Electric car market grows – in 2022 the paragraph must double

Approved around twice as many new electricity

A Tesla is the best-selling e-car-but 2022 the electricity heel must double

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-paragraph
Cattle man The electrical BMW i4

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With 350.In 2021 000 sold ones will be a new record year. According to forecasts, it should be 450 in 2022.000 be, plus hybrid. For the plans of the traffic light government, however, 1.6 million electricityers are needed per year – and far too few charging stations are built.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More InfosTa’s e-car is currently racing the combustion engine: 2021 in Germany is expected to be pure 350 in Germany by the end of the year.000 electric vehicles had been re -approved. "This almost corresponds to a doubling of the market share from 6.7 to 13 percent", says Professor Stefan Bratzel from the Center of Automotive Management (CAM). There are also around 330.000 plug-in hybrids, so there is a total of 680.000 cars with plugs are.Finally, the new registrations of e-cars including plug-in hybrid models even high to almost 50 percent high. Germany will be the third largest single market for pure electric vehicles in 2021 in China and the USA. In China, the cam expects around 2.7 million for the year as a whole. Electric car.

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-2022
Cam VW front, Tesla already number 2: The largest German electric car brands 2021

Promotion and tax privilege drive electric sales

One reason for the German electric hype is the massive promotion of cars to taxpayer costs; The purchase premiums in the company car area, but above all the tax privileges for electric cars play a role (only half as much monetary advantage must be taxed). In addition, there are more and more e-models on the market from small cars to the large SUV, so that the selection becomes more attractive. On the other hand, petrol engines and diesel drop in the current buying good and the total number of all new registrations with 2.65 million cars is significantly below the average of previous years. Most recently, so few new cars were approved in 1985, notes car market expert Bratzel.

Germany’s favorite e-cars: Cheap electro-sound car throws Tesla out

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-grows

Site Germany’s favorite e-cars: Cheap electro-sound car throws Tesla out

Tesla is now playing at the top

A look at the individual market shares shows that Tesla has also established itself in Germany at the top:

  • Electric market leader is 64.000 Stromer sold still Volkswagen. Surprising: The most successful model of Wolfsburg was not the electrical golf substitute ID.3, but the small VW e-up (25.454 new registrations). The ID.3 comes to 25.000 approvals, the SUV ID.4 to 11.384. Both models are therefore miles away from the success of the cars, which they should replace according to VW boss Herbert Diess (Golf and Tiguan).
  • Meanwhile, Tesla races in second place on the most successful electric car brands, where at almost 30.000 copies The Model 3 is even the most successful electric car in Germany. This is particularly bitter for the competition of BMW, whose model 3 opponents I4 recently came onto the market, as well as for Daimler and Audi.
  • In addition: The SUV Tesla Model Y is already running so successfully that in 2022 neither VW ID.4 Audi Q4 E-Tron or Mercedes EQB will have the chance to snatch the crown of the most successful electric SUV on the German market. Because Model Y will soon be off the assembly line in Germany in the Tesla plant Grunheide. That means: The car should become cheaper than before without the import costs from the USA or China – and be available in much higher quantities.

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-paragraph
Tesla Tesla Model 3: Experts assume a high residual value of the electric car – more than in the BMW i3

The first pure electric brands come

For the German car manufacturers, emobility is currently still an additional business. This is not the case everywhere. "In addition to the pure electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Smart or Polestar, the electrical share of the new registrations is well above average of 12.8 percent for some brands. At Renault and Hyundai, battery vehicles already make 28 or. 24.7 percent of its total sales in Germany, and also with Peugeot and Mini, the electrical quote is well over 20 percent", says car market analyst Stefan Bratzel.

Electric car 2022 (display)

All electric car and plug-in hybrid models at a glance
Compare numerous models now

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-grows
Cattle man Has someone bitten off for long loading times out of anger? The plug of a charging station on the highway

How does it go in 2022?

