Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles

Impending overload of the power grids

From 2021 electricity could be rationed for electric cars

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-rationed
VW An electric car wall box from VW. In order to protect the distribution networks, electric cars will probably have to load significantly more slowly in the future

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

From 2021, electricity network operators from several EU countries want to limit the charging current of private charging stations. This is to prevent the distribution networks from being overloaded at peak times. This could brake Germany’s electric plans.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information, you are driving your diesel car to the petrol station and want to fill up. But the gas station attendance waves: “Sorry, I can’t give you more than ten liters. But you can leave the car here, then I will fill it up in a few hours.“A similar scenario awaits drivers of electric cars in the future: at peak times, i.e. if all of their electricity wants to charge at home in the evening, the overload of the distribution networks threatens.

Performance must decrease in non-public charging pillars for electric cars

The consequence would be: the power supply is throttled – you could also say: the electricity is rationed. Instead of 11 to 22 kW on a powerful wall box, only 5 kW are then provided. The loading times on the in -house socket are increasing significantly. However, public charging stations should not be affected.

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The background: Power network operators from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic want to limit the charging current of private charging stations from 2021 so that there is no overload of the distribution networks. This was shared by the electricity associations from Austria and Switzerland at the electromobility congress of the ATZ journal in Mannheim. According to the association 1646, there are distribution network operators in the four countries who supply 109 million people with electricity.

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Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-cars
Cattle man Two electric cars at a public charging station in Munich – including an E -SUV

Final standard only expected in 2025

“The associations from the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland have agreed on a simple transition technology that for 1.1.2021 is to be introduced. The German Forum Netztechnik / network operation also wants to agree to the introduction. A final standard should follow 2025, ”it says. "We have to intervene so that there is no blackout," said the network specialist Patrick Bader from the Swiss electricity association VSE the step at the congress.

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-vehicles
Cattle man A plug-in hybrid invites you to an electric car charging station at McDonalds. The fast food chain wants to expand its loading offer

"The reserves in the low -voltage networks are not as high as often assumed," said the Austrian electricity manager Reinhard Nenning, head of the working group distribution networks at the Austrian Energy Association in Vienna. “We have the problem that we cannot provide any service at all times. Our nets are sweating when several electric cars shop in a residential area with 11 or even 22 kW, ”says Nenning at the ATZ Congress. The power grids were adapted to the growing need, but the reserves for a rapidly growing electricity demand from electromobility are too low.

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There is no threat of blackout, but local overload

In conversation with site, the experienced engineer Nenning emphasizes that this measure cannot be combined with a real blackout. This means a power failure that would probably plunge a western industrial society like the Germans within a short time. Not only infrastructure and industry, but also the power -bound public transport, medical care and many other areas would collapse. Such a collapse at central nodes of the main current networks has nothing to do with regulating interventions in the regional distribution networks-in this context, the term blackout would therefore be wrong: “It is about possible local network problems where the mostly low reserves in the low-voltage network could no longer be enough."

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-electric
Cattle man No electricity today: A charging station for electric cars at a VW dealer in Bavaria is wearing a sign "Out of order"

The challenges are still great. “The additional services for e-mobility are considerable and we have the problem of different speeds if the car manufacturers let the monta bands run full. Then we are very under time pressure with the network expansion, the dug for cables and the setting up of new transformers, ”says Nenning to Site. "Unfortunately, as a network operator, we currently do not have a control duct to carry out e-mobility in order to carry out a system relief for high load, for example on 8 ampere power," continued the network expert. That would mean: 5 kW in the "strength flow" with three times 400 volts. According to Nenning’s assessment, "Most of the 1646 distribution network operators in the Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic (Dach region).

Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-electricity

Site Audi e-tron in the test: great electric car, disappointing range

The Association of Electrical Engineering (VDE) organized in the Netztechnik / Netz operation for the forum network technology / network operation. The topic is known that there is still no decision to decide to regulate performance in Germany: “The idea outlined at the Congress aims to optimize the use of the existing electricity infrastructure. The regulatory framework is currently being worked out in the Federal Ministry of Economics and discussed in detailed consultations with the participation of all associations.“The result will then flow into the“ technical regulations ”of the VDE/FNN.

Scene in the video: Tug of Tug with Tesla-Pickup-Cybertruck in the show of strength with the Ford flagship F-150

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-electricity

Site/Wochit Scene in the video: Tug of Tug with Tesla-Pickup-Cybertruck in the show of strength with the Ford flagship F-150

Small charging flows are sufficient for the standard commuter

The forced to store e-cars in your own or jointly used garage should still be sufficient for many areas of application. Cars of commuters, for example, who hang on the line all night, would be completely or largely loaded with the low charging capacity in the morning; Especially since you don’t drive your battery completely empty every day. Anyone who drives a electricity as a second car or rarely needs large ranges is not really affected by the problem.

