. Euromaster is a subsidiary of the tire manufacturer Michelin and its main competences are just the tire etc.

    A e-car for sale just does not mean, just to hand over the composite mobile to the buyer expensive to pass, but the “After-Sales Service” is at least as important if not more important. And at the after-sales service, the Elaris GmbH is missing fulminant.
    For me a clear case to advise against a purchase of these zipper of Elaris GmbH or. to warn. I would always wait until the concept has become more sustainable, transparent and customer friendly. Because in the case of a breakdown, nobody wants to be trapped at first hundreds of miles until a contract workshop 1 out of 50 (!??!) within Germany can be controlled.


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