For 2022, Bratzel expects a total number of at least 450.000 newly approved battery cars and 400.000 plug-in hybrids. The new Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has already announced that German taxpayers will definitely have to finance the buying premiums by the end of 2022 electro-car pricing prospects. So the demand is artificially fueled at least as long – as it goes on afterwards, remains open. Experience has shown that so far, the demand for electricity in all world markets with the expiry of purchase bonuses.

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-electric
Berylls Germany has to expand a charging station faster

Charging column expansion must increase considerably

It is also clear that the remarkable success of the cable cars also has to keep up with the loading infrastructure, especially if buyers of a electricity do not have their own charging options at home. Andreas Radics from the consulting company Beryl’s Strategy Advisors notes: “If we compare the current e-car registration figures and that of the charging stations in public space with those of last year, we immediately see that the expansion of e-car charging infrastructure is far too slow he follows. With 9.2 electric cars that had to share a charging station, Germany was only third in the middle of the field in 2020. The 2021 data, on the other hand, have Germany slipped into fourth place because 11.2 cars have to be supplied with electricity from a pillar statistically", so radics.

Ampel planned economy: 1.7 million new Stromer

But even if the charging station expansion keeps up with the currently expected admission trend, this is by no means sufficient for the 9-year plan of the traffic light coalition. This provides for a minimum number of 15 million electric cars in Germany by 2030 at the latest. From around 3 million new cars sold, around 1.6 million electric cars must be – every year. Because Germany just cracked the million border.As early as 2022, the forecast 850 must.000 electrified vehicles are added to the same number again so that Habeck’s Ministry can report to Federal Chancellor Scholz the planning fulfillment. It remains questionable whether the plug-in hybrid can still be fully calculated. Because the traffic light coalition wants to go back sharply because depending on the area of application, the vehicles hardly drive with electricity and thus have a much worse ecological balance as promised.

Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

Electric car market grows - in 2022 the paragraph must double-grows

Site Speed limit? Please do not! You have so much fun with Audi’s electric racer

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    Well, to describe the hops as environmental angels or saviors is already weird…. That catches … Already tails with the school. Would that be Saturday, Sunday, vacation would not be seen from these heroes. Actually a huge marketing campaign by the Greta family and its companies. And: Similar to Greenpeace you can in the "Name of the environment" apparently legalize everything….no itch…. So, please stop with such groups that actually have nothing to do with environmental protection !!!!!

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  3. With my BMW there was after 3 years
    No oil change yet. And for 20tsd. EUR, which costs a battery change after 8 years, you can do a lot of oil changes. When I bought my electric vehicle, it was clear to me that it was actually scrap after the battery guarantee. But until then it is written off.

  4. Only advantages
    E driving has only advantages! Therefore, this advance is very logical. That will multiply over the next few years! If the only counter argument is at the end that you have to wait a few minutes longer when refueling, then everything runs right!

  5. That the things suddenly burn nothing?
    Again and again the things suddenly go up in flames. A lot of highly toxic pollutants are released. If green pollutants are ignored. All is well. Yes, really? Who believes it ….. At least lives with a certain risk.

  6. Current price
    I do not recommend dealing with the numbers of the day before yesterday, but with the current. And there the Spotmarkt Prize for the Megawattszunde on the BOrse in Leipzig has risen from € 40 last year to 340 € today. This will soon be due to the Teslafahrers when the contracts are renewed. Whether they shout for state aid?

  7. Buy an electric car quickly,
    Because according to a report a few days ago, the cobalt ends in 11 years, and then there are no more batteries for electric cars.

  8. The batteries of the combustion cars
    are lead accumulators that do not contain lithium or cobalt. So you can continue to produce burners without any problems. It is then the batteries for smartphones and electric tools that contain cobalt and lithium and which will then no longer exist. Please consider or research before the comment is written!

