Electric car 2027: Memories of the future

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Electric car 2027: Memories of the future-memories

The car year 2017, which has just begun, still does not consider real reassurance for the hybrid and electrical fraction. Sure, Tesla and Panasonic first announced recently to build a mega battery factory in the desert of Nevada. And what to see on the CES 2017 makes the hearts of every electric warding car.

But there are also ugly misstakes in this symphony. For example, China – the perhaps the largest development market for electromobility – the e-car subsidies Rigoros wants to bond. And in this country found only 9.023 Buyer thanks to environmental bonus for cleaner mobility, which does not even decrease the 600 million euros project three percent of its overall weight.

But so uncertain the future may now look like, in ten years we will look back at this time with a smile. Because then it looks much electrical on the streets – how and why do we explain on the following lines in the form of a hypothetical review, which is largely based on actual developments.

Thank you, Elon

Refrespagging the meanwhile 55, easily grayed Elon Musk thank almost on knees. Because he was that the electric cars made attractive and reluctantly followed his agenda – no matter what all critics said. And when that was achieved, he brought 2020 the model 4 – and acute the golf class huge. Especially by the price. 22.000 Euro for a well-equipped base model – there was no golf mother VW or the Asian volume manufacturers something.

Electric car 2027: Memories of the future-electricThe front of Model X-3 takes many bonds in Model-X – after the Face of the Tesla X-2 did not have many friends. | fotolia.COM © Ladysuzi

However, Model-4 was also bitterly necessary, because after years of loss stores, Tesla 2019 just before the bankruptcy. Apple spurted in the starting blocks with the hooves to take over the company. That it did not happen, however, was not only to owe Musks genius stroke, but above all the Apple leadership floor. He decided to buy for a gigantic cooperation. And thus enabled iPhone disciples worldwide next to mobile and tablet also the matching car. Meanwhile, the Tesla range consists of:

  • Model 5 – a small car on polo level
  • Take IT – the successor of the 4 for the Golf Class
  • Model X-3 – A SUV Combination Limousine
  • Corsair – a purebred sports car, which wildes in the Corvette market
  • Calutron – a limousine of the upper middle class
  • Nikola – a high-end upper class oil in honor of the company name Giving Patron Nikola Tesla.

With the most recent development, Tesla pages the infinite widths of the America between the coasts. Namely, pickups like the Ford F-150 have been making the country’s best-selling cars for 50 years now. This is to change the study ranch-hand, which was presented for the first time at the 2026 Tokyo Motor Show – a full-range truck like America loves and at the same time in case of mass production of electric cars with the highest payload of rich 2.5 tonnes and Thanks to Multiflex gearbox (the first gearbox at all in an electric vehicle) able to draw stately eight tons.

Already Daimler, who planned an electric vice ago, said that one had a strong interest in the gearbox developed by ZF to finally build the world’s pure electric tractor machine.

Not without China

Even though the former US President Trump had almost farred with China, the times of criminal duties and military saber-rattles luck over. It is due to a development. In 2021, the researchers of the Shezhen Institute of Advanced Technology, the Aluminum Graphite Ion Battery (Agia) managed to get series ready. In a unique gesture, China’s government offered UN, the idea against the payment of a US dollar per manufactured battery cell to make quasi-free. Since now not only all electric cars, but also practically every other battery works after this principle, the Chinese made the business of their lives.

And honestly, it was the Agia, who fished the victory train of the electric car – maybe with some help through the exploding oil price. The current generation of the smart, for example, is fully charged between 25 and 30 seconds – even with bulk batteries as in Lexus flagship Imperator, which emerged from the study planned with fuel cell LF-FC, the charging process does not take a minute. This, in combinations with even winter ranges of at least 600 kilometers, made one of the most typical critic arguments with a strike worthless.

However, the Agia is not only indispensable for the electric vehicle world because of its short loading time, but also for the whole helper.

Finally relaxed on vacation

Ten years ago, it was still rushed in the law-cell-via self-propelled cars and their laws were countless quarrels. Today, 2027, this time seems like a bad dream. Because after the map service here from the Alliance of Intel, Audi, BMW and Daimler had become the Bollwerk against Google, the problems aroused autonomous driving virtually overnight – but only in Europe and North America. You make this possible:

  • The 24 satellites of the Deimos series, which provide every car in each case to each car centimeter-accurate location data – completely anonymised.
  • The legal decisions of many countries, after an accident in autonomous mode is one half of his own insurance (not as early as the accident opponent) and the other half of the automakers – especially that caused a gigantic development boost, because no manufacturer wants to adhere to.
  • The development of the WideView – a multifunction glass that makes the car windows completely not only for gigantic augmented reality glasses, but also acts as a screen as a screen, which can be surfing or watching movies.

