Electric car two -seater: these are the best models 2020

Electric car two -seater: these are the best models 2020

Electric car two -seater: these are the best models 2020-electric
Renault Electric car two -seater: these are the best models 2020

Some of the agile electric car wiring capitators are now on the roads and more will follow them shortly.

We looked around among the charming mini-stromers and introduce you to the best models of the two-seater electro car 2020. The little speedsters have one in common in all differences: the two-seater electric cars immediately catch the eye everywhere-or because of-their tiny everywhere.

The two -seater among the electric cars are all similar in the central points: they have low consumption, are rather small and have a small reach. The search for a parking space is also unproblematic. The models in smart size therefore come as an optimal city car.

Cheap quick loader: Renault Twizy

One of these “city speedsters” is the Renault Twizy. The small car that falls into the quad category comes with a low price, very low consumption and faster loading time. The Twizy is available in two versions, once as a "45" model-at 45 km/h top speed-and once in the larger 90 km/h version. While the smaller Twizy 45 still has a range of 120 kilometers, this shrinks to 100 kilometers in the larger model.

The technical data of the Twizy at a glance:

  • Price: from 7.690 euros plus annual minimum rent of 50 euros for the battery
  • Range: 120 /100 km
  • Consumption: 6.3 kWh/100 km to NEFZ
  • Performance: 9 kW (12 hp)
  • Top speed: 45/80 km / h

Conclusion: The short charging time of 3.5 hours of the household socket – at the charging station – and the low consumption are particularly positive about the Twizy. When looking for a parking space, the Twizy also scores with its small size and the large turning circle of 3.4 meters. However, the potential twizy buyer must also be aware that the electric wand seat is neither with a generous equipment nor is it particularly suitable for longer overland trips or cold winter days.

Now test the Twizy for free


Compact city car: Smart EQ Fortwo

The electric version of the Smart Fortwo – the EQ – is also well suited for city traffic, but plays price compared to the Twizy in a different league: the EQ begins at 21.490 euros, the convertible version beats with steep 25.200 euros.

Overview of the technical data of the Smart EQ Fortwo:

  • Price: from 21.490 euros (convertible from 25.200 euros)
  • Range: 110 km
  • Consumption: 12.9 kWh/100 km according to the manufacturer, 18.3 kWh according to ADAC test (charging losses included)
  • Performance: 60 kW (82 hp)
  • Top speed: 130 km/h

Conclusion: The EQ comes very compact, is calm on the street because of its comparatively high weight and accelerates quite quickly. The low range of the EQ and the high consumption for an electric small consumption is negative.

Now test drive the Smart EQ Fortwo for free


The Isetta as an electrical edition: the Microlino

The Mircolino of the same name is very reminiscent of the Cabin roller Isetta from the 1950s. The Mircolino is the project of a three-man family company from Switzerland. The little two -seater with his front -aerial climb is particularly suitable for parking in the city center.

The technical data:

  • Price: from 12.000 euros
  • Range: 125 km or 200 km (with 14.4 kWh battery)
  • Performance: 15 kW (20 hp)
  • Top speed: 90 km/h

Conclusion: The Microlino is an exciting and also promising electric project due to the low price. The delivery start of the two -seater produced in Germany, for whom it was already over 16.Should give 000 reservations for a long time. However, after Micro Mobility Systems and Artega/TMI have separated, the Microlinos’ start of production was set to 2021. Until then, the small Stromer will be thoroughly revised. The Microlino 2.0, as the two-seater electric car is lovingly called internally, is to be much better than the previous version promises the developers. By the way, the new production and development partner of Micro Mobility Systems is the traditional Italian company Cecomp. So we can continue to go to the cute e-wife, of which the Microlino team says: "This is not a car!", be tense.

Now pre -order the Microlino

Micro Mobility Systems AG

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