Electric Car Range: BMW Research receives support from England

Electric Car Range: BMW Research receives support from England-range

“Power of Choice” is the motto of BMW. Say, the Bavarian car manufacturer now does not want to close any drive concept. And yet it can be seen that battery electrical e-mobility is in focus. Accordingly, the investments flow into this area. In the future supported by the British government. More than 30 million euros are provided for current research work of the BMW Group, the electric cars should provide a significantly higher range than before.

In addition to the dealers, three more companies are supported, for which the English invest a total of 91.7 million pounds or around 107 million euros. The aim of the work is to bring electric cars with similar range and similar loading times as conventionally driven vehicles on the road. In addition to the pure range, the English also put the loading time in the focus. Basically, you want to achieve the investment that reservations are reduced to e-cars and keeps the technology in the mass market.

The BMW Group researches in this context among other things to solids batteries and confirmed only a few weeks ago that the pilot production “Solid Power” to start the pilot production of corresponding batteries should start in the coming year. Even before 2025, a first BMW prototype with solids battery should be officially presented, no later than 2030, the first production vehicle with the novel battery technology should come on the market.

A few weeks ago, BMW announced the “new class” – the next generation of Stromer, which BMW should lift in the e-mobility mass market. With the new class vehicles, BMW also wants to launch a new generation of high-performance engineers and batteries. “Only five years after our gene 5 batteries we will introduce the gene 6 in the new class,” promises ZIPSE. He announces a higher energy density, a faster recharge and a further reduction of conflict materials such as cobalt and the use of more recycled nickel.

The GEN-6 battery packs should be modular to provide the highest possible range at an affordable price for mainstream models – or a plus to power powerful electric cars of the performance abbreviation BMW M with electricity. Solid batteries, however, are not ready for a start in the new class. And yet part of the Investment of Great Britain will flow into these research projects.

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  1. With “Power of Choice” – so the postulate their own indecision – would like BMW possibly come to the 2030s … if the company BMW really exists until then or just only as “Brand” in possession of others on the market!?


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