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-cars
Cattle man Closer on a charging station for electric cars. Charging all kinds of challenges – but also completely new business models

Snail load and charging column obligation

But even there – at least in the problematic peak times – a spontaneous longer drive to the incalculable risk, as long as there is not a sufficient number of quick charging stations for the "emergency" in every place. For real frequent drivers or those who have to spontaneously decide, if the run is prescribed for the protection of the network stability, the RUN snail charging should be used on the next free charging station. Because, as already mentioned, public stations should not be settled down.

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-vehicles
Cattle man 1000 kilometers of range – this is only available in the diesel

A passage in the recent climate protection law shows that the Federal Government does not communicate this problem openly, but knows it very well: operators of petrol stations can also be obliged to install charging stations on their premises. One begins to guess, which is why the electric car is so difficult to replace a form of mobility in which a vehicle is fit for the next 500 kilometers within a few minutes with freshly fueled fuel. Or the next 1000 kilometers at the diesel.

Energy group: "Partly bottlenecks in metropolitan areas"

The ENBW energy group, on the other hand, is relaxed in the electrical turn. EnBW estimates that the German power grid could already supply 13 million electric vehicles in its current status. This corresponds to an electric car content of about a third. According to the EnBW, today’s network structure in Germany is already able to supply 13 million vehicles, even if there could be partial bottlenecks in metropolitan areas. The Eon energy supplier also indicated such bottlenecks in metropolitan areas after a stress test of his network, but came to the conclusion that massive charging of electric cars was no problem. The planned "Emergency brake" The network operator for the charge of the charging power, of course, suggests that the problem is by no means so trivial.

Problem wind power and solar: decentralized, but volatile electricity feedback

It is unusual that the supply problem in connection with e-mobility has hardly been considered so far. Especially since it is also exacerbated by the energy transition, which Germany presents in front of a parallel exit from the secure base load supply with coal and nuclear power in front of a worldwide challenge. A decentralized energy generation can also bring advantages – for example if a parking roof roof, which is equipped with solar cells, generates its own energy. But there are big challenges.

Despite Maxi battery: Nissan’s new Leaf still has a charging problem

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-vehicles

Site Despite Maxi battery: Nissan’s new Leaf still has a charging problem

A few months ago, Benedikt Kessler, head of network operations at the Energis-Netzgesellschaft mbH in Saarbrucken, explained this connection in an interview with site: “In rural regions, the whole topic can become significantly more problematic than in a large city district with more powerful distribution laws. So far, the management expansion and the electricity requirement – from the high -voltage networks over the low -voltage networks down to the local networks – were easy to calculate. Then suddenly the highly volatile solar and wind energy were added. That is a challenge, ”says Kessler. Result: In individual cases can be "bad" The first Tesla in the street is already one too much. As a reminder: The federal government’s so -called traffic transition stipulates that cars only drive electrically in the foreseeable future. Alternatives, such as synthetic fuels, are not only not intended, but are even torpedoed by the federal government .

100 percent electrical? "I don’t think that comes like this"

For Benedikt Kessler, a 100 percent switch to electromobility is practically inconceivable. Charging many electric cars with a correspondingly low kilowatt performance-3.7 or 7.4 kW-is possible with a corresponding intelligent network control. “But that doesn’t work with a 100 percent turn. I also don’t think that comes that way. I’m more of a realistic electrical share of around 30 percent, ”said Kessler.

Ministry: We can do that

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is based on the fact that the network problem can be defused by intelligent charging control. The BMWi shares with: "We currently see no endangerment of the network situation in Germany by loading electric vehicles. The increasing number of new, flexible consumers such as electromobile, heat pumps and memory increases the number of consumers who want to refer to electricity at the same time. At the same time, electric cars in particular can also have a network relief, namely when they load intelligently. Here it depends on the design of the right incentives; It has to be worth it", So the BMWi.

Volvos noble stromer in the first check: like Tesla, only without sloping parts

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-vehicles

Site/Wochit Volvos noble stromer in the first check: like Tesla, only without sloping parts

"Networking loading" as a solution?

