Electric car subsidy costs taxpayers almost two billion – VW benefits

Approval increased sharply

The state billion grant triggers a rush to electric cars

Electric car subsidy costs taxpayers almost two billion - VW benefits-costs
Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa/archive picture More and more electric cars are allowed, but the charging infrastructure is still left to be desired.

The doubling of the grants for electric cars has an effect. With the additional money, the federal government contributed to a real boom on the market. But the costs are high – just under two billion euros the subsidies have cost taxpayers so far. German car manufacturers benefit the most.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information the doubling of the electric car subsidies a year ago has a resounding effect on the German car market: In the past twelve months, far more than half a million vehicles with a purely electrical or plugin hybrid engine have been re-registered-more than in all previous years. The state-fueled boom emerges from the data of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office.Since then, the costs of the grants have also been rapidly set up: from the beginning of June 2020 to the end of June 2021, these add up to a good 1.9 billion euros, as announced for the payment of the grants.

Electric cars are now more popular than diesel

Electric cars are no longer a niche product. A survey of the portal "Verivox" For potential car buyers between the ages of 18 and 69, 14.6 percent would like to buy an electric car next. 7.7 percent prefer a plugin hybrid, so together more than a fifth.

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This means that the electric cars are still largely behind petrol engines, which are preferred by almost 38 percent, but still before the diesel with 12 percent, as can be seen from a representative online survey by the Innofact Institute in June.

Approval for electric cars and plugin hybrids shot up overnight

The Federal Cabinet had retrospectively to 3 a year ago. June the "Innovation bonus" defined doubles of the purchase grants decided. The number of admission – and the associated expenses – rushed up overnight: from the beginning of June 2020 to the end of May 2021, over 567,000 electric cars were re -approved, in June almost 65,000 were added. For comparison: In the four years from 2016 to 2019 before, there were only 256,000 electric vehicles, before that even less. Hybrid engines without externally rechargeable battery are not counted.For the state treasury, the subsidies are associated with rapid rapid expenses: in the first half of 2020 "for switching to climate -friendly mobility" 77.6 million euros paid out to car buyers, as the BAFA reports. After doubling the subsidy, there were already 575 million in the second half of. This year it was 1.33 billion euros until the end of June. Purchase and leasing pure battery cars and plugin hybrids with rechargeable batteries are funded. Cars with fuel cell engine are also subsidized, but which are only approved in minimal quantities.

VW, Mercedes, BMW – especially German brands benefit

The higher grants should help the German auto industry on the one hand and, on the other hand, contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Some experts and associations reject the high subsidies, including the Federation of Taxpayers.One point of criticism has not been true: that the grants would mainly benefit foreign manufacturers. This year there are four German car brands in the first four places for sales and plugin hybrid cars: VW was ahead with a good 59,000 cars in the first half of the year, followed by Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Renault was the first foreign manufacturer to be in fifth place. Also with the pure battery cars, Tesla was in second place behind VW.

Electric cars are particularly popular with private customers

According to the Verivox survey, private customers prefer pure electric cars, while plugin hybrids are preferred as a company car. "The market share of the pure electric vehicles is likely to continue to rise due to the customer interest in the coming months", said Wolfgang Schutz, managing director at "Verivox".The most common argument against an electric car is still the extensive range, which was mentioned by 46.7 percent of those surveyed. However, almost a third of the respondents believe that pure electric cars will gain most of the market shares over the next 10 years.

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Electric car subsidy costs taxpayers almost two billion - VW benefits-costs

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12 thoughts on “Electric car subsidy costs taxpayers almost two billion – VW benefits”

  1. That stood right next to it
    "Majority does not want to buy an electric car – and doubts about the ecological benefit" The biggest … The problem does not become the range but the provision of e-energy. Very soon it can be expected by the failed energy policy with an hourly off -road switching off entire areas. As an alternative, it will be an alternative to catapult the fuel price to astronomical heights and to buy electricity from coal -fired power plants and nuclear systems abroad with the proceeds.

