Electric buses: Munich moves e-buses from traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart

Devastating major fires in bus depots

First city reacts! Munich moves out of traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart in Stuttgart

Electric buses: Munich moves e-buses from traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart-e-buses

First city reacts! Munich moves out of traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart in Stuttgart

Site/Wochit First city reacts! Munich moves out of traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart in Stuttgart

After an electro -bus presumably triggered a major fire in Stuttgart last week, other transport companies are drawing consequences.

As a precaution, the Munich Transport Society (MVG) is taking eight electric buses out of operation. The measure only applies to buses of the same type and initially only until the cause of the fire was finally clarified, the municipal utility Munich announced on Friday.

25 buses in Stuttgart completely burned out

In Stuttgart, the fire was on 30. September destroyed the electric charging column. Therefore, no electric buses are currently in use, said a spokesman for the local transport company SSB. 25 buses were completely burned out at the fire in the bus depot. There was a damage in the millions. According to current findings, a technical defect triggered the fire when loading an electrical buss.

Before the fire in Stuttgart, other devastating major fires in bus depots already occurred this year.

  • In April, a bus depot of the Rheinbahn in Dusseldorf burned. 38 vehicles were destroyed.
  • In June it hit a hall of the ustra in Hanover. Here eight buses went up in flames. The charging infrastructure for the e-buses in the hall had also been destroyed in the fire.

Brand series in German bus depots

In all fires, electrical or hybrid buses were also parked in the depot in addition to normal diesel buses. This made it difficult to extinguish the deletion because of the great heat and intensity of battery fires. A connection between the current and the cause of the fire has been suspected, but has not yet been proven. At the request of Site, a Rheinbahn spokeswoman shared with: "The experts of the insurance companies – like the report of the Dusseldorf public prosecutor – came to the conclusion that the fire had a technical cause, but could no longer be clearly determined due to the sustainable fire progress and the enormous degree of destruction." The ustra says on request: "The cause of the fire is not yet known to us." The Hanover public prosecutor told Site that the investigation had not yet been completed. The accumulation of bus depot fires is at least unusual.

E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Electric buses: Munich moves e-buses from traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart-electric

Site E-car torches: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

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10 thoughts on “Electric buses: Munich moves e-buses from traffic to Inferno in Stuttgart”

  1. That’s how it looks !
    You can only recommend everyone to find out in advance. I’m certainly not an opponent … From battery cars. As long as the max. are 1: 5 on a scale and have a remote control. Well, it doesn’t matter. The next fire is safe. Only the question of where and when not. Eventl. There must first be a massive (persons) harm until the decision -makers wake up and change their strategy. Incidentally, the record is "Burners burn more often" totally worn -out. Please inform yourself when a burner can burn in contrast to the battery. Should adhere to everyone without green glasses. If necessary, you can ask Google, they know that too……..

  2. Where would the Greens be, it would have burned in 3 nuclear power plants?
    Out of "unknown" Cause within half a year! They would set heaven and hell in motion, organize demos etc. And in Stuttgart? Listen something from them? No, they put their heads in the sand, which I don’t see, that doesn’t exist either. In addition, it is a solution to save the world in an environmentally friendly solution. And how please the major fire goes into the Stuttgart pollutant balance? Otherwise they register every dog crash. The major fire is simply plugged away, although except CO2 there were high -toxic pollutants in huge quantities. Yes where is the demo? They have 2 faces as it looks. Some are denounced because they drive a state -of -the -art diesel, the others are celebrated for what actually?

  3. trier
    The city of Trier – one of the warmest cities in Germany, had to set the operation of their electric buses in the previous, actually quite mild winter, because the batteries were overwhelmed! Such a bus has about 250.000,-€ cost …

  4. Well…
    …The whole electric sense is something for the crazy green: inside. I’ve been driving diesel since 1983. At least with the main vehicle. The other is a SLK 230, ordered on 20.04.1997 – to the present day, until today, except for the battery without any repair or exchange of parts.

  5. the "evil Chinese" publish videos of the
    Monitoring cameras via bus brandies. This is not done with us, even though we do "better and more freely" are. Why not? There are certainly surveillance cameras, if only because of the graffiti people and for other safety reasons. They should show how the fire on the bus started next to the charging station. Are only a few seconds. You don’t want anyone "unsettle"? Is it possible. even politically not wanted to publish these recordings? Somehow I have the impression that the Chinese are ahead of us, more honest and more open in this regard. It is not shown here what there is not …….

  6. warning
    The action in the bus depots should be a warning enough to block underground garages under houses for electric cars. If there is an electrical fire, the fire brigade cannot use the necessary large water -rated containers. The non -habitability or even the collapse of the residential building would be the result.

  7. The message is from the headlines
    The OR channels do not report at all (or have I missed something?))). What shouldn’t be, there is no. It continues with full steam and ideology drives. The danger to life and life is ignored, except for Munich, the action. Are afraid "To lose your face". Is it really worth it?

  8. Tax money is burned here
    No politician is liable for his benefits.Immature technology should mature with consumers.Relies on synthesis fuel instead of hundreds of billions of euros in charging structures even though the required electricity is missing.

  9. There is something in the way
    With politicians who have to answer this, proud of an error is admitted and the climate tank first, security does not occur only. Every burned -down car causes me electrical drive more than a burned burner. But since you don’t convince the E lobby, it will be many fires without having these people a conscience, I personally can do without these people.

  10. Munich is responsible, in the sense of
    Personnel, firefighters and F a h r. A battery fire, triggered by dendrites (branches that are forming in the battery) can happen at any time and unpredictable. Within seconds there is almost indelible fire. Time is not enough to stop, open doors. If this happens in the middle of the city, there are many deaths. Recognized, danger banned.


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