Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!

Five proposals for the future

Emission tricks and tax avoidance: The electric car must not make the diesel error!

Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!-tricks
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  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

More and more scientists are calling to realistically assess the climate balance of electric cars. In fact, there are several attempts to deceive. Nevertheless, they will probably play the main role in the future. What should I do? Five suggestions.

There is a often hard -working comparison in the auto industry: the electric car behave as a petrol engine like the iPhone to Nokia. That means: The combustion industry is consecrated to the downfall, the electric car can do everything better and inevitably becomes a disruptive process for the dominant species on our streets.The smartphone example sounds impressive, but the comparison begins to lag a lot when you transfer it to e-mobility. Because then the whole thing should have run as follows:

  • The iPhone would be with one for years "Innovation bonus" have been promoted.
  • In return, telephone bans would have been issued for Nokia owners in the city center.
  • Special legislation would have caused only the power supply of a smartphone to be defined as fundamentally environmentally friendly.

The electric car – smartphone on the street?

As is known, none of this happened. The smartphone simply prevailed because it was in all areas (with a remarkable exception, namely the battery life) The better product was And at the same time the good old phone gave a number of completely new functions on the way.Is that also the case with the electric car? Clear answer: Currently not yet. The electric car has many advantages (great driving performance, local emission freedom, lower maintenance costs), but also many disadvantages (reach, price, load chaos)). The topic of shop in particular is still a sticking point for all long -distance trips. The electric car blogger Carmaniac in this remarkable video shows a frustrated and humorous view of it. This situation may improve in the future. However, it could also deteriorate, if the expansion of the charging stations does not last with the electric sales figures.

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Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!-cars

Site At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

The climate trick of e-mobility

The appeal of international scientists recently ensured a true war of faith around the electric car to finally end a calculation trick when calculating CO2 emissions: the use of mean values in the CO2 balance of electricity Real accumulating. The scientists receive a lot of encouragement from other professors and energy experts, but also a lot of criticism. It ranged from a factual argument to personal attacks or pure false claims – such as that of the scientists had expected a share of 100% coal current to leave the electric car particularly bad.

You can find a level before the emission calculation dispute, that you can honestly only be called fraud in the sense of the electric car: In the EU’s fleet calculation, the CO2 emissions of each electricity are accepted with zero gram (the car would have to be connected directly to a CO2-neutral wind turbine even with strong wind, which has not yet been found to me). For the overall balance sheet, manufacturers can even have their battery vehicles credited several times. However, this is no better than the exhaust gas fraud at Volkswagen, in which diesel engines were defined as a law-compliant, even if they are only within very specific driving parameters "clean" was.It is therefore time to see two things:

  • There is no reason for political preference for e-mobility, neither from climate protection nor other points of view.
  • At the same time, almost all manufacturers (with some remarkable exceptions, such as Mazda or Toyota) rely solely on the battery car. So your share will grow strongly in any case.

And how does it go on? Five suggestions for dealing with e-mobility.

1. the "Zero CO2 lie" must stop

The emissions of all output types must be calculated neutrally and realistically, based on the actual sources of electricity generation and not based on contributions for regenerative energies that are only expected in the future. Here, of course, politics has put itself in one leg: Due to the ever faster tightening of the climate goals.

2. Electric car drivers must finally pay taxes

It cannot be concerned that the owners of a 70.Collecting two and a half tons of electric SUV not only funding, but also "black" Drive while owners of diesel and petrol cars with constantly increasing CO2 taxes have to pay the dentist to pay their Tesla. Because the Stromer use the streets and infrastructure as well as everyone else. Since taxation after emissions is difficult – it would vary daily updated – a taxation according to the vehicle weight in relation to the required traffic area is ideal. A 2.5-ton 4.5-meter SUV then pays more than a Tesla Model 3, an Opel Corsa-E or an electric smart "consume".

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3. Charging column building on long-distance streets belongs in private hands

In Germany, a real murder of platforms, councils and interest groups has formed in recent years that should advance e-mobility. Little happened. However, since the range of electricity is now growing strongly, it is time to leave the whole thing to the mechanisms of the market economy. Because especially where there is a lot of money to get, the market always finds the better solution. Finally, for example, the connection between retail and charging options results in completely new business models. An important concrete step would be to cancel the quasi-monopoly of "Tank & rest" on the highways .

Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!-emission
Fastned Fastned from the Netherlands wants to attack the position of Tank & Rast with electric charging parks

4. Promotion must be reduced sharply

China showed it: electrical funding is discontinued. The electric quotas to be fulfilled in return are not necessary in Germany, because the manufacturers have already carried out the swivel for e-mobility. What has to stop immediately is the promotion of plug-in hybrids, the real consumption of which is often so catastrophic in practice that every emission fraud of diesel cars, on the other hand, becomes a cavalier offense. There must be no cent tax money or discounts for such cars. Incidentally, this requirement also supports several environmental associations. If you are already promoting something publicly, then not an individual purchase, but a direct upgrading of the infrastructure. A wall box in the underground car park, possibly also a separate parking box for Stromer for fire protection reasons, is a permanent investment that not only benefits one person in apartment buildings, but also to all the tenants.

