Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy

Most important car market in the world

Investments without bans: Why China’s auto strategy is cleverer than the German

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-burner
BMW BMWS Elektro-SUV IX on a trip through Shanghai. China becomes the world’s most important electric car market

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China relies on electromobility. However, the desire for affordable cars can only be realized with the combustion engine, which will still form the backbone of mobility for some time – also because China wants to measure the true ecological balance of the Stromer.

With almost every announcement of the car manufacturers, climate neutrality is now issued as the primary goal. Many western industrialized nations want to achieve this by 2050. But China, where many look at the promising leading market, does not have it as in a hurry as the western world. According to a study of consulting Beryll’s Strategy Advisors, it should not be so far only in 2060 that at least theoretically, there are no more emissions that are not balanced elsewhere.

2030: 40 percent electrical or hybrid

After all, the government has given the goal that at least 40 percent of all new registrations on New Energy Vehicles (NEV), i.e. electrified vehicles. Berylls’ experts assume that half of the approvals will be purely electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids as early as 2030.

So the out of the combustion engine is also sealed in the realm of the center? Not that one. Because the vehicles with an internal combustion engine also increase three percent annually in China, even if the proportion of all new registrations will decrease.

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-china
Berylls According to forecasts, long combustion engines will be in use in China

So cars with diesel and petrol engine form the backbone of Chinese mobility by 2030 and just under a third of the vehicle stock in the market will be BEVS (battery cars) or PHEVS (plug-in hybrid). In contrast, around 71 percent with a combustion engine are on the road as a main drive unit, which is also the case with the so -called mild hybrids.

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China plans for a long time with petrol and hybrid drives

According to the Beryll’s calculations, this is in absolute numbers at that time around 300 million cars that will be traveling with a combustion engine. It cannot be assumed that this trend will turn away abruptly, because a reason for the ongoing demand is the need for affordable mobility in the increasing number of Chinese drivers.

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-strategy
Berylls China builds numerous for electric cars "Giga factories" for batteries

Daimler: Brenners out only in Europe

A phenomenon that should not exist exclusively in China. In view of these tendencies, the decision of German car manufacturers is understandable to continue to rely on classic drives in the Middle Kingdom. Mercedes uses the capacity of the shareholder Geely to have combustion engines in China manufactured. The decades of know-how on petrol and diesel drives is deducted together with production from Germany. Audi also wants to continue to offer models with a classic drive train in the world’s largest car market in 2033 in the world’s largest car market.

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-electric
Press Inform The Chinese car market does not have to worry about new customers

China’s government: demand instead of promoting

It fits that the authoritarian Chinese state government is currently taking a radical change of course to support when buying the electric cars. The subsidies when buying an electric vehicle will completely end at the end of 2022 after they have already been significantly reduced. However, the last word has not yet been spoken here. When it comes to enforcing the targeted goals, a U -turn is also conceivable. However, this also proves that even China cannot afford or want the funding programs in the long run, and on the other hand, that the breakthrough of electromobility depends heavily on the price of the automobile.

Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-electric

Site Range, price, technical data: How good is the New Tesla SUV?

Quotas for electric cars ensure great demand

Rather, the Chinese government wants to take on the car manufacturers and has the duty in parallel to return the subsidies Dual Credit Policy introduced. The Dual Credit Policy provides quotas for NEV production in the next three years, for example 16 percent this year.

Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-strategy

Site Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

If a manufacturer does not reach the required quota, either punishments are due or points must be bought from other car manufacturers. For the Chinese government, electromobility is a target technology. This strategy also fits that Beijing runs through a tough selection process in which the local car manufacturers are supported that are globally competitive. These include, for example, BYD, NIO, Geely (with the new Polestar brand, which is located at Volvo) or Xpeng.

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-strategy
Auto Motor & Sport As "clean" Are e-cars? That depends on the electricity

Billion-dollar investments in battery ABRIKEN

By the end of the decade, more than 100 so -called gigafactories, i.e. large -scale products with a total capacity of more than 2000 gigawatt hours (GWH), are intended to breastfeed the domestic and global hunger for energy storage. In addition to CATL, Geely, LG Chem and Calb will be active, but also play local producers.

Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-china

Site Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

The government in Beijing has recognized that all efforts to help electromobility to make a breakthrough fizzle out in effectively if the charging infrastructure does not keep up with the growth of the electric vehicles. According to Berylls in 2030, almost 6.2 million public charging stations should be set up in China, Currently it is just 807.000. For comparison: in Germany the number increases in the same period of 45.000 to 720.000 and in the USA of 110.000 to 500.000 charging stations. The US number in particular shows that the combustion engine is far from being part of the two largest car parks.

EU accounts incorrectly

However, China could soon end the special status of the e-models in terms of emissions, as is currently still available in the EU. Electromobility is calculated in the EU with zero grams of CO2 in the case of fleet billing, but this is not realistic. Because depending on the respective electricity mix, e-cars sometimes cause more emissions than combustion engineers .

Since this policy is real more emissions than calculated, you want to go a different way in China. "It looks as if there will be a changeover from the fuel consumption control to a CO2 control, in which electric vehicles are also counted," explains Jochen Siebert, Managing Director of JSC Automotive from Shanghai. However, the electric cars would lose a great advantage in all countries with many fossil energies – to which China belongs to China. China focuses on “Greens" Hydrogen, which Europe or Japan also do. “The difference is that China no longer sees a main goal of replacing combustion engines with electric motors. We believe that the focus of the CO2 reduction on other modes of transport, industry, electricity generation, construction, the digital sector and agriculture is shifted, ”says Siebert.

China’s energy policy: based on feasible

China has a great strategic advantage because, in contrast to the EU or Germany, it is not constantly prescribing re -fierce climate goals – and also based on its energy policy on the feasible. Coal will probably remain an important energy source for years. But the Chinese also expand massively in the green energies, both in solar and wind energy as well as in nuclear energy. A parallel exit – apart from gas – all basic load -capable forms of energy generation with increasing electricity needs, as Germany wants to carry out in the form of the energy transition, is out of the question for China.

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Electric car and burner ban in China: Pragmatic car strategy-pragmatic

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  1. The Chinese had no Merkel
    Because quote "A parallel exit – apart from gas – all basic load -capable shapes … In contrast, the energy generation with increasing electricity requirements, as Germany wants to carry out in the form of the energy transition, is out of the question for China." Right. German politicians should take a look at this. You don’t saw off a branch on which you sit on!

  2. China is pure planned economy…
    There is no need for long -term bans. If China’s KP wants that, the switches will be killed. What many do not want to admit here: the boom of e-cars and renewable energies such as Z.B. Solar energy is driven from China! German politicians only try to stumble behind this development and finally get the lobby -driven industry on track. But of course it is much easier to always blame the evil evil green to blame. To see how well Brainwashing works through advertising with consumers.

  3. "Payable" cars
    What does the site understand by affordable cars? Right to climate and sound flap? Obviously we have our problems with our current energy consumption and the resulting emissions. And how do you change that? Consume less energy and create fewer emissions. An electric car z.B. only needs 1/3 of the energy of a burner.

  4. China’s strategic orientation on the feasible
    Is advanced pragmatic and characterized by mind. Thus the exact opposite of the toxic green -disturbed ideological stupid formula from prohibited, paternalism and greenflation that this climate -redeeming tries to bind to the leg without alternative without alternative. A green block on the leg is as unthinkable in China as the continued funding of "Zero emission" Mis -declared € -karren, such as the self -dislocation of the energetic ART on which the nation is sitting – or the self -gravity of your own global competitiveness. Green ideologues have never understood that the climate is a global event that is set by the emerging population -rich area. Still 16% green? Exactly 16% too much for DS future.

