Electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters

snow and ice

Because electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters

Electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters-post
Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/DPA central picture/dpa Deutsche Post has found a buyer for StreetScooter production.

In the hard winter, the post must be able to rely on its van. This is obviously not the case with the electrical street scooter: the eco transporters cannot be used in Berchtesgaden.

That reports that "Traunsteiner Tagblatt". During the winter months, the cars with which the Post wants to improve the CO2 balance of its vehicle fleet did not cope with the requirements placed on them. "In practice, it turned out that the vehicles are not optimal on stronger slopes, especially in the case of snow alike. The vehicles are too light, spongy in snow", the newspaper quotes a post employee. Therefore, conventional post buses with an internal combustion engine must now be back on certain routes."However, the electric vehicles are still in the company, according to the speaker, currently transport packages in the Traunsteiner Delivery area", the newspaper continues.

Hardly enough and fire incidents

It is not the first time for the StreetScooter of Swiss Post that considerable construction deficiencies of the vehicle become public. So the eco transporter had to be called back due to several incidents . There were also reports on complaints from post-drivers about the Stromer, for example due to low ranges and poor heating power in the driving cabin.

The Deutsche Post DHL has meanwhile said goodbye to the production of electric vehicles. The Bonn Group announced in early January that it had sold the production rights for the street scooter to the Luxembourg company consortium Odin Automotive. The buyer would continue to build the Stromer. Information on the purchase price was not given. The StreetScooter subsidiaries in Japan and Switzerland also change the owner.

Germany dries out: Now post messengers are supposed to hoard petrol

Electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters-failed

Site/Wochit Germany dries out: Now post messengers are supposed to hoard petrol

StreetScooter is sold to Luxembourg

A StreetScooter subsidiary with 300 employees is retained by the yellow giant. Aachener StreetScooter GmbH should still act as a supplier for Odin – this is about vehicle parts and batteries that are still in stock anyway. In addition, the post subsidiary continues to do the maintenance work and maintenance of the company’s own electrical transporter fleet.Post currently has around 17 in Germany.000 street scooters in use, the electrical fleet should be 21.500 are expanded – the necessary production should now take over Odin. At the Luxembourg company, the post receives a share of ten percent.

The Bonn group bought the StreetScooter startup founded by Aachen professors in 2014 and initially duped the car industry with the yellow streamers from their own production. According to the post office, it had been forced to take the booklet of action in the lack of a suitable electric offer on the transporter market.

Will soon bring your packages: how far does an electric transporter actually come in winter?

Electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters-failed

Site Will soon bring your packages: how far does an electric transporter actually come in winter?

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16 thoughts on “Electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters”

  1. Milk car alternative
    I know the typical milk cars from England. They all drive electrically and already felt … 30 years around there, whether in the country or in the city. Instead of making milk bottles, you could also transport packages. The things seem to be reliable.

  2. Please do not compare apples with pears!
    So, I ask you: a street scooter – and only this model is in the article – it is really not to be compared to a modern e -transporter. In classic delivery transactions, only small routes are driven with many stops. And for that are (modern!) E-transporter very well suited.

  3. We don’t need all of this
    Because once we have put the delivery systems on system "green", then horses and mulis do the transport again. Nothing burns there, nothing fails.

  4. What do you expect…
    If a vehicle or. a van was built whose battery capacity is underground? You don’t build a 10 liter tank into such vehicles. Due to the elimination of the many combustion engines, it is clear that the vehicle is far too easy. But that’s not the technology "Electric vehicle" to attribute, but the designers who had simply planned and had this vehicle built from the ground.

  5. Part II
    I have already referred to an article at Al Jazeera several times, which is currently no longer available because it does not fit into the concept of various people."The Dark Side of Green Energy,"in which the catastrophic consequences were pointed out for the population, in whose regions the rarely earth and metals are obtained.This applies to the Congo (child labor), Chile (cobalt, copper) primarily in the north, where people simply no longer get air and moved.at hundreds of cancer.Of course also in China where there is also cancer, skin discoloration or where people from the areas are shown and.Daring to starve because nothing grows in the fields in the mining areas.In the exorbitant win for some, humanity obviously stops.