"Under the roof of the AG intelligent networks and meters of the platform Energy laws, there is currently a comprehensive and open-ended stakeholder process. It is discussed whether and how the expert suggestions should be implemented", so the ministry continues.So there would have to be incentives that drivers – at least those who can plan accordingly – "networked" load. In order to stay with the petrol station’s initial example, it would be something like your gas station attending you and ask whether you can bring 20 liters back from the last tank filling so that there is enough fuel available for others. As a reward for this, he could at least give them more money back than they paid for refueling.The following also applies here: For the pure commuter car or the electrical second car, that would be a practical solution with which you would even get part of your charging costs back if you provide your car as a mobile battery to a electricity supplier. Only: These are technical solutions that are in principle available, but are not even rolled out in the width.

raw material "leprechaun": Annalena Baerbock affects an own goal at ARD summer interview

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-cars

Site/Wochit raw material "leprechaun": Annalena Baerbock affects an own goal at ARD summer interview

Of 47 million cars, 150 are currently underway.000 with electricity

After all: there is still time to improve the infrastructure for the traffic turnaround desired by politics. Because the actual sales figures for Stromer – at least still – lag behind the wishes of politics for miles. Almost 84 of the 47 million cars in Germany are currently driving.000 purely electrical, plus 67.000 plug-in hybrid. However, this proportion must increase massively and, above all, very quickly to achieve the climate goals in traffic in the coming years, especially since the EU legislation provides for the world’s sharpest CO2 limit values. EU household commissioner Gunther Oettinger recently warned the automotive industry that the EU even provides for further tightening of the limit values.

CO2 plans on crash course with reality

The result: Diesel and petrol engines can hardly be launched in a few years if the car manufacturers do not want to risk billions in fines. The classic small car with economical combustion engine is already threatened. In the meantime, ideas will be loud in politics, from 2030- according to the Greens- to prohibit the approval of gasoline and diesel vehicles. In view of the problems that are already foreseeable in the loading infrastructure, the question arises on which knowledge base such demands are raised. Especially since Germany with its billion-dollar support programs and ambitious goals are not the only country of the EU. Especially in South and Eastern Europe, emobility is still at the very beginning.

"Network integration will succeed"

Despite everything, network expert Reinhard Nenning from Austria is confident that from a technical point of view the hurdles can be overcome. "The network integration of e -mobility – also for the benefit of the German auto industry – will work very well", says nenning. However, one must assume that this will only be possible in close coordination with the European neighbors.Surf tip: Report – Audi strokes 9500 jobs in Germany

Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-2021

Site/Wochit In the video: Veterinarian warns – 5 fatal mistakes make many unconscious with their cats

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Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-electricity

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Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-rationed

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Electric cars: From 2021 electricity could be rationed for vehicles-rationed

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    in connection with photovoltaics and possibly. Memory where should the problem with the loading of the vehicle be? Even if I only load 5 kWh instead of 22 kWh, the next day the vehicle is usually ready to drive again. I am interested in a different topic of the approximately 46 million. Vehicles are also many of the old vehicles, some cannot afford the purchase of a new electric car or a hybrid for financial reasons. They have to go on foot in the future? Is there politics or what do the so -called experts think to cut off a large number of people from their jobs and social events in the future. You can be pro or controversy conversion of society into OKO, only it should be affordable for everyone. Is that so??

  10. My electric car is always ready to drive…
    @Olav parnem I’m now 60.000km on the road with the electric car (range approx. 240-280km) and had lost any fear of range after half a year "refuel" get used to and can only smile about such statements. Where do the children have to go that 240km are not sufficient? (Newer Ecar have 300km range)

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    …Not to push the weakening auto industry (dismantling of, 70.000 workplaces), but for inserting electric vehicles. And even these spider emit with their strenuous CO2.

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  13. @ Mr. Herbert KOpnick
    I am now surprised that it works so well. However, the fact remains that they have to use valuable battery uptacity / reach for heating, while a combustion engine can use its already waste heat.

  14. Huge problems
    The stock of electric cars in Germany is currently about 83.000. Let’s assume that it will increase to 235 by 2021 (in 2 years).000. Then that is with a vehicle stock of 47 million. 0.5 percent. Half a percent of electric vehicles, and the charging infrastructure can no longer keep up! How should this work with the targeted traffic transition, where all combustion engines are to be replaced by electric cars??? We would then have 500 times as many e-cars as today. And nobody in politics (except maybe the AfD) calculates. For me the purest symbol policy – and another attempt to pull the money out of my pocket for the driver.

  15. tiny problems
    There are more charging locations in Germany (18,000, + 4000 per year) as petrol stations for combustion engineers (14500, -20 per year). The article was at home for 22 kW shop, D.H. Everyone would be full after 5h. I had no problems commuting 150km per day with 3.7kW shop. With a little sliding around the loading times, the energy generated can be better used without noticeable problems.


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