  5. @Feinbein: Whoever can read has a clear advantage
    The long-term subsidy ruin for €-karren is in China at the end of 2022, burner bans none, combustion engines and hybrids remain in China for a long time. Daimler and Audi have long been relocating Know How and Production to China. The helmet delivery to Ukraine was prematurely: Green mobility energy and money adherions should soon be needed in D…

  6. Somehow
    it seems to me that the ruling Greens wanted to spoil life with all violence. But what use is that if they become unemployed and the starting higher prices have to be given transfer services, which someone must also work out by someone. And why the whole thing? So that they go down in history as a world savior. If you continue like this, you will go down in history as the shortest government.

  7. Green?
    CO2 pricing comes from the CDUCSU, 750 billion. Corona funds as well. That’s why the Laschet-Dr. SOder drama. Who would like to continue this pile of shards, especially if you have done yourself in yourself?

  8. It seems
    Really so that Germany organizes the stupidest energy policy that the Wall Street Journal recently judged. At the same time, without alternative energies, rejecting the gas, although it only has 50 percent of the CO2 emissions compared to coal, abolish combustion cars in favor of overpriced electric cars and without charging infrastructure that citizens drive with ever higher prices, at the same time But rip off the last cent to pay adventurous energy projects abroad. I praise myself the level -headed Chinese approach one after the other.

  9. 110% consent
    What Peter Altmeier delivered was borderline. They are glad that Habeck once presented a plan. What is going on in Germany is ZDF today Show today. Abroad, electricity companies can go over the water, and here Circus Althoff, which is not possible.

  10. Clever ?
    "Clever " and German politicians ? Incidentally, this is almost 100%excluded, and the last few years. In addition, almost all of them break "Avert damage from your own people" !!! Everyone is somehow "clever" than the German governments. With everyone it is somehow upwards, only with us the lights slowly go out (literally)……

  11. German politician
    Have the problem that you look at your environmental thoughts completely blinded into the world and can completely hide the reality. Only German politicians dominate this. People who choose these politicians, on the other hand, have forgotten to question to question. You take z.B. 0G CO2 for electric cars or 100% regenerative energy for bare coin.

  12. Reversal
    Since, according to politics, there will soon be a lot more unemployed in the car picture industry (just nobody says), fewer cars are also sold, who should go to work or need a car? It’s stupid when you squeeze your own finger with the pliers. 50 politicians don’t see it, but 80.000.000 Germans see it, does not want to find the mistake. China, compared to Europe faster in implementing, does not present democracy, always show more nicely to the outside so that you don’t see anything inside. What world is that straight?

  13. @Nabenteuer
    They mean one should continue to employ the workers in the auto industry, even if you don’t really need them at all? The GDR leadership has also followed this idea for a long time to suggest full employment. Somehow it didn’t work that way, but we can try it again, or? who is participating? (Not me, the GDR2.0 experiment takes place without me)

  14. 5 years no inspection
    Yes, not quite. The first electric car a used Peugeot had to go to the workshop after one year and 3000 km, because otherwise I would have lost the guarantee for the battery. When asked what is done, "check". If you buy an electric car in Germany, you have to have your car checked, the more expensive the brand is, the more expensive the check will be. If you want to know what the reviews cost, you have to stand up to the charging stations and ask. There are big differences. You don’t need to ask a Tesla driver, they only have to go to the workshop if you lose the steering wheel, the lateral thinker breaks, lose the bumper or the car burns.

  15. Business model
    You have well recognized the differences in the business model. While Tesla sells cars with profit margin, many manufacturers are giving away (z.B. VW) Your cars at almost cost price and then earn on the services and above all "original"-Components. Everyone as he likes. Should also give people who voluntarily use Android with bloatware because they think it is "cheaper".

  16. Cars only for rich
    In Bremen, the red/green/red government has set the draw to pass two thirds of all aotos out of the city. It works best when everything gets more expensive. For example, you can reduce the parking space and make it more and more expensive. Parking areas in Parhausern cost almost as much as a small apartment. So that parents do not bring their children to school by car, even a street was blocked. Only the teachers are allowed to go to school there by car.

  17. good this way
    Children should go to school. If you can play taxi here, do not need to complain about high taxes.


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