Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result

Traffic policy of the traffic lights

Electric car or eco-petrol? Survey shows a clear result

Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result-eco-petrol

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

The traffic light coalition wants to expand electromobility strongly. There are no clear statements about the future of the combustion engine, synthetic fuels are being considered at least. A survey now shows what drivers think of it.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More Infosder Federal Association of Medium -sized mineral oil companies (Uniti) uses the favor of the hour of traffic light negotiations for the coalition agreement. The “Forsa” opinion research institute now found out for the association: The majority of drivers would prefer a combustion engine with a climate-neutral fuel (e-fuel) to the electric car. At the same time, the vast majority of the population reject both a ban on combustion and the unilateral promotion of electromobility.

79 percent would refuel air

As the results of the survey show, the synthetic fuels, which convert the carbon dioxide into petrol, diesel or kerosene with electricity. Consumers are positive about these e-fuel and their use in road traffic, at least the survey results and wish their market launch. 79 percent of the respondents stated that they could generally imagine using e-fuel.

New ADAC survey shows what e-car drivers are currently most frustrated

Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result-shows

Site/Wochit New ADAC survey shows what e-car drivers are currently most frustrated

58 percent would rather not drive electrically

Before the choice of driving a diesel or petrol car with synthetic fuels or an electric car, 58 percent of those surveyed state that they then choose a combustion vehicle. 88 percent of the respondents agree to the statement that the Federal Government in Road Traffic supports all technical solutions in reaching the climate goals in the same way and should not only promote electromobility. Around 64 percent of the population rejected a medium or long-term ban on vehicles with diesel or petrol engine.

Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result-electric

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Meanwhile, the coalition agreement of the traffic light government does not find a real commitment to the air conditioning. Instead, the focus is on emobility. Among other things, it says: "We make Germany a leading market for electromobility, the innovation location for autonomous driving and accelerate massively the expansion of the charging stone infrastructure. Our goal is at least 15 million fully electric cars by 2030." After all: As an option, you can be opened as an option by printing from the FDP. "Outside of the existing system of fleet limit values, we are committed to ensuring that vehicles that can only be refueled with e-fuel can be re-approved", it says in the contract. That means: Petrol or diesel would also be approved if you no longer drive with fossil fuel.Ralf Diemer, Managing Director of Efuel Alliance for Synthetic fuels, was nevertheless disappointed in a first reaction to the coalition agreement: “There is a European registration system for new vehicles. If you want vehicles with eFuels, then they have to be taken into account in the CO2 fleet limit values. The designated federal government awards this opportunity, ”says Diemer.

Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result-survey

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15 thoughts on “Electric car or eco-petrol? The survey shows a clear result”

  1. Question
    I am always amazed at the question. So put, of course it looks like this … out of. But currently has a huge catch: Efuel does not exist for the foreseeable future. There is only one disadvantage on the electric car: long loading times. But they are steadily reducing. Performance, sounds, driving comfort, maintenance. Everything points where you put every burner in the shade. If you would educate people about EFUEL, the opinion would look different. Probably it is related to thinking that they could continue to use their old combustion engines … I do not think so! Most of them probably no longer drive until the series maturity.

  2. Nothing easier than that, just that
    Current vehicle will continue to drive the next 10 to 20 years. As a result, the production of new e-boxes does not emit a CO2.

  3. Complete agreement
    The synthesis fuel are there and must finally be manufactured in terms of large -scale.The huge amounts for the structure of a charging infrastructure are not to be justified with anything.Where should the electricity come from.Where should the people in City charge their cars.Base load power plants are switched off, but data centers are built with a power consumption of a medium -sized small town.

