Election 20221: These are the electric car plans of the CDU, Greens, SPD & Co. – News

Electromobility is one of the central campaign issues in this year’s Bundestag election. What plans do the individual parties have? What is in their party programs?

On 26. September 2021 the German Bundestag is elected. Climate protection and the energy transition are among the most important topics of this election campaign. Car driving should also be climate -friendly in the future. The parties agree on this point. However, electric cars are not the ideal solution for all parties. In the video you can see the demands and key statements of the most important parties for electromobility briefly and briefly summarized.
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13 thoughts on “Election 20221: These are the electric car plans of the CDU, Greens, SPD & Co. – News”

  1. Parties,
    Some of the preliminary fraud on the normal citizen are not chosen by me. You … Some of the preliminary fraud on the normal citizen are not chosen by me. Imagine that the normal earner pays the grants for an e-business car of a manager. The normal will never be able to afford this car.

  2. What do you do
    Actually with all the used electric author who are for sale. Export like a petrol or diesel, they cannot be.

  3. An e car costs the taxpayer
    If you have all the discounts with a single calculation 20,000 euros for me this is a big scandal, who buys an e car, mostly second cars for good feeling

  4. One -sided technology
    I will not choose a party that favors exclusively e-cars. I only choose a party that knows that this closely lane thinking is the wrong way. I’m per climate, but please with multidimensional technology. There are enough ideas and approaches. Experts who can do that too.

  5. Has an opinion survey
    show that 70% of the respondents want the e-cars no longer to be promoted. This is also correct, because the normal taxpayer, who cannot afford an electric car, finances a wealthy mostly green layer the second or third-party car.

  6. Synthetic fuels, Soso.
    great idea. First I need approx. 8x as much energy for the same route as fully electric. Second, I need hydrogen for synthesis. This currently comes from natural gas and is anything but CO2 arm. In the end, a car with e-fuel has a CO2 footprint like an old coal carburetor. That stays that way for the next 15-20 years. Yeah, systems for this are planned in Chile. With cheap electricity and such. 500 million L are to be generated there by 2030. After all, that’s enough to replace 1% of the German fuel requirement. And the little bit is first required for aircraft and ships. No, not a good idea. I am surprised that the FDP has no longer had facts with facts and that people smear some porridge around the mouth.

  7. Compatible …
    We have just celebrated 40 years of PC, which could always hold and develop due to compatibility. Constant system breaks, on the other hand, are doomed to fail – look at PC history. Plugin – hydrogen – cars have hardly any hydrogen requirements according to WLTP and can therefore arrive on the market. E-fuel needs the large, global vehicle stock.

  8. Sensible
    Would it be if the parties would pay a little more attention to the market forces. The current statements of most parties do nothing else than the patronage of the citizens. Leave the citizens what he wants to drive. With this method, a cheap mix would also be achieved within a short time. And: the better will prevail.

  9. Load prices on columns.
    In order for electromobility to continue to absorb, something in politics has to happen to prevent the price of electricity or. Charging current continue to rise. There were currently drastic price increases on charging stations for every provider. It will not work like that

  10. Value Mr. Paulsen,
    The price increase on the charging stations was foreseeable from hour zero. Stix, achieve dependency, pull the fur over the ears.

  11. For me
    are climate taxes and e-cars the abturners of this choice. Because they have nothing to do with a program for our citizens, a progress in our country. Rather the opposite. Our politicians have already completely screwed up the energy transition. We do not have the necessary electricity for these cars. And if so at world championship prices.

  12. For me
    That’s correct. But the goal of politics is to have fewer cars on the street. If the electricity costs are high enough and many electric cars drive, less and less can afford the car. Only the elite of high earners is favored here. Wrong policy not for all citizens in this respect. In addition, electricity is a good source of income from the state. 50% taxes and levies will be


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