At the same time, existing laws have been expanded many places. In Germany, after an accident, the rules of conduct were supplemented by a crash in autonomous mode, the car must now and automates the police must communicate – but came in this country only three times through the advanced sensors only three times, whereby Martenbiss had demolished the sensor cable each time.

Electric car 2027: Memories of the future-electricFamilies love autonomous driving – hardly a family van, who still works without rotatable front seats to chat with the kids. | fotolia.com © Chesky

As it were, the acceptance for himself went back. And that in turn is Audi blame. The manufacturer brought 2024 the rally mode for his S3-E-Power “Rohrl Edition”, in which the vehicle is snapped at the touch of a button in the absolute limit area via serpentines and highways – safer than every human driver can. The athletic group grip enthusiastically to -mittlerweil has no meaning no importance, whose boss does not count on the pendulum time on working hours and it makes it possible to work in the morning in the morning and in the evening and be less in the office.

Merkel’s farewell gift

2021 was not only because of the Agia a fate year. This year, the “Eternal Chancellor” Merkel retired after 16 years in office. Well, your last term of office had made only a coalition made of CDU, SPD and Greens possible – also as “Afghanistan coalition” after the flag color basket. But after the Agenda issued by the Federal Government, until 2020, had failed one million electric vehicles on the road, it was Merkel, which – in retrospect perhaps not quite basic – gave the electric car in Germany the tremendous kick, which it needed:

  • A law that refers to combustion engine powered vehicles over 15 years.
  • The “Hybridzwang” after each new car model must be at least one mild hybrid.
  • The reintroduction of a separate mineral oil tax without division of diesel, gas and gasoline, the fuel price for all non-commercial vehicles driving the fuel price on stately 4.80.
  • The forced for electricity providers, to offer freely charging current rates, which converted a gasoline price of 20cent / l.

The people raged the image newspaper titled “The Auto Apocalypse”. In the end, however, there was hardly anyone for a fee – and it took the Greens at the same time the wind from the sails that had been pocked in the coalition, from 2030 to the sale of combustion vehicles – that is now off the table, as hardly anyway A private music this overpriced vehicle wants. Even with commercial vehicles, the electric motor is now dominated – because it is so cheap to operate.

Energiewende, Here WE Go

Ten years ago, many saw the future dark. The energy turning stuck. The fact that the Federal Government had decided to determine the amount of feed-in tariff over auctions in the future – not as defined so far – had high proportion of this pessimism. That it nevertheless succeeded is a merit of the Greens. They used their coalition position to make nails with heads:

  • Each roof built or rebuilt in Germany must be covered with solar panels – until 2025 state subsidized.
  • Every minute, the E-cars hang on the socket during the day, thus acting as a power buffer of overproduction, the owner will be adopted by a second, which enacted the year-rounded and divided into individual seconds.
  • The battery and automakers are obliged to provide car batteries, whose performance has become too low for the road to provide free of charge for five years to the Ministry of the Environment for his “buffer farms” in Mecklenburg, the Eifel and Bavaria and then recycle.

Of course, the tax losses had to be compensated by the breaking mineral oil sale as well as the facilitation of buffer vehicle repayments. The twelve percent special tax on tires paired with the car toll, which had been tilted by the EU in its originally planned form 2023 after many quarrels, which Austria had been triggered by other FRG anrainers, this has so far comparatively good – albeit the motorists also complain today about the road conditions.

Electric car 2027: Memories of the future-futureAlone already the compulsion to “solarize” every new roof was almost the entire electricity consumption of the country. | fotolia.com © Jurgen Faldup

Nevertheless, one can now, where in Germany five years after switching off the last nuclear power plants Isar-2, Emsland and Neckarwestheim-2 still all lights burn and the power consumption is as high as never say, quite say – it worked. Next destination, 2029 shutdown the last coal power plant. But we should also get that – now, where the thinnest solar cell in the world is ready for production and will ride from 2028 on every car roof, every truck trailer and every bus. Yes, high power consumption has definitely lost his bad image – well, because even the driver of the 2500PS strong bisco of bugatti do not have a bad conscience if they come to the gas, pardon, accelerator pedal.

Conclusion – electric car 2027

Sometimes the future of electromobility may be gloomy or foggy – but it is not. For short or long, the electric car will prevail. Not only reason for reason, but because it offers much more than every “normal” car can bring. This insight will enforce itself and can also establish with some state help. Just courage, the future becomes electrically.

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