5. There must be existing protection for all combustion engines

Cities like Berlin want to completely ban gasoline cars in the city center in a few years. The consequence would then be that a vehicle bought a few years ago will be worthless for its owner overnight and that he has to buy an electric car. The auto industry may be happy about this; But every kindergarten child will see that it cannot be sustainable or help the environment to prohibit the use of a proven product before the end of its lifespan.

Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!-cars

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

It is quite conceivable that the majority of all new cars drive electrically before the 2030s. But for all already produced, approved and approved vehicles, there must be existing protection. If this protection is legally anchored, it would not be a problem, at some point really "the switch" To change and say: From this point on, we are now only allowing electric vehicles, but of course you can continue to drive your old cars as long as you want.My proposal for the minimum duration of the existing protection is 20 years from the date of the new registration ban (Based on the average lifespan of a car in Germany, which is 18 years until scrapping). It is easy for classic cars, because their number and annual mileage is so small that their emissions are completely insignificant for the overall fleet. If until then in the field of synthetic fuels, so much progress is made that also a combustion engine "Climatic" is on the move emission-neutral, in this case you could still keep this option open as an electric supplement.

Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!-tricks

Site Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

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10 thoughts on “Electric cars and the emission tricks: Do not make the diesel error!”

  1. Calculation error ?
    Logical that from "above" controlled, subsidized. In addition, you also have yourself … offset the pollutants. Everything will help nothing. At the moment it will be nothing, you just have to look around on the street, what looks like it looks. Maybe in 100 years, provided that something relevant with the battery boxes and infrastructure…..

  2. The best way to "Climate neutrality" would…
    On the whole, "Behind our perspective horizon" outsourced, environmentally inferior "BEV weakness" to do without and "Syn-fuel" and "Bz" as "everyday internships alternatives" to establish. On the "Li-robber construction" In Chile, Bolivia etc. and the associated destruction of the livelihoods of the indigenous population in these regions lose all of the "BEV fanatic" Of course never even "A critical word", Because it’s that "Heaf e-carren ivory tower world" could consider considerably. Who should the street scene-shaping "Charging station" Pay in the cities, how do you want them "required charging capacity" "24/7" reliably introduce ? That’s all like that "Impact nonsense", But unfortunately there are already too many "irregulared BEV believers"…

  3. @Sochgen – you can only one of my
    O.G. Questions "answer in a well -founded manner" ? It will be in the end "A healthy mix" From conventional oil production, H2 technology and "Syn-fuel" will. If this.G. "renewable energies" so to say "are available unlimited", Does it no longer matter how much energy to produce "Syn-fuel" must be used if the traffic "quickly as before" and "Climate -friendly (he)" rolls.

  4. the
    E-mobility will fail because of the inadequate charging infrastructure. I have been driving a BMW hybrid for 1 year and I have to keep finding that a large part of the charging stations are out of operation. Without a combustion engine, I have often been dependent on the help of a towing service. The whole hysteria is not intended until the end. I can only advise any E-vehicle without buying an additional combustion engine. Everything else is pure gambling.

  5. Untrustworthy
    So you want to make us believable that you drive your hybrid with a mini battery from public charging station to charging station and it fails that the charging stations are defective? Perhaps you choose a BEV with an adequately dimensioned battery without an additional balense of combustion technology.

  6. very reasonable approaches
    The alternatives to the battery car should also not be allowed to be kicked dead by the e-lobby. Lithium is not an element that is endlessly available. In my opinion, this fact is not taken into account, just as little as the properties of lithium that are not anything but harmless. The calculation error (fraud) described in the article must be ended. Likewise the tax exemption and the completely excessive subsidies. It must be researched into results. A definition on: Akku vehicles are best, the numbers required for the detection are decided …. not calculated ….. is a counter -productive wrong way with fake numbers. Against any scientific basis and procedure

  7. Alternatives?
    Just call an alternative that could even keep up with the BEV technology. Lithium is more than dimensions than humanity ever needs. It confuses known/developed mining areas/volumes with the existence of the element. So far, the need with the existing mining areas was easy to cover. Now is being expanded.

  8. Motor taxes according to total weight
    That would be just tax. Heavy vehicles are more likely that the streets have to be renewed. Then battery cars would have a high tax burden. Is therefore wishful thinking and will never come.

  9. Lying
    There it is again disguised as the combustion lobby as a factual discussion. "No reason for a preference for politics". Here it is kept silent that an e-car only consumes a quarter of the energy. And the lying discussion of power plant?Strikes all your petrol in the power plant! More electricity will be generated than the e-cars can consume. Inventory protection for combustion engineers? The residual values are rushed into the basement that you will be happy to sell the boxes to Africa.

  10. My answer to the author of the article..
    (Which has not quite succeeded in suppress his preference for combustion engines): 1. There are no 0-CO2 lie, only a mathematical incentive for the manufacturers, preferably to offer e-cars. 2. Everyone should pay a route toll, there should be an additional employment tax for combustion engineers, staggered after the CO2 emissions. 3. Clear political guidelines that enable both: private construction of charging points and simplified charging (analog Tesla). 4. Same view as the author. 5. Neither existing protection for combustion nor prohibitions. The climate control will bring about the end of the internal combustion engine anyway.


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