Electric car: you can refuel at these charging stations

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Where can I charge my electric car and is the e-charging station free right now??

If you want to cover long distances by car, you have to refuel in between. What is true for petrol engines is also true for electric cars. But electric charging stations are not as common as ordinary gas stations. This map shows over 3000 locations in Switzerland.

Ruben Schonenberger
08.07.2021, 6.20 p.m

What do I see in this map?

You can see charging stations from various providers throughout Switzerland with real-time information about availability. The map is provided by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) together with the charging station operators, Energie Schweiz and Swisstopo.

How do I use the card?

Handling is easy: You look for a charging station at the desired location and check whether the station is in operation and whether a slot is free:

  • Green icon: At least one of the slots is free.
  • Red icon: All slots are occupied.
  • Orange icon: The slots are reserved.
  • White icon: The status is unknown.
  • Dark gray icon: The charging station is out of service.

If you click or tap on the respective charging station, you will receive further information. This includes which cable or socket is available and how high the charging capacity is. It is also stated how the station is accessible and by which provider it is operated. It is also indicated how to pay; at some charging stations a credit card is sufficient, at others an app has to be installed or a QR code has to be scanned. As a rule, you have to ask the provider how high the price for “filling up” is.

Which providers are represented?

Charging stations from 24 operators are currently recorded. These offer a total of over 6,300 charging stations at around 3,100 locations. Individual providers such as the city of Dietikon only operate one charging station. Most of the charging options currently registered – over 5,600 charging stations at around 2,800 locations – are operated by the four largest providers. Other providers can be entered on the map.

How much does it cost me to fill up?

That depends on the chosen provider. For the four largest operators, the prices are as follows:

At the provider evpass (2103 charging stations at 1064 locations), the driver pays 50 centimes per kilowatt hour plus 1.50 francs per charging process. If you pay an annual fee of 59 francs, you pay 45 centimes per kilowatt hour and no charge per charging process. There are also various package deals. For 90 francs per month, for example, you can “fill up” with electricity during the day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at no additional cost. You can do this from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. for CHF 50 per month. And for 120 francs whenever you want. Evpass also offers the possibility to charge your car abroad. Prices vary there.

at Swiss charge (1358 charging stations at 492 locations) no subscriptions are offered. The prices of the charging process vary from charging station to charging station. They include a basic amount per charge and an amount per kilowatt hour or an amount per minute. The use of third-party charging stations is also possible and works according to the same principle.

at Move (1126 charging stations at 482 locations), the prices vary from 45 centimes per kilowatt for slow charging to 59 centimes per kilowatt for the fastest charging. With the quick charging system, however, billing by time is also possible: one minute costs 15 centimes. Anyone who is a Move customer can also “fill up” with Move partners in Switzerland and abroad, but the costs for this vary depending on the provider. If you take out an annual subscription worth 59 francs, you will receive lower tariffs both at Move charging stations and at those of partners. If you pay CHF 249 a month, you can top up for free, including with partners and abroad.

at eCarUp (1077 charging stations at 803 locations) is a provider of charging stations that enables private individuals and companies to set up and operate charging stations. The “petrol stations” operated in this way are displayed in an app. The tariffs vary accordingly.

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