  4. Mr. Ferger
    And which raw materials are needed to produce synthesis fuels? Petroleum is finally, what should our grandchildren move with? I think the problems with electric cars are to be got under control – there were also enough problems with the burners at the beginning (there was warned of the speed frenzy) and yet he replaced the horse carriages

  5. Of the "Reality" People sets slowly
    Another. you recognize "in great", that a pure bev-vehikel "Not a full replacement" can be for a modern combustion engineer. Who has z.B. Lust for the current one "wet-cold dirty weather" with a "Stiff frozen and dirty charging cable" to handle and for hours "cold feet" To dance around a charging station, where a modern burner reliably offers ranges between 650-1000km and at best you have to drive up 1 or 2x a week for 5-8 minutes ? People understand that they do not have time for everyday life "Hours of loading orgies (included "Pass on the charging station") to have. and "Syn-fuel" how "Fuel cell" are better and more suitable for everyday use to bev-vehicles, EGL, what the whole "BEV fanatic" rip around here…

  6. E-fuel wakes up on trees?
    The trees grow into the sky and the dreams and imagination of many drivers too. E-fuel does not exist because the efficiency is not sufficient to be able to produce it as a replacement for gasoline. E-fuel needs a lot of electricity and as you know we have neither for e-fuel nor for e-cars.

  7. Wait
    Let’s wait and see how the assessments of the e-mobilists change if you have to pay your non-durable batteries for the costs of the recovery. Incidentally, there was that years ago "Choren" Procedure to produce fuel from wood waste. Pilot systems existed, 4T wood could be made from 1T fuel. Has disappeared into the drawers. I think I remember Shell after the patents were bought up by the developer. In the development phase, the fuel created in this way was still expensive, but in large systems and with tax exemption – because environmentally friendly – certainly cheaper to market.

  8. Remain questions for me
    What does this climate-neutral fuel (e-fuel) cost? Can damage the engine? The discussion was also with the 10% organic gasoline, as far as I know there was no regular answer. Of course I would always prefer an combustion engine to an electric vehicle. The specified ranges are determined under laboratory conditions with air conditioning, music, and heating remains Max. Half and the loading times like when refueling a burner you will hardly reach. That everyone is a state. Financed charging station will have at the door, belongs to the area of fables and who wants to run the charging station in ice and rain in ice cream and rain. Not to mention the price of an electric car.

  9. A VW ID4 burns in a TG…
    In Holland a woman can do her child "just" Save from their exploding VW ID3, as entire e-bus depots are burning with million damage, in most garages or houses there is no corresponding "Network capacities", To a large scale at all "Powerful charging stations" to be able to operate…And here is still by the BEV-Vehikelei as "The allsey -making" swelled ? "Syn-fuel" and "BZ drives" are already much more climate -friendly today and above all "Performance equivalent" Alternatives to BEV-Vehikelei…, Even if the whole "BEV fanatic" here "dont want to believe it"…

  10. @Kalle
    Perhaps one should consider that the proportion of e-cars z.Z. is only 1.07%, or that the average age of all cars in Germany approx. 10 years is, but burn-to-use electric cars are burning because there are no 10-year-old e-cars. We wait for the accident reports in 5-8 years.

  11. Surprising ?
    If the e-car is supposed to represent the Holy Grail of Climate Department…. Why does it all have to be subsidized so massively ? Actually, (real) innovations in the market economy always prevail. That the electric car is not mass-compatible, you probably no longer need to discuss. I’m curious to see what and how much they want to sell here from the Grunheide, provided the Super-Mega factory also becomes productive…..

  12. Radical proposal
    No good connections to the workplace with public possible = free electric car from the state! But at least 100% deductible from taxes and social security contributions over 5 years.

  13. Reason
    And with what justification? So far you have also been traveling by car… Why now free? You live in the country cheaply, have to invest more in mobility, in the city it is a little different. And primarily it is about the city!

  14. Transitional solution
    Basically, you should invest in many directions that can slow down climate change. Of course, such fuels are not efficient and electrical drives are basically the right way but there will be many years of combustion and it would of course be good to have climate -neutral fuels.

  15. Without EL. Electricity of eternal transition
    If the nuclear fusion in Germany runs in large numbers you could think of 100% BEVS. On the other hand, the Saudis will soon have access to a large PV for 1 CT/kWh. It is not yet clear what hydrogen pder e-fuel will cost according to the additional & expensive technology there. But that could be quite lucrative.


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