  2. understood !
    Where do they drive the rum ? You can see one from time to time, seeing a turn here is extremely optimistic. If the first used ones are on the market, it will be shown by what is going on. Whether the manufacturers correct their prices….That too is rather "make a wish" as a set. And whether the battery at some point "refreshed" can become or not….Maybe at some point, there is certainly nothing. Wait and driving, which is on the farm anyway, is certainly not the worst solution !

  3. I predict one:…
    The interest in electric cars will stop. Cars are not just an article that you only buy because of the discount. Anyone who bought an electric car is already thinking about something. Of course, the subsidies will soon have to be driven back. Then the manufacturers will reduce their prices so that there will be no drop in demand. One can argue about the subsidy. In any case, it has achieved the intended purpose of accelerating the transition to e-mobility.

  4. Not correct
    It is not a run on electric cars, it is a run on grants and discounts. As in summer sales. Locken bids that are in principle not because the disadvantages predominate in the long run. If there were no grants, there would be no run on electric cars. As in the hardware store, 20% used to be on everything… (The blue yellow with "P" At the beginning) you make true profits by buying a well -used vehicle. There are sometimes 50% discount with a 3-4 year old vehicle, even more with an older one and they run longer than every electric car does today.

  5. And Mr. Hutzler
    What is added: the more digitization, the shorter the lifespan of a product. Or mean, for example, seriously a today’s brown calculator can still get the technically necessary updates in 10 years? Unfortunately, all cars now affect. With electric cars, however, digitization is currently much higher.

  6. How far can you inflate a balloon?
    Politics and e cars fit perfectly into this crazy world. Problems are not solved here, rather a few more that cannot be remedied, pathetic.

  7. € 1.9 billion subsidy + 3.6 billion €
    Unemployment benefit is also added if the car and accessories companies relieve employees because the production of approx. 5.5 million (2016) to 3.5 million (2020 with Corona effect) and, according to the current estimate, based on the VDA numbers Jan-June 2021 to 3.4 million. That will be at least 300,000 jobs (300,000 x € 2000/month * 6 months = 3.6 billion. €). And only in Germany. I just spoke to a former Peugeot board. In France, all engine foundries are currently appealing. The EU also has France under control. And what: so that we save 0.55% of the global CO2 emissions when driving! If we were relocating 50% of traffic on the train because of the traffic load, that would only be 0.27%. Are you crazy??

  8. understood !
    Really now ? Where do they all go around the area ? The Eidie 3 or 4 can be found extremely rarely in the wild. Some Tesla even less common…. What is meant ? The hybrids about ? It’s undisputed that there is already a official mogue pack. The sales figures to private owners without companies, leasing, o. a.

  9. Everything only "Artificially pushed take-away effects"…
    Would "father state" this "crazy cross -subsidies" For this BEV-Karren ad hoc "reduce again", would be interested in this shortest notice "Near zero" sink. Would the "BEV-Vehicenele" Compared to the modern and meanwhile too "very environmentally friendly" Incineration actually "Show superior in all respects" and thus the end customers as that "technically better and more sustainable" New product "to convince", these subsidies did not require it at all. As I said before, it would be as if I was using me by means of "state subsidies" From buying a "old gramophons a.D. 1900" as (supposed) "HI-TEC replacement" for my "Super stereo system" A.D. In 2001 WOllte convince… I really have to "even more clearly" will… ??

  10. Yours that are so modern Hi technology system
    will be for how long the art of the art will be? You have to become even clearer? Then age together with your great hi technology stereo system. Others then enjoy a much better music experience.

  11. The chickens laugh there
    Much of these cars have long been sold abroad. It’s that easy: You collect the e-car bonus in Germany and then sell the car z.B. to Denmark. The state subsidy is then shared. The German buyer does not drive the car a single kilometer. The foreigner picks up the car from the dealer, pays his German private dealer and drives home. After the blocking period, the car is registered. This has become a well -flor have now. – A large number of electric cars are never again in Germany. – Politics closes the eyes of this reality. You want to be able to report a large number of electric cars on paper – even if they are wrong numbers.

  12. Mr. Pahle
    Do not know what you see on the streets on the streets, I see car rental, sharing vehicles and company cars as a cars, privately tend to zero, and I live in a big city. But who. They are concentrated and hide the petrol engines and burners, then they are in their world of imagination.


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