  9. I have the comparison
    Between electric vehicles and diesel, or. Petrol engine. I registered 7 vehicles. The electric vehicle is nice. To drive around here. However, it already fails because you transport a palette with a ton or drive from one warehouse to the next with the trailer. At the moment I still prefer to drive with the diesel, which basically costs just EUR 3 more per 100km of the costs. At 10.000 km is 300 EUR. Maintained to the price of an electric vehicle that should pull a trailer with 1500kg (70TSD. EUR) I can do it for a long time. And the diesel can do up to 2600kg and therefore do not have to drive twice and come back and back without recharge. It consumes just 30% more in the trailer operation, with the electric vehicle that is already at least. 200%.

  10. drive around here
    And that’s exactly what most drivers do. Special use such as trailers, caravans, trucks or what do I don’t know first Prio B.

  11. planning ?
    One could get the impression that the world climate was and is only influenced by German drivers ! The rest "small" The rest of the world is of course totally irrelevant, they can continue as before. This is exactly where there would be extremely large areas for improvements, optimizations, etc…. Why are the whole world savers only frolic here in Europe and mainly with us ? Obviously you can spread the most drama here with this topic, also earn money on the side…..and destroy entire industry….

  12. Oh yes, Mr. Kalle
    What is that in South America or African countries? However, they do not want to say that there is even one country that has more for environmental protection than Germany or even a higher e-car quote? But I would be very curious where this is the case. From because of completely wrong. Mr. Hahn is right with what he writes.

  13. Driving Stromer does not make sense
    Countless YouTube videos report on the dramas in the charging stations in Germany. Does not work, payment method does not accept, charging power through the network or vehicle nonsensically limited and looking for a charging station can take hours if you are unlucky. Apps that do not work properly, indicate non -existent, incorrect or defective columns as a goal and..and..and. Politics have totally overslept the necessary foundation stones. But even in the GDR, the planned economy never worked. Our unskilled decision -makers will still have to learn that.

  14. Well, Mr. Raynolds
    I know what they mean is correct in itself too. However, there is no longer any electricity in Germany for € 0.28 per kWh. Only heat pump current is even significantly cheaper. With that, however, I am not allowed to store the electric car. Real everyday life for "At home loader" is more 0.31 € per kWh. ascending trend. If enough burners are gone, e-car will drive really more expensive, I am sure.

  15. Planned economy
    That is exactly what bothers. Order in socialism in terms of planning. GDR greetings. No more choice have specified when buying a car, quasi. Democratic decision -making is something else if the electricity is efficient, but that is not completely entirely. The associated infrastructure has also not been created. The horse was bridged from behind, so to speak. The idea of desks is developed and now the implementation, which is why it is necessary to burden the taxpayer with the purchase bonus. Otherwise there would not be many electric car buyers. What about the people without a car? They are also asked to checkout. That’s not fair. Leave the drivers sheets and stick to them. And that only to make the ideology of electric car

  16. No choice
    You have all choice of the world. The only thing that will sometimes not go when buying a new car is the combination of blue decorative stitching on Alcantara seats and a reversing camera. But you should rather ask the car manufacturer. There are enough of this to build even combustion engines. In five years nobody wants something more than electrical anyway. Or do you want to buy a tube TV???

  17. I’m not a friend of the Greens, but I hope
    That you really do in the area of the expansion of the green current, the electric car and charging infrastructure and not just announce air locks. It will be shown when numbers are given next year and whether then the beautifully talked or. Inclusion of not achieved goals begin … then the Greens are not better or different from the other parties

  18. The view that electric car driving must become more expensive
    … because the state would change the failures in energy tax to the electricity price, an unoccupied speculation is. The opposite is real: the traffic light government wants LT. KV ensure socially just & competitive electricity prices. Z.B. the electricity price is relieved from the EEG surcharge from 2023. For the 36 billion. € tax on petrol & diesel there are other replacement candidates. It is certainly not electricity.


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