Electric car: Ministry refuses stranded driver charging station

Trouble with electric car

Poller instead of electricity: How an electric driver failed on Dobrindt’s Ministry

Electric car: Ministry refuses stranded driver charging station-refuses
Peter Schwierz Before the Federal Ministry of Transport there are two quick charging columns for electric cars that are apparently rarely used – even in need, private individuals are not allowed to tackle electricity there, even in need

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Politicians often only see the world out there through the armored windows of their limousine. If you do an electric car, then with your personal charging station – the people should see where it is refueling. An episode from real life.

Germany must become a pioneer in electromobility! A declared goal of Federal Transport Minister Dobrindt. Politicians are now doing what it can best: distribute other people’s money in the form of a very controversial support bonus for Stromer . And because the first ministries of Stromer and plug -in hybrids in their fleet – mostly still consisting of fat luxury limousines – are of course also available on some ministries.

Two kilometers of residual reach

And that’s practical, Peter Schwierz thought when he was in Berlin in Berlin yesterday in Berlin in Berlin "stranded" was. Schwirz is a glowing advocate of e-mobility, he operates the information portal Electrive.net. He remained a two kilometer-resting range when he was in vain for a free charging station in the area: everyone was either occupied or-as it happens so often-cheekily parked by combustion cars.But there were the two quick charging pillars directly at the forecourt of the Federal Ministry of Transport. The columns were both not occupied, no electricity far and wide. "It was a 10 -minute quick charge for me so that I can pick up someone from the hospital and come back home", tells Schwirz Site.

BMW i3 in the practical test: never again gasoline and yet full throttle?

Electric car: Ministry refuses stranded driver charging station-electric

Site BMW i3 in the practical test: never again gasoline and yet full throttle?

"Only for the federal government"

But as much as he asked in the ministry to have it loaded for a few minutes: the bollards stayed up at the top and thus the decisive meters until the power closes unreachable. The refusal was obviously not carried out for security reasons – literally was said to be difficult: "The load is reserved for the federal government. I can’t help you there." An interesting argument, especially since the question arises whether the quick charging stations may not have been paid by tax money. "Of course I would also have paid for the shop", says Schwirz.In any case, the Stromer expert is angry: "The few other charging points were occupied or blocked in the area. And at the BMVI, two fat rapid loaders stand around unused. That doesn’t want me to my head", so difficult. He still got his electricity – by parking in a second row at a different charging station and moving the line past a Tesla Model S. His conclusion of this episode from the life of an electric car driver: "Electromobility in Germany? Not running!"

The German auto industry does not want you to buy this SUV

Electric car: Ministry refuses stranded driver charging station-electric

Site The German auto industry does not want you to buy this SUV

Everything about electromobility

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9 thoughts on “Electric car: Ministry refuses stranded driver charging station”

  1. Already funny,
    Apart from the behavior of this state institution (one would have a means and e … Apart from the behavior of this state institution (you could have found means and ways, but it has to be asked why Mr. Schwierz did not have an adequate extension if such connection problems are known. You should only imagine alone if only 100 now.000 e cars more on the street. One really believes that the whole thing in an automotive nation with millions of cars could be realized??!! I really wonder what our dreamers think up there sometimes when they think.

  2. Exactly…
    the electric car becomes a pipe crepe. Jedert only sees his advantage whether it is "False parker" At the charging station, the retailers, who pass only 2000 euros on the end customer of 4000 euros discount and stuff the rest into the pockets themselves, or a ministry that the citizen doesn’t care, the main thing is that he pays tax and please do so on time. Otherwise he will feel the full hardness of the law! Unfortunately, every taxpayer who has been a few days "overdrawn" has, knows that… We are milking, nothing else. The main thing is that the diets are secured and are increased diligently, recently fully automatic! The rabble has to remain silent and work, the jug goes to the fountain until it breaks and the jug already has clear cracks! haughtiness comes before the event!

  3. The state is just the state…
    and not a service provider for electromobility. That’s how it is. Unfortunately. After each act of violence, compassion is hyped and humanity preached. But even you don’t even get the idea of helping citizens if it were possible without much effort, like here. It would only have been a certain amendment to make the German automotive industry built e-vehicles with mini-range, and then do not even ensure that there are enough charging points.

  4. The character of the Germans.
    This story portrays the daily behavior of the Germans under each other. The state is ignorant against the people paying him, and this harasses each other with its arrogance towards each other. Speak that "I think" the Germans. Everyone wants to be the first at the red traffic lights and crowds what the stuff does. Everyone lives in their car in their own world. He doesn’t care about him around him. And if someone does not want to look for a parking space, then stands in disabled parking spaces, or stop on loading spaces of e-cars. Doesn’t affect me when the battery is empty! The photo in the article already shows that. Maybe the Tesla driver does not even have an adapter for this type of charging station, or. A corresponding charging cable. Is not his battery

  5. Hallooooo….!
    Yes, that fits. This posse sounds surreal, but it is reality and not strange at all. In any case, it seems familiar to me. Politics flash more and more on the left, but overtakes on the right. Sometimes itself. In any case, it is wishful thinking and is often repeated until the election. That approx. 2020. 1 million e cars run in this country!!!

  6. What are they horrified here,
    Where do you think they allow them to recharge their ambalcapes or urban or tank stations. You cannot simply make the state -paid electricity accessible to everyone. And then the question of who pays the electricity, of course, the electricity, like the fuel for duty vehicles from the employer, is paid to the state. That is completely normal.

  7. who pays?
    The state pays the electricity with nieces. The state is formed by the lobbyists, and they will certainly not pay a cent for it. For that is the taxpayer, the people there. I find it much worse that always block e-car drivers loading places without loading. You can see that in Berlin day every day. Not to mention the wrongly parked.

  8. Always carry sufficient extension
    I am amazed now, normally there would have to be sufficient charging options for these vehicles and then only the commissioning of these would be carried out. The horse was bridled from behind by politics as always?

  9. Tjia…welcome…
    …in Mutti’s wonderful worlds of e-mobility, in which the gibbits are basically bridled from behind. Small tip: It wouldn’t have happened with a diesel….


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