  6. Al Jazera?
    So, so, this transmitter specifically knows about the dangers of raw material extraction for electric vehicles. This is about as convincing as a butcher who warns of vegetarian nutrition. Have you ever thought about the ecological, social or ethical problems related to oil extraction? But then go!

  7. This is exactly the point I in different
    Have criticized comments.This whole climate hysteria, the renewable energy projects that simply drive an industrial nation like Germany even more on the wall than was already the case under the government of Ms. Merkel.Nothing works in this country anymore, the energy supply is no longer secured due to specially green dreams, blackouts have already existed and there will be even more frequently if nuclear power plants are not finally being controlled in Germany.The infrastructure was so neglected that a number of bridges are in front of the collapse.We need jobs in industry if DE should not fully impoverish!You also need the rarely for electric cars and rotor blades

  8. @Trebuth – Berlin remains Berlin
    … in the transmission of a quote by Alfred Polgar: "I have to make a devastating judgment about the city: Vienna remains Vienna". In Munich we don’t know these problems. You get appointments from the citizens’ office. We always have enough ballots. The construction period of the Munich Airport FJS was 5 years without major delays & exploding costs. Something is going wrong in Berlin. What?

  9. That’s how it looks….
    Here in the distribution center they are frequently parked in the parking lot. Packages come with the combustion engineer. I asked the deliverer why they are not electrically traveling, since the boxes are on the farm (visible to everyone): …..Too many problems, no reach – therefore absolutely unsuitable in this variant.

  10. Mr. Hahn
    Then they create more space, so there are even more on the farm "park"…. It is enough if they are only made, only statistics for the approvals that are then handed over to the people how much of these drives are registered, whether you need them or not does not matter.

  11. Interesting aspect
    "The vehicles are too light, spongy in snow" is the only list of vehicles in winter. I think that’s particularly ironic, since the BEVS is always said to be so much more difficult than the combustion engineers. Maybe with this vehicle design you just have exaggerated with lightweight construction? Likewise, an all -wheel version for the mountain regions would have been the better choice.

  12. Mr. Lange, you could please
    … name the statistics that shows its statement "measured by the number of admission, e-cars burn strikingly often"? This is not yet known in the forum. Status of knowledge here is that evaluations of German insurers (GDV) show, electric vehicles are getting on fire more often than burners. Hope we don’t have to wait long for the source.

  13. Back to the diesel certainly not
    "Because electric cars failed: Post in mountain region comes back with diesel transporters" I think that’s fake news. The post will certainly not move back to the diesel. If the street scooter did not convince, it was certainly not due to the electric drive in principle. An electric car does not have to be too light and spongy. I bet the mail stays with e-cars. They are simply ideal for this area of application.

  14. Not correct
    Post has pulled all electric cars out of circulation. The vehicles are not worth it, the range is too low.In rural areas, these are not even used.E-cars will not play a role in the future, no matter where .There is not even enough charging stations, what do you want with such vehicles.

  15. Post back on the way to the future
    The large test of the mail with combustion cars, continuously since the 1950s, is coming to an end. The post was after 500 J. Horse already on the right track. In 1899 she tested the first e-package cars in Berlin. In 1925 the "full civilization of the local service" was completed, 1.000 horses replaced by 360 e-mail vehicles. They had a radius of action of 60 km and (!) Change batteries. From 1920, e-mailstroke drove to & after in all German cities. In GOrlitz Z.B from 1931 six of them, by the way until the mid -1960s. In 1938 the Reichspost had the 3.000 e-package cars in use. Then, unfortunately, the V-large attempt began, ultimately doomed to fail due to air and climate intolerance. Now the post "Back to the Roots" goes. Snow & ice will not stop if that hopes.

  16. Only that was environmentally friendly
    Horse. The electric vehicles in the time mentioned were operated with lead or nickel cadmium batteries. That was much safer than the Li cells used today, as they did not tend to spontaneously, barely deleted battery beach. However, were very difficult, the efficiency was grotto. What should have been better with that? The cargo stored in the battery did not fall from the sky


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