Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints

Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints

Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints-battery
Imago images / phototheque Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints

How big the battery of an electric car should be is determined by various factors. Basically, the following applies: as small as possible, as big as necessary. We have summarized information and tips on the correct choice of the battery in this article.

Battery sizes electric car – these factors are relevant

In many electric car models, the buyer has the choice between two and sometimes even three different battery sizes. For many consumers, range and price are decisive in the decision.

The background to the development of e-cars was environmental protection. Therefore, the ecological footprint should also play a role in choosing the battery size. The CO2 overall balance of an electric car must include the production of the lithium-ion batteries. The following applies: The larger the battery is the greater the CO2 footprint is the greater.

In addition, a larger battery brings significantly more weight, which leads to higher consumption. If you think environmentally conscious, you should not forget that more expensive and rare raw materials such as lithium and cobalt are used to manufacture a larger electric car battery.

Electric cars are more environmentally friendly than expected, but there are a few things to consider if you can choose an electric car and choose greetings between different batteries. If the electric car is your second car and you only drive shorter distances, a small battery is enough. However, if you often have to cover larger routes and cannot switch to a burner, your electricity needs a powerful battery – unless you accept more frequent stops for charging.

Small and large e-car batteries in comparison

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Price: A small battery is cheaper to buy than a large battery.

  • Agricultural property: The smaller variant is also ahead with regard to the ecological balance. A large battery also means a large CO2 backpack.

  • Consumption: Due to the higher weight of a larger battery, consumption also increases. With a smaller battery they consume less electricity.

  • Lifespan: The lifespan of a battery is determined, among other things, by the number of charging cycles. You have to charge a larger battery less often, the capacity is retained longer.

  • Flexibility: With a small battery, the range is limited. They are much more flexible with a larger battery.

  • Winter suitability: In winter you drive better with a powerful battery.

  • Referee value: An electric car with a large battery can usually be sold better than a vehicle with a low range.

Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints-battery
Imago Images / Stpp Electric car: How big should the battery be? Tips and hints

So you get the battery power as long as possible

Note a few rules in dealing with the battery of your electric car, extend the lifetime of the battery.

  • For example, you should only load the battery completely in exceptional cases. In everyday life, an 80 percent charge is enough.
  • Quick charging is practical, but has a negative effect on the service life in the long run. Avoid frequent, strong unloading. If your electric car is long, the battery should neither be completely loaded nor unloaded. A state of charge is ideal between 20 and 80 percent.
  • Like every battery, the battery of your electric car does not like it very hot or very cold. So find a shady place for your electricity in summer and park it in the garage in winter, if possible.
  • Last but not least: Protect your battery if you drive as evenly as possible and do without strong accelerations.

Video tip: The best range tips in winter

In the next article you will find out how you can calculate the range